Wii Mii Theme Face Dance

Wii Mii Theme Face Dance

Wii Mii Theme Face Dance

Posted by 9GAG May 5, 2018, 4:01 a.m.

When you're really bored at work.

By Aviad Balelli

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work pless, wei gar nicht, mache wenn ich nichts mache, ich den ganzen, porque pensaba que, wieso kann ich mir das bei dir,


  1. credit: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiW0DnQFoaKENY1XJMEBvBg

  2. Then you realise your boss was watching you the whole time 😂😂

  3. I'm gonna screenshot that thing and print it on my tombstone. 😎

  4. his teeth are brighter than my future..

  5. Can't imagine the number of times my phone would hit my face while doing this. This man is a God

    Insha Fatma dekh

  6. Name of the song please? And no, it's not Darude Sandstorm.

  7. He just reminded me the Sloth from ICE AGE sequels!!

  8. This guys will fight Thanos in avengers IW part 2 guys ..

  9. His eyes are larger than my future goals

  10. soy levels are high on this guy

  11. He's the live version of that crazy dude in plants and zombie

  12. Udit Shrijay we should try this on monday. Pranavi keeping you in loop in our plans because this is what happens when you're not around.

  13. Nathan Davidson when your supervisor isn't in the office so you have nothing to work on but you need the money so you show up anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️

  14. Dit doet me denken aan die eye toy 😂... Toen jij op die bureaustoel zat in mijn kamer en maar rondjes bleef draaien en gekke gezichten trok 🤣🤣🤣... (Echt al 100 jaar geleden)

  15. Himanshu ye apko. Kisi bahut pyare admi ki yad dilata hai 😉😉 jiska name h se start hota hai aur apan use kuch 27 28 sal se jante hai 😂😂😂 Harsh 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  16. Brett Orr When you say you want to just be in your studio alone forever, this is what I picture...hahaha 😂 gold

  17. Lais Quando a gente precisa fazer mais uma coisa da faculdade, mas nosso cérebro já pifou há horas!! Hahahhahahhahaahahahaha

  18. Faye Kang I realized that you liked thia already but imagine one of svt members doing this on waiting rooms or elsewhere 😂😂😂

  19. Eva omg ist das geil XD ahahaha weißte die Musik? noch von der Wii bei der Mii auswahl. das müssen wir mal zu einem gesunden Frühstück dazu machen XD XD

  20. Imagine the Japanese labor workers programming the Nintendo Entertainment System for all you lower class swine!?

  21. Iraaee anshu ke samne jaa ke aise karo.. salary badha jayegi :P Nnáìnã tum aunty ke samne karo aise :P Nikita Ree Na Manpreet Singh Simranjit Kaur :P

  22. Lizeth GF dile al joto de tu novio que se deje crecer la barba! Jajaja así se va a ver 😂🙈 y si hace eso los llevo por una gellow 😛

  23. Sanjiv Kotwal Dennis Hen Jan Junker Quin He mit meinen müden verschlafenen augen dachte ich erst das wär der sanjiv haha geht das noch jemandem so?^^

  24. Cal McLood the only thing I imagine you do with your life when you have no memes to distribute to the world 😂😂

  25. Patrick Herget Cem Dinç Gabriel Pantalone Zafer Yasar Bakinbarin Abel Ge Jungs lass organisieren wir müssen das den paddy auch machen lassen...
    Das könnte 1 zu 1 er sein 😂😂😂

  26. Maira Urooj Betty Lam Maisha Samiha I’m sorry for bothering you and you’re probably gonna regret watching this ty

  27. los he reunido hoy aquí, hermanos, para que sientan lo mismo que yo. Franco Valentino Nicolás Josefina Ro

  28. oni de bart gsäch de us wie de kreher 🤣 d perönlechkeit schiint au ähnlech zsii Michael Kurmann Yves Bucheli Remo Kieliger

  29. I'm never getting those 53 seconds back

  30. Jandro Rey Molinero me imagino así a Juan José Villegas Valdivia las tardes en su trabajo muriéndose del aburrimiento jajajajajajajaja

  31. Rochelle this is really satisfying to watch

  32. Carl the best minute in my bored life 😂

  33. Diana Sarah Ikumi not that I’m ever bored at work but if I ever get to that point..... 😬😬😬

  34. Tara Bara you should do this when you are bored at work 😂😂

  35. Đậu khi làm việc chán, tham khảo xem :v
    Hà Hằng học bài chán thì cũng làm tương tự nha. rảnh quá:v

  36. I must be too bored to watch the whole thing haha Sarah

  37. I will send u these kinda things if im bored in the future tho hhaha Д. Бямбаа

  38. Ralph Marjorie me when I'm bored at work

  39. When you're bored at school and no one's looking WAHAHAHA

  40. Matthew. Idk Y But this made me Think of you. Hope your never this bored at work 🤪

  41. Sounlay Ly try this when you’re bored at work 💁‍♀️😂

  42. Paweł this is us when we get bored and start playing with snapchat filters.

  43. If you’re really bored at work, means you are not doing you job right!

  44. Rafeh Khan you could try this when you’re bored 🌝

  45. Abigail Hiewis this what you dowhen youre bored at wokr/

  46. Ashmitha Noronha since you are always bored at work 🤣

  47. Steffen Nielsen
    Please don't get bored at work 😂😂

  48. Māberu Chīsana Kiji this is me when im bored at my house

  49. Sam Spooner found your doppelganger. He's got your acting chops, but none of your hair game.

  50. Inge Bryan ik heb zo'n gevoel dat jullie dit doen.

  51. Then the boss appears and say WTF U DOING hahaha

  52. No sé porque pensé en ti Jovan, no porque pensaba que no hagas nada, simplemente porque fuiste el primero en llegarme a la mente hahahahahaha

  53. Anja Feldt Olsen når det her er det første jeg ser på social media idag, sætter det ligesom standard for dagen 😂

  54. Hahahahhahaha Sana your should try this abhi 🤣

  55. Timo wieso kann ich mir das bei dir so gut vorstellen :D
    Hanna Matthias Vivien Denise Johannes

  56. Maxie Tina Lara Ich weiß gar nicht, was ich dazu noch sagen soll außer schaut es auch an 😂😂😂😂😂

  57. Can someone tell me the name of the music ???

  58. I'm sending this on sc next time im bored in office
    Khansa Sarah Ammad

  59. Nguyễn Q-Ky This is what happens to Chuck when you take a leave. Nats Jennifer 😂😂😂

  60. Dani erinnert dich des auch an wen bestimmtes? 😂😂

  61. Marvin Hennig Sascha Köppe Falls ihr euch fragt, was ich den ganzen Tag so mache, wenn ich nichts mache. 😂

  62. Patrick Poirier Benoit look an idea for you to do when you are bored😝

  63. Saurav Sarkar whn you are bored in office

  64. Saeed, Jessy this is something Alhassan would do. 😂😂😂

  65. Mark how I look at you when I want attention 😂