Trump Asked About 'Difference Between HIV and HPV,' Bill Gates Says

Trump Asked About 'Difference Between HIV and HPV,' Bill Gates Says
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Trump Asked About 'Difference Between HIV and HPV,' Bill Gates Says

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  1. So, I get it! Everyone at once must say,"Oh, my! Well isn't Bill Gates just astronomically more brilliant than the president!"

  2. That's about on par with the idiots that come into the urgent Care I work at. I've had to instruct multiple adults how a thermometer works.

    No sir. Under your tongue. Please close your mouth...

  3. Sooo this means what? I bet 3/4 of the people in the country don't know the difference. Remember the only stupid question is the one NOT asked.

  4. There is no difference when it comes to treatments that you pay for until you die, the key is, they made them, and they control you with their drugs, and you die if you don't take their drugs. Seems the same to me.

  5. He might have to learn the hArd way about hpv because he did Stormy without a condom ...
    For both their health , should have wrapped it up

  6. When will Gates stop playing with his glasses and acting like a moron, and get some laser surgery with all the billions he's wasted of our money with his obsession about African toilets?

  7. It would make an interesting Netflix movie on the microscopic biological difference and similarity of the two very different diseases.

  8. Ok, and since when did live science cover politics? Petty politics where the whole article is based on one person's word at that 😑🙄

  9. Most of the population couldn't tell you the difference or even no what the initials of those two viruses mean.

  10. If he's implying something he's full of it because a statement like that is Political Smearing & If he did it was more likely to be pushing Pharmaceutical Companys!

  11. Just imagine... Tiny hands and tiny little cauliflower appendage.

  12. If it wasn’t on Fox, how do you expect him to know?

  13. I don't get the point of this article 🙄

  14. I wonder if a rock is more intelligent but which one? Is it igneous, metamorphic or Sedimentary?

  15. Does bill know the difference between killing children in India and saving them? 🤔 Hmm

  16. I would care if he weren't winning like a fucking boss, day in and day out.

  17. Other things going on, so ya can stop this BS.

  18. He also asked, "Which one is the 'any' key?"

  19. Did Trump understand the answer?

  20. If even true at least he asked.

  21. My heavens trump is a moron. Just a failure on all counts.

  22. If he doesn't know then he wore a condom with Stormy.

  23. Another dumb story from this page.

  24. Yeah. Sounds about right. Dipshit.

  25. "Science". The guy is the president, not a doctor. For what it's worth - every time I see a new doctor and they read my chart, they ask me "What's a 'Spatial Analyst'? Should I go to a different doctor until one is smart enough to figure it out? Leftists are a fucking cancer...