Trump Asked About 'Difference Between HIV and HPV,' Bill Gates Says

Trump Asked About 'Difference Between HIV and HPV,' Bill Gates Says
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Trump Asked About 'Difference Between HIV and HPV,' Bill Gates Says

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  1. The big take away here is that Trump actually asked someone he perceives as more intelligent than he is to explain something about science that he didn't understand AND when he still didn't understand he asked it to be explained again. I'm loathed to say anything remotely positive about this despicable excuse for a man, but in this case he is exhibiting precisely the type of behaviour the world needs from him - in short, owning his ignorance and asking experts for answers. More of this kind of thing. This should absolutely be spun as a positive event by the media, with the aim of reinforcing the positive experience of learning something from science.

  2. It's not a bad thing to ask questions, however the level of ignorance this question shows is tremendous. You don't need an MD, or even a high school diploma to know the difference between HIV and HPV, at this point this is basic knowledge that even a 10 year old should have. Ouch. This is painful.

  3. The thing is the majority of his support base probably don’t know the difference and they’re going to infer this as an insult against him which they will perceive as insult to themselves and further divide and send them deeper down their “rabbit holes”

  4. Well it is not a bad thing to ask about things you don't know. I bet Bill gates does not know about many things which could be simple things to others.

  5. Just to keep you talking, Bill. That’s when Mr. Trump dreams up ideas about how to save the world. While you’re busy telling him things he already knows and feeling superior.

  6. So???? Trump doesn't claim to be a doctor and not sure this is truevsince such an odd question to ask gates who is a computer software developer

  7. Not surprising. The man is an ignoramus. Doesn't read, can't orate properly. And he is a narcissist and a sociopath.

  8. I was always told there are no dumb questions. Is he supposed to know the answer to everything? Do you?

  9. Those are the names of viruses not diseases ! Not to defend Trump but to actually tell the difference between them you need to have above average biology knowledge

  10. It's like this liberal science. If you want to waste your time trashing Trump I am going to waste my time making you look like a fool. Which you are. Now I really have something better to do but I am not going to let you get away with liberal lies, propaganda, and unwarranted attacks for a man that is doing more for our country than any president since Ronald Reagan

  11. He definitely has HPV and probably a 40% chance of having HIV

  12. Well other than there is no cure for either and both can cause death, although one is signifigantly more recognized in the death, how different are they really? Seriously.
    High-risk HPVs cause several types of cancer. Cervical cancer: Virtually all cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV, and just two HPV types, 16 and 18, are responsible for about 70% of all cases (7, 8). Anal cancer: About 95% of anal cancers are caused by HPV.
    HPV and Cancer - National Cancer Institute.

    Not to.mention theres not an accurate test for men for hpv. 79 million people in tbe US have HPV according to CDC, while only 600,000 have HIV...


  13. maybe he was testing YOU......Bill Gates......the man out there trying to immunize and sterilize the planet

  14. I love it when Trump trolls people.

    The look on Bill Gates face is priceless.

  15. "You probably have HPV and not HIV" = make the answer about Trump and he might remember

  16. Kinda hard to believe, y ask a computer software developer something like that????

  17. As do most people that don't know. Big deal.

  18. I would like to see a line science and bill gates answer the question. We all know that they do things differently in the body but do you know what is the actual differences in the two viruses? No you don't

  19. Why ask him?
    You'd think since he spent all that time on twitter he would be able to Google

  20. He should have asked about Frederick Douglass... ;)

  21. Just tell him it's the difference between p and v. 😝

  22. Well Bill why didn't you answer him the first time. He wouldm't have had to sak repeatedly then.

  23. well wrong person to ask mr gates, since he's only has a high school diploma

  24. Disturbing. Of all the topic questions...seriously?

  25. Who here can tell me the answer without looking it up.

  26. Most people don't know the difference between Lincoln and Kennedy.

  27. Sadly many Americand probably aren't well informed on either

  28. Why the FU*CK is he asking? What point is he trying to prove?

  29. Better than Obama asking about the "Nearest Golf Course"

  30. He also asked, "Which one is the 'any' key?"

  31. He should get tested for both.

  32. What's the difference? - The cost!

  33. Lee Ryan Poole gold absolutely priceless

  34. Shouldn’t he know? He probably has both

  35. He is 71 years old ! Most people making fun of him would be pooping in there diapers at that age. How does this guy get out of bed and to all the things he is doing at 71 !!!! Tiger blood , kicking the medias ass , confronting millions of haters and getting a golf game in between all while eating a ton junk food and still putting in 16 hour days. You idiots are asking the wrong questions . HIV DMV HPV PVC PHP HMV HID Whatever. Winning , because at 71 just getting out if bed is a win the rest is gravy.

  36. I honestly no longer believe anything people claim Trump said. It aways turns out false. Politics has become a religion & people are zealots.

  37. Trump is POTUS and is asking BASIC questions that even junior high kids know the difference, since they're getting HPV shots. But in trump's case, he probably has both from looking at his history as a long time LOWLIFE SLEAZE and self-proclaimed Genital Grabber.

  38. tRump is asking for a friend who slept with a prostitute.

  39. It has been WELL ESTABLISHED that trump is a Moron, among other things. This does not surprise me. Hell, he didn't even know Puerto Rico was an island, nor that it was part of the U.S.; nor the U.S. Virgin Islands for that matter. He claimed to have met the "President of the Virgin Islands..." stable genius indeed.