The Met Gala Turned Into a Giant Dance Party, and It’s All on Instagram

The Met Gala Turned Into a Giant Dance Party, and It’s All on Instagram

The Met Gala Turned Into a Giant Dance Party, and It’s All on Instagram

Posted by Vogue May 9, 2018, 3:31 p.m.

Watch what happened when Vogue and your favorite celebrities turned the Met Gala into a giant dance party:

(Hint: You'll want to turn the sound on for this one.)

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mnogu dobro video, was blake, whole thing, funny thing, que buena, vale este tipo, met whyyyy danica, cosas pero este, sabes que, creative outfit,


  1. It’s amusing to see these so called celebrities mock Catholics and Christianity...... it’s kind of devil play .... to be so evil and dress up as religious figures...


  3. Love it but they dint include Priyanka or Deepika or even Blake and Gigi 😐

  4. definitely, I see very little creativity in the designs of these celebrities, indeed the designers did not strive to create fashion art associated with the concept, everything so predictable.

  5. This looks like a cult they did to the demon. Im not religious even tho Im catholic, but this surely is a disrespect to catholics..
    This is so weird and there are people who admire those outfits. Thats just scary to me...

  6. Vogua made a video summarising the Met Gala, managed to exclude Blake Lively from it. Slow damn clap. Lucie, Adriana, Hong Ly, Rue.

  7. Stunning gowns
    Hmm quite materialistic....
    So much money ...
    Instead of this celebrities spending so much .. better to feed some very hungry people

  8. It needed more Lana’s footage, the outfit was marvelous.

  9. Where its zendaya its was one of the best like Joan arco she really deserve to be there....

  10. Okkkkk but like, where was Blake when they filmed this? 👑

  11. Where was Queen Blake when they filmed this???????

  12. Anna W, Cardi B, RiRi and Nicki are way creepyyyyy

  13. Syafiq this is the met gala thing i mentioned

  14. Actually I turned the sound off and kept on scrolling.

  15. Terrible mix of music ! You can make it better !

  16. The “5th element” kind of party 🤣

  17. Ivette Im still dying over these videos

  18. Needs more Lana. Her outfit was the best of the night.

  19. Italo entenda porquê meu sonho sempre foi ser ELLLLLAAAAAA!

  20. Emili Maiara Preciso nem fala que eu axei isso macabro ne kkkk mais amei

  21. May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor.

  22. WHERE IS ZENDAYA. sshe had the best look

  23. 🤢dont like this at all!
    Blacks and christianity 😌😷

  24. Rihana and Cardi B looks damn funny 🤣

  25. Por que precisam usar ícones da igreja católica? Uma coisa cara e desreipeituosa

  26. If they want to be spiritual do it from the heart it's just a costume dress up to them ✨ really ? The funny thing is they really believe that into it😂

  27. Where's the CHARITY mention??? Vogue $$$ to the costume institute is NOT ENOUGH in 2018..

  28. Crystal Lee OMG I CANNOT!! SO FREAKING NICE!!!

  29. ...ok...but you don’t know the original song that you are playing!!!💋YouTube!!!

  30. Yuck...what about the homeless you stepped over to get into your venue. gross

  31. Yaaaaaaaassss...Anna Wintour is truly the fashion god

  32. Miriam, remember when we tried to go down there but it was closed? Pero why MET? Whyyyy?!

  33. Danica this is the easiest way to judge them all lmao

  34. Gabriela G Cabello sabes que a mi me vale este tipo de cosas, pero este año si se pasaron y esta súper chida la Met Gala y el tema de este año.

  35. Evelyn Marin la Anita al final como la huérfana jajaja

  36. Looks stupid and evil asfk. "Oh no baby what is u guys doin". Lost their minds

  37. Maravilloso..!! Y que buena la selección de vestidos.. y no sacaron los raros..!!

  38. where WAS Blake?? that infuriatingly gorgeous woman should have front & center

  39. The Devil Does Wear Catholics LMAO

  40. Bisera :(( mnogu dobro video but why such low creativityyyy

  41. Anushree Musale nobody will appreciate this as much as you

  42. Cardinal Copia is pleased with Rihanna's look

  43. anna wintour seems like the papa at the end of the video

  44. Вот и до религиозной темы добрались, превратили в карнавал. Ничего святого

  45. Carla Fiorentino ormai quando vedo questo video non faccio altro che pensarti 😂 troppi spunti per il tuo outfit di laurea

  46. Conor Jack Martin bad gal riri and Nicki 🔥🔥🔥

  47. Nico Pintos this is how the Real Bitches play! 🤤

  48. Michelle Cheong This whole thing is like an extended Ariana Grande MV tho

  49. Rae Georgia I am just living for Kate Moss!

  50. Sophia Thomson tell me this isn’t illuminati

  51. Zach Arthur White I may or may not have screamed at the end.

  52. Davi Draco HJ Ethimundo Arrarte los temas, siempre arreglan todo. Incluso a estos wachafos jajajaa

  53. Te digo que era una misa negra jajajaja Horacio Peña Flores

  54. Nireisha Tirado Carrasquillo que Cardi B no parece a la Reyna de los condenados claro en un buen sentido

  55. Gioia Schiavone on aurait du defiler comme ça dans le met NYC pour capter la wifi mdr

  56. Ivana Jerga this is everything

  57. Oysila Haris Ines Marrouchi pas les mots pour cette vidéo sérieux

  58. There we go Julia Bradbury 💥💃🕺👯‍♀️👠🍾🍸🎆🎇💫💥💥

  59. Non sapevo che vestirsi come San Gennaro fosse diventato un must-have

  60. Dominika Siwiec thought you might like it 😘