Stingrays Chew?

Stingrays Chew?

Stingrays Chew?

Posted by National Geographic May 19, 2018, 8:15 a.m.

This creature has been found to chew its food like a human—debunking the theory that only mammals do so.

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  1. What scientific "theory" is this? That's right, there isn't one, because theories cannot be proved or disproved. As a science student, i am constantly frustrated with some of Natgeo's ignorant publications.

  2. I wouldn’t say that’s chewing because it’s obvious the stingray is just trying to keep the food from getting out of its mouth. Watched a similar video of one yesterday and it was attempting to eat a fish.

  3. Mel von Mauz wie ein Persönchen sieht das aus 😁 Ein Stingray Dialog: "Herr Mortimer." "Frau Wallace." "Exzellentes Wetter hier." "Ja, eine gute Strömung." "Besten Tag wünsche ich noch." "Ebenfalls, ebenfalls."

  4. What was the stingray saying.. Laurel or Yanny?

  5. I think we cannot consider that to be chewing given it has no teeth.

  6. At first it looked like if it was beatboxing...

  7. Navigator of the Spacing Guild!

  8. Evelyne Li at first i thought it is the blob fish lol

  9. Thought it was a butthole,😂😂😂😂

  10. Ellie May thought it was your pencil case

  11. This is Aarsha Ahmed her nose and mouth is also similar to this one!

  12. I guess that creature its a mammal, blame whoever identified it incorrectly

  13. who thought white text on a yellow background was a good idea?

  14. Aistis Podžiukas just tagging you before you ambush me with this gem. 😡

  15. A ray its chewing its food to bits then she swallows it

  16. Veronica Cortez these guys are awesome😊😊

  17. Cíntia Araujo this is u when u kiss me

  18. Kelley Meredith what I see When you kiss me in the morning

  19. Sarah-Louise Murphy like as if they couldn't get any cuter omg

  20. Lizards chew their food too. Tf? Alot of animals chew

  21. Would they be able to eat spaghetti like humans?

  22. Richard Liao it’s Lord Voldemort’s mouth

  23. Maddy Wilson It's like my discovery that so many animals have teeth all over again!

  24. We are all from the same gene poll !