Fake Facebook Accounts And Online Lies Multiply in Hours After Santa Fe School Shooting

Fake Facebook Accounts And Online Lies Multiply in Hours After Santa Fe School Shooting
Image from: ScienceAlert

Malicious misinformation.

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  1. Can this page NOT get political? Please and thanks.

  2. But #zuckerbitch put people.in place to stop this....oh wait only to stop us conservatives from telling the truth. Liberal lies are ok.

  3. So we have over a year of liberals making fake news about the president. Not a single word. But God forbid the alt-right attacks and Tifa. Where were they win Trump called MS-13 animals? How long did it take before they started lying about what he said? And this is mainstream news not Facebook trolls!

  4. It's very telling that most of the fake "information" is right wing propaganda. It's like they can't convince people with facts.

  5. Thank you for this article. This kind of fast-based articles giving people a more rounded picture with backstory, are the kinds you should post more of.

  6. U said nothing every time the left did it, do not get political pls, u should speak bout science not men

  7. They should start naming mass shootings like they do hurricanes.

    They happen as often, it only makes sense.

    I’ve already lost track.

  8. How many of these fake FB accounts are NRA supported? Any generated by the GRU? and don't forget Dumbart.

  9. This page should change it's name to "Propaganda Alert"

  10. Lets leave it at "this kid is an abomination"

  11. Pay attention to WHO is creating these fake accounts and purposefully spreading misinformation. Right wing propagandists. Why? Bc the left have the truth on their side.

  12. Ha so much for science and scientist not being bias.

  13. Why do Republicans follow this page if they don't believe in basic science? 🤔🤔 #Trolls #1MillionFakeProfiles

  14. Julie, I wonder if this is why you are suddenly getting a ton of requests?

  15. At what other point in time was so much fake shit going around? I guess with freedom of speech comes the freedom to lie.

  16. This has NOTHING to do with Science idiots

  17. Looks like the Trumpah lumpah's friend Putin has got his team working overtime on this!

  18. Go to pol on 4chan and r/thedonald. They are the ones doing it.

  19. Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg say they are putting an end to such problems.

  20. Jason the picture of the guy with the Hillary hat is fake

  21. I'm leaving this page, too much politics.

  22. Once again.... why is this a science alert article???

  23. What’s with all words written with first capital letter?

  24. Lora Jacob Conservatives are creating fake accounts and spreading lies. You don't see liberals doing this.

  25. we all gave the power over our info to #zuckerbitch

  26. I think Science Alert must be a malicious fake account because this has fuck all to do with science!