Bron's plan.

Bron's plan.

Bron's plan.

Posted by ESPN May 4, 2018, 12:34 a.m.

Bron's plan.

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  1. I read today that Lebron owns 2.5% of Liverpool. I can confirm to you tonight that Lebron owns 100% of Toronto

  2. Haters can bring up whatever they want, it doesn’t matter. He is the GOAT.🐐

    #StriveForGreatness🚀#King👑 #TheNumber1GOAT 🐐

  3. What if LBJ opts out, signs with Boston, and makes Kyrie Irving wildly uncomfortable again? It won't happen but you can't say it wouldn't be funny.

  4. Breaking news on CNN: Toronto Raptors and Drake have filed a law suit against Lebron James for getting raped in the game. The Raptors and Drake have started #MeToo act 😂

  5. Please stop saying Lebum James is the GOAT!!! That kills me every time ... this league is so watered down and protects the offensive player!! If Jordan played in today’s league Jordan is averaging 50 a game all season and winning every year... put Lebron in the league of old where defenses actually bodied you and harmed you and lebum would crumble like a wet cardboard box .

    Lebenedict James is the best player of this generation ! That is true. But the GOAT? Ha no

  6. somewhere in the comments probably... "lebron only scored 4 in the first quarter. mj scored 40 every single quarter in the playoffs."

  7. Im mot a Cleveland fan im a fan of the laughable Pistons. What i just watched tonight was 1 of the best performances ive ever watched in my 40 plus years of watching the NBA. ill be surprised if Lebron makes it through customs after the murder he just commited. Great game #23 that was fun to watch.

  8. I called it before the series even started. #Craptors

  9. It must suck for Toronto to be good all year, really improve, and just be way better than last year and have lebron strangle them again.

  10. He's about to cry, then write a song about it, then sell it to a millions of high school chicks and then the next season talk trash from court seats, knowing security is around him...

  11. Let us not forget that Drake was once a paralyzed tween on a kid's show, and yet he supposedly started from the bottom.

  12. Lebronsexuals after the game...
    “You’re the goat 🐐 bae”


  13. Where are al the haters, the doubters and the ones who said Toronto was gonna sweep us? FOH!!!! LBJ 43/14/8 reb. GOAT.

  14. Haters be like
    Before the series: raptors different this year, Lebron got lucky in 1st game, he getting swept now
    After the game: east is weak, Lebron cake walk every year

  15. There are 3 things certain in life:

    1. Death
    2. Taxes
    3. Lebron beating the Raptors(no matter which team has the Homecourt advantage)

  16. Lol im a proud canadian and will defend the raptors forever but tonight’s performance was a complete joke its like the raptors turn into barney when lebron is in town and Dwane Casey needs to go im done with him lol

  17. Lebron might be really good at what he does but he is not the GOAT. That goes to The original GOAT Michael Jordan. If they both played in the same time period MJ would demolish Lebron and lebron and Jordan both know that. Anyone who thinks that lebron would be able to beat Jordan in a one on one match is just denying the fact that they are wrong and that Jordan is the freaking best. Hell Jordan might be able to still beat him in a one on one match.

  18. It's funny to me all these people call him LeBum And LeFlop! Lol get on the court with him and call him that. Prolly couldn't score a point. Always judging but could you put a whole team on your back and do what he is doing in YEAR 15? Nah now sit down and shut up!!

  19. Lebron just proved why he’s the king 👑 he makes his teammates better. He will go the to the finals for the 8th straight year 💯🔥

  20. Fraud team, fraud coach, fraud global ambassador, fraud fan base. Called this mid season when these fools were saying this year was “different”. The only thing that’s different is that it’s more embarrassing this team because Toronto is the 1-seed and has home court. Good riddance you clowns

  21. Lebron's fadeaway was unstoppable tonight but is sweet when your teammates come to play. Love with 31 points is what lebron needs.

  22. Maybe security should do a better job at these games and not let this "superstar" have his way on the court like he did the other night yelling another player or who ever it was!!!! If it was a "regular paying person" they would have been escorted out!!!! SMH

  23. If LeBron makes it to the finals and wins then we can say he is better than MJ reason is, is because he’s carrying the Cavs more than he has ever in his career this season, he is the best basketball player right now on earth if he wins this one then he is the greatest of all time reason thinking is that even though he still needs 2 rings to tie MJ after that all time it will just solidify what he has done this season in I think the best we have ever seen him play in his career and I can see my boy Drake is mad bro lol.

  24. This what I dont understand about yal. He doesn't have all 6 infinity stones🤣🤣🤣🤣every year he trys to come out west and get blasted on🤣🤣🤣🤣 tuck yal spirit fingers back in yo pockets..

  25. I like how drake has to Desperately try to be to Toronto, what Spike Lee is with the New York Knicks. Doesn’t seem forced at all 😂! Tired of seeing his face during every Toronto game like it matters that he cares if they are doing good or not. “Well if drake thinks it’s OK, then it must be”

  26. LeBron’s critics: He can’t make it out the East. Toronto and the 76ers are too dominant.

    Also LeBron’s critics: Man, he only made it to the Finals again because the East is weak.

  27. I don't wanna hear no refs handed the Cavs the game comments tonight. This was just a good old fashioned whooping, Lowry is extremely overrated

  28. And every lebron fan say love is not a HOF, they tend to forget he was a 20 + score and 10 -15 rb career in Minnesota...lebron the coach, love is going to play whatever coach lebron says..... lol

  29. LeBron is wrong for doing this team like this. Alot of them have children at home watching their fathers being anally raped by another man. Lol

  30. Just like Charles Barkley said, “if the Raptors don’t beat the Cavs this year I’m never picking them to go to the finals again” 😂😂😂

  31. Lmaoo wassup Drake? I’m sure your woes wish you didn’t get Cleveland all riled up, the six might have stood a chance but you talk too much

  32. Was an okay game and of course the Cavaliers won again especially when the Raptors missed over 30 buckets in the second half easy.

  33. i wonder why they are wasting time analysing this type of game in post game ...nothing to talk abt it's one team playing with themselves

  34. He is the goat of this era.....watered down or not, no one better in this league of pampered superstars! Go Cavs !!!

  35. This isn’t sports! You know the pens vs caps is on. One of the best rivalries in the game. Amazing gameplay. You suck ESPN

  36. Ding dong the wicked witch is dead lol famous line from wizard of Oz and LeBron was the witch embarrassing everything on the court wow

  37. Here’s how I view this. He’s the best player in the game TODAY.. I gage that by this. He is the only one player, that you can put on any team in THE EASTERN CONFERENCE (ONLY) that can get to the finals each year, no matter who everyone else in the East has on their roster. In comparison to the G.O.A.T (MJ) MJ has more rings 6 - 3. MJ has A better finals record of 6-0 vs Lebrons 3-5. MJ has more scoring titles. More finals MVP’s. More league MVP’s. More NBA all defensive selections. More NBA defensive player of the year 1-0.. More seasons leading the league in steals. I know that for most of the younger generation, Lebron is the best you’ve ever seen. I understand your logic. But having seen both eras and knowing the statistics, MJ is the G.O.A.T and there is really nothing Lebron can do to surpass that.. 🤷🏽‍♂️ .. Not to mention that Kobe is being completely disrespected in terms of being second best behind Jordan.. 🙄

  38. That’s the face of the one person you work with who is always threatening to tell on you and whose face is on the verge of a flood of tears all the time

  39. All the Lebron haters magically go silent when he’s up 2-0 against the Raptors. “Lebron gonna lose in round one” HA BET

  40. there you go folks.
    He thinking to remove his jacket to show hi Cavs jersey inside.😂😂😂

    Bry Glenn

  41. Dam. The league gets on Drake about that Perkins situation and now he looks like he’s just biting his tongue harder than ever 😂😂

  42. Toronto is a waste of time.. can we just simulate the rest of the series instead of having to watch it ?

  43. Drake looking like he bet 20 million on that game. He definitely gonna cry in the car and make a diss song

  44. Lebron needs his name changed to METEOR MAN, cause he's about to make them RAPTOR extinct. ... again!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. LeBron James is the G.O.A.T facts and Drake just witnessed it in action. Drake face expression priceless 😂😂😂

  46. And they wonder why people don't trust Toronto they do this EVERY YEAR

  47. 3 things are certain: death, taxes & Toronto choking in the playoffs.

  48. Toronto is straight trash. Always choking when going up against this man.

  49. Boy, this is most certainly gonna be a meme for years to come.

  50. Being a raps fan has all the feels of naively trusting a Crack head.

  51. 😂😂😂😂 Bron made drake cry in the car...

  52. Raptors being the Raptors. Pacers had a better shot.

    GS vs Cle part 4.

  53. Yeah Bytch say somthin now. Your team is HHHHORRRIBLLEEE!!!!

  54. Drake finna go cry in the car!😂😂😂

  55. Haaaaaa!! I can’t even lie. This is HILARIOUS. THE RAPTORS STAY CHOKING IN THE PLAYOFFS

  56. Raptors are trash..and I'm not a cavs fan lol

  57. Drake’s about to drop his best heartbroken album of all time after this series

  58. What happened to all that energy from game 1 ? 🤣

  59. This isn't part of God's Plan 😢😭

  60. Gods plan was to make Lebron james King

  61. I'm making this my wallpaper on my cell phone. Poor little baby Drake😂

  62. It was Gods plan for James to embarrass you precious Raptors

  63. Aye Drake, don't think about it too much too much too much too muuuuch 😂😂😂😂

  64. I hope cavs go to the finals. Warriors in 5, 3-6 👌🏻

  65. Welcome to my world Drake !!!!! Im a knicks fan Jordan always stopped my team 😂

  66. Lol raptors could go 82-0 and still choke in the playoffs. Same choke story every year

  67. Daniella Montes maybe it’s not in gods plan for the Toronto Raptors to win lol 😂

  68. Raptors do not know how to play at this level its just to bad for them 🤔🤔🤔😎