World Rugby have confirmed the TMO got it wrong during England v Wales

World Rugby have confirmed the TMO got it wrong during England v Wales
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This won't make Wales fans feel any better

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  1. But there was already a knock on FFS

  2. Knock-on? Yep, thought as much, nobody sheds a tear when England gets shafted, so there'll be no sympathy from us for a fair victory.

  3. Almost as bad as Craig Joubert against Scotland in 2016. Absolutely gutting; denied us a place in the World Cup semi final

  4. The International Referee Board said that the TMO made a mistake now all of a sudden every Englishman knows better than the panel. England got away with one yet again

  5. Ball hit Evans hand regardless. If you think this try being awarded would have resulted in Wales winning then you need to have a word with yourself.

  6. Smokescreen for the knock-on. The TMO made a mistake as there was a knock-on by the Welsh no 11. Secondly I don't see how scraping finger tips along the side of the ball constitutes control.

  7. So could they also confirm that the Welsh try which won them a bonus point against Scotland should have been ruled out for a forward pass? And that Evans knocked the ball on? I’d like to understand the exact reason as to why World rugby consider that it was a try, just for the sake of clarity with any future “tries”

  8. It was quite clearly a knock on from Stef Evans, the TMO was wrong on both decisions, but got the right answer, Rolland should look more closely and then he might get it right eventually, why such a fuss about the decision anyway, it's not as if Wales haven't been awarded tries that weren't, sometimes they don't even bother with the correct ball, now that's cheating.

  9. If wales lose the 6 nations based on the points lost against england then moan , if not then shut up moaning ffs

  10. Still doesn’t mean they would have won. Conversation would have been hard and the run of the game would have been different, so potentially no penalty later in the game. 12-10 could still have been the outcome.

  11. But they still wouldn't have won from that converted try as they wouldn't have had the 3 points from the penalty so get over it.

  12. What happened on the day is all the score board tells you! Luke Hill Jasmine French I'm gutted for you 😂

  13. It's ok we will forget about the knock on and the countless times Wales was offside.

  14. There was a knock on in the build up Wales! #MoveAlong

  15. England would still have won! They’d have upped their game in response and Wales wouldn’t cope.

  16. TMO did get it wrong. It wasn't a try because there was a knock on.

  17. Jesus get over it , still would have got beat.

  18. Tell Howlett he’s a bad loser and can stick his comment where the dragon doesn’t roar

  19. So, we ignored the knock on, and concentrate on the grounding?

  20. Shouldn’t have got the last try against Scotland so just karma?

  21. Mike Cox they robbed us mate

  22. In the words of Windsor Davies ''Oh Dear, How Sad, Never Mind''

  23. Replay the game haha (joking move on it’s over)

  24. Ok...time to move on now, and prepare for the next game.

  25. This to go with the World Cup semi final penalty that clearly went over the posts but wasn’t given, two silly mistakes from the officials

  26. Yes he did it should have been a 22 restart reversed to penalty advantage not a scrum.

  27. Justice for the Geography 6!

  28. But are they going to change the table, that is the question?

  29. Edward not going to improve your feelings towards the match officials at the weekend!

  30. Xactly,tmo was wrong but no try as knocked on,typical sore losers,lucky england played poorly

  31. But there was still a knock on so it wouldn't have counted anyway

  32. Just love people who know more than World Rugby astonishing arrogance.

  33. A great match, whatever the result!

  34. Rhys Morgan How many points for the moral victory?

  35. Now the English can feck up..Eddie Jones eat that you prick..

  36. Ryan Delaney dont tell Brendan Thomas ... 🙄 still saying it was a knock on though aha

  37. Paul Grisdale guess both of us were wrong

  38. 😂🤣unlucky you sheep lovers.

  39. oh well the better team won in the end

  40. James Chatterton that girl can do one 🖕🏼🙈

  41. He missed the knock on as well. Baaaa