Work Out With Chimp

Work Out With Chimp

Work Out With Chimp

Posted by 9GAG March 15, 2018, 2:33 p.m.

That gym buddy who just want their comfort food ASAP

By The Real Tarzann

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bekomm ich son ffchen, ich bin dann wohl der, wae mai bruddas, bhavna nakra gym, und ich trainieren kannst dir denken wer ich bin, ich brauche auch ganz dringend einen, animal text, michael holroyd,


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  2. Dis is de wae, mai bruddas. Dis is de wae to a healthy life. We should follow dis sacred wae of taking good care of our body. Our body is a living temple, mai bruddas. We should honor it.

  3. The coolest monkey in the jungle

  4. Much better that animal in the Jungle with no human clothes.

  5. Black guy and a monkey... can't get better than that :D

  6. Usually, Master Yoda is more focused with his students! LOLOLOL

  7. Emzo hanging around ya when you be doing intense sets!! Arjun Ravi AHAHAHA 😂😂

  8. Monkey would be a better pet than a dog.

  9. When that chimp is mature it will be stronger than any human being in the world.

  10. Kitija Štolce he is doing and doing those push ups and he is not even tired. 😄

  11. Chloé donc : adopte un petit chien, une chèvre, un singe !

  12. Why does this gym buddy keeps doing push up?

  13. Yellow shirt with "animal"text on it playing with the ape. Im calling racism 😂😂😂

  14. Did he adopted a retarded kid of some kind??

  15. Tineke Sangers Volgens mij is het hebben van een aap als huisdier, de oplossing voor alle problemen in de wereld.

  16. Sydney Galandón un negro qui fait des pompes avec un T-shirt "ANIMAL" avec son petit frère... Quelle coïncidence !

  17. Marcel Stey das schönste was ich je gesehen hab 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  18. I want both of them, for some reasons

  19. Så om jag skaffar en apa, kommer jag börja träna 😎 Gunsha

  20. Kaveh SA this reminds me of you being a good PT for me

  21. Garry Jolie you're looking for a yoga buddy you said?

  22. Zsófi Zab Just to let you know... I’m the person on the right 😬

  23. David Whitson when you're gaming but I need attention ✌🏻

  24. How is it even possible to get a monkey as a pet?

  25. Coralie Vanel Alors je veux un koala, un corgi et un petit singe comme ca :P

  26. Poor chimp. Wild animals should be a sanctuaries not stolen as babies and sold as pets!

  27. Bhavna Nakra Gym bandh karne ke baad, home-based-personal-trainer/motivator

  28. Kaleb that’s why I can’t do push-ups... I need a monkey 😍😍😍

  29. Lukas ich brauche auch ganz dringend einen Babyschimpansen

  30. Rafael Moreno se parece a Isa cuando no te deja hacer ejercicio jajajajajaja

  31. Mindaugas Sladkevicius jeigu tokį namie turėtum pagalbininką būtum pats stipriausias :D

  32. Hoang Phi Nguyen wenn Quang und ich trainieren kannst dir denken wer ich bin 😂

  33. I never knew chimps can be this adorable.

  34. Laura Gorini,con una scimmietta così potrei iniziare a fare flessioni e addominali.........😍

  35. When you guys are messing around and being an embarrassment ❤❤❤😂 Kirsten Mann Hannah Clegg

  36. Melanie SuWu Ho me asking what we gonna eat after gym all the time

  37. thats not possible i thought my friend Navjeet Vasudeva is only monkey but

  38. Regina Makher Is it weird that this reminds me of Oliver

  39. Filipe Ribeiro I just found your perfect workout mate!!

  40. Alexandra Lafortune moi qui t'aide pendant tes entrainements à la maison 😍😍😍

  41. Catharina Ge ich bin dann wohl der Affe am Dienstag haha

  42. Michael Holroyd and George Williams I think this is actual footage of both of you in the gym !!!!!xxxxx

  43. Bundan birtane almak gerek kahvede yanci olarak Ugur Aykanat Mikail Duran

  44. Adhir Ramraj that’s you and your monkey 😂😂😂

  45. Rami Koleilat u need this kind of support 😂😂😂

  46. Mathieu Anca I want this coach 🙈😂😂

  47. Jolianne Gendron St-Georges, je veux un singe et je vais l'appeler Carl II eme

  48. Bhavana Asthana did you watch the whole thing?

  49. Philip Kjær Jepsen brah this us what u need!!

  50. Kathi bekomm ich son Äffchen😍😍😍😍😍

  51. I think I just need a chimp Usman

  52. Marika chce taką małpe co robi pompki

  53. Ai João Felipe Chactoura n malha mas dá aquela moral, João Pedro Maldonado Thales Campanati Lucas Alves Pedro Henrique Urso Alec Gaia

  54. Wiktoria a może taka zamiast psa albo kota ?

  55. Simone re moro mouu i want him!!

  56. Sindy gibs zu den willst du xD

  57. Rigmor jeg vil også have sådan en abe!!!!!!!!!

  58. Hamza Azhar ,let's adopt a monkey ❤

  59. Nabil Ne du weisst was zu tun ist

  60. Adryana Cozendei olha seu parcerio de malhação 😂😂😂

  61. Silvana Andrade um desses pra ajudar a treinar