Woman told cops God allowed her to drive 120 mph

Woman told cops God allowed her to drive 120 mph

Jesus, take the wheel.

Intero Articolo: New York Post


  1. Well, did anybody go pick up baby Jesus?? Poor baby is probably just sitting there waiting on his ride. 😢

  2. And God's going to tell the Judge to give her 30 days in jail.

  3. This woman needs to be permanently taken off the road and escorted to a padded cell.

  4. I am God and I did allow her too... remember I try not to interfere with free will

  5. Hey If God told her to drive fast you can't argue with that

  6. I don't care if it rains or freezes as long as I got my plastic Jesus riding on the dashboard of my car. I can go 120 miles an hour as long as I have the Almighty Power riding on the dashboard of my car!🎵🎶🎹🎼

  7. No need to drive under the influence,,,, Uber drivers are available even to go pick up Jesus!!!

  8. Hope this sick woman gets the help she needs

  9. Yep tell yourself what you need to,,to make you feel better

  10. Another fool hearing voices, Trummpy follower, what a sick world we live in

  11. What if God told her to drive fast?

  12. Oh yea God told the state to take away her license

  13. And here I thought it was a V8 Hemi


  15. And the Devil stop you.have a good day

  16. Quý Sang isnt she Sheldon mother?

  17. Lemmy wouldn't tell her that - oh maybe he would

  18. Gid grants us inalienable rights....

  19. It happens y'know ....Oh yeah trust me ..