Will Julio Jones get a new contract?

Will Julio Jones get a new contract?
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"Julio Jones is the Atlanta Falcons offense."

Will he get a new contract? (via GMFB)

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  1. Julio Jones used to be the best receiver in the league, but that was 3 years ago. Now he’s always hurt, he never plays the entire season and is very hot and cold. I’d say Antonio Brown and Deandre Hopkins would both be above him now days. It’s not like his contract is up next season, he has THREE YEARS LEFT! Play the contract you signed and renegotiate when the end of the contract is much closer. This looks really bad on Julio.

  2. Julio and his agent asked that the Falcons give him a long term deal that would make him the highest paid receiver at the time he signed it. He and his agent got both. Now they want to penalize the team that gave them what they asked for because other teams overpaid for less talented receivers. He has 3 years left on his deal. Julio is my favorite Falcons player of all time and I’m a lifelong fan. I’m disappointed in him right now to be honest. He’s set to make 10.5 million dollars this year on the contract he signed. The team has even said it will look into finding a way to adjust the contract. He should be with the team.

  3. No he is not. Atlanta has played well without him numerous times. Atlanta is just as good without Julio in a game. Plus, they have Ridley who is going to surprise everyone and be just as good.

  4. As much as they hype julio up, he only had like 3 or so touchdowns last season.... and we still made it deep into the playoffs.... should have beaten philly, but julio missed an uncontested jump ball to win the game... he's a talented guy, overrated & leads the league in dropped passes.... name me 1 team in the pass 5 years to win a Superbowl with a superstar wide-receiver? Trade him 3for1 for a top younger receiver,defensive lineman & a top offensive lineman...he's not quick anymore, too many foot issues since Bama.. mainly too many people are in his ears... #RiseUp #Atlanta4Life

  5. This is where you don't realize ownerships heretic mind. Their paying that kind of money(ex Sammy watkins) like Browns have previously done for players to disenfranchise teams and they know players... Will feed into that like dogs...thus disenfranchising the organuzation by having to pay to keep players on the team.

  6. He's 29. He's injury prone. Now he's a distraction. Personally, I'd make him play out his current contract, franchise him a couple times and cut him lose as an aging almost 34 year old.

  7. The problem here is, they don’t use him enough. If they gave him a new contract, it would have to be a guarantee that Matt Ryan threw to him more often, because he’s not getting a whole lot of targets a game. Of course, he also needs to actually catch what goes his way. Last year I took him in fantasy, and he’d get like an average of 4 catches on 8 targets, or something like that. Then he went off for 253 yards and 2 TDs. He’s very hot and cold

  8. This is about his foot and getting his money upfront guaranteed. He doesn’t have many years left because of it so he wants his contract restructured so he is guaranteed more money upfront because in a year or two he may be done.

  9. they are all overpaid, don't we all wish we could get new contracts at work, and there amounts in percentage increase are huge.

  10. He should be in camp then negotiate with him. He has a contract

  11. No SB for them anytime soon with that attitude.

  12. Look what the cowboys did to Dez the falcons will do the same with Julio

  13. Antonio Brown makes Julio look like a joke

  14. Julio is a BIG part of their offense, but he isn't THE offense!

  15. I hope he does with Atlanta,Julio Jones is a legend in the making!!

  16. I think he should just wait till the season is over. Cap will increase, and he can get his.

  17. Did she really say get a bag? Can people stop trying to be cool at every turn.

  18. so they are holding a team ransom until they get a contract in a sense?

  19. I wonder what Davonta and Matt think about this?

  20. Needs wrapping up as soon as possible - more it drags out he weaker it makes us look.

  21. Add Alshon to that list he made between 10-14 mill last year and deserved every penny.

  22. this isn't like Julio please don't start acting like a Diva, I've never seen Fitzgerald complain a contract

  23. He already has a huge contract and caught 3 TDs last year....don't pay him another dime. Trade him

  24. You have a contract, fulfill it.

  25. Julio Jones and Matt Ryan are going to take up half of the Falcons' cap space.

  26. He is not more the best WR now... cant stay healthy... Brown. Hopkins are better

  27. Julio Jones has like three big games a year and is quite average for all the other games. People who compare him to Antonio Brown and Hopkins make me laugh, seems like he is also losing passion for the game based off of what I’ve seen in his interviews

  28. Wasn't his offense when Xavier Rhodes was on the field . . .

  29. The things I hate about you guys is you always over evaluate and speculate everything. Your Just a fat white guy who has no talent, unlike nate who has talent just a unlucky trade that ended in Cleveland (where you go for your career to die)

  30. That's a stupid statement. Have you seen their offensive weapons? He is the best of them, but doesn't stand alone.

  31. Better play this season and get that RING to the ATL