Posted by MLB May 20, 2018, 9:33 p.m.

1⃣0⃣4⃣ mph. 1⃣0⃣5⃣ mph.

Jordan Hicks is throwing GAS.

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  1. I saw in a movie once...

    If you give a guy that throws hard but wild some glasses, he can throw strikes.

  2. Flaherty 13 K's in 8 innings. Not bad for a rookie.

    Alex Reyes 14 K's in 5 innings lastnight in AAA.

    Hicks threw 105 3 times.

    Cardinals rotation is going to be scary soon.

  3. Better teach him some control before he kills someone

  4. Amazingly one of them was in the same county as home plate

  5. Enjoy your 3 seasons. TJ will knock that velocity down 10-15 mph and you'll never have a good curveball...if you ever had one to start with.

  6. Best part is, he threw 105 multiple times during this inning. New record for this season, previous was 103 held by Hicks and Chapman

  7. If I’m batting against 105 then you can just rack up the K before I ever see a pitch

  8. Yet his K/9 is not very impressive. He’s clearly over throwing, he will need arm surgery by the end of the year

  9. Funny...everyone talking about the one that was outside at 105, the other one was right down the middle. And he's very consistent at 101-102 in the strikezone.

  10. Doesn’t matter how hard you throw if you can’t hit your spots with it consistently. That’s some crazy power, but I’d bet he’s more effective and consistent at 99-100. Also, less wear & tear on the shoulder not throwing at 100%.

  11. Everyone commenting on Hicks being wild must have only seen this clip. The kid has top shelf MLB stuff. It’s early in the career though. Cards have some great young pitchers.

  12. Impressive but serious..if you walk the ballpark you can throw 200mph and it doesnt matter. No human but Nolan Ryan throws 100mph for more than a few years.

  13. "Nice velocity....sounded like it....well let's teach this boy some control before he kills someone" ..Major League

  14. The fact that he's only 21 and never pitched above single A ball is crazy! Give him time and he will probably get those pitches under control and velocity may come down with it. I'm hoping this kid is our closer of the future.

  15. A great fastball is a nice weapon to have but lack of control of it will not be beneficial. I'd rather have someone who throws in the mid nineties with movement. Throwing 105 is pointless if you fail to harness it.

  16. Awkward moment when Odubel Herrera’s on base streak “came to an end” in this at bat, despite getting on base in this at bat.

  17. 104 was impressive. But I don’t care how hard you throw if it isn’t a strike so the 105 I don’t really care about. It wasn’t even a competitive pitch. Waaaaay outside. That’s like when Chapman hit Bradley with 103 and everyone was like wow he hit 103 and I was just saying wow he gave us a baserunner.

  18. Maybe if the pitchers that throw over 100 we're smart and through mid to high 90s and saved the 104s for situational areas these pitchers that can reach 104 wouldn't blow out there arms so often.. He's a tommy john surgery waiting to happen..

  19. Throwing Gas?!! Wow that's it. He just threw the fastest MLWhat kinda media hit job is this? Yeah, I know, y'all relentlessly supress stories from the midwest/south. Yeah, sure, we're used to it

  20. He's throwing too hard too soon in the season just because Chapman took over fastest pitch of the season. Throw a 105 mph wild pitch with runners in scoring position in a game that matters and see who cares how hard you're throwing.

  21. If you've ever seen the Fastball documentary - Nolan Ryan threw 108.5 mph, Bob Feller threw 107.5 mph. Just as a reference to the hardest throwers today (Hicks, Chapman).

  22. He needs to learn a thing or two from Chapman. Like painting the corners. Although Chapman throws wild at times, he has great control for how fast he throws. This kid will learn, hes young.

  23. Sergio Arambula Carlos Oliva that’s incredible. I feel for him when he eventually needs to have TJ surgery but that is straight heat. #ShadesOfJakeRodriguez

  24. This is just like Drew in the weekend.... throws gas just had no idea where it was going.
    Nath Brougham Aaron Rollins James Henty

  25. “I’ve never seen this before.” How did he miss Chapman when he was the Reds? He will probably blow out his arm and/or see a rapid decrease in velocity.

  26. It’s almost impossible for a pitcher to change his mechanics at his age but if he had proper mechanics he could throw faster more accurate and his arm would last longer

  27. Just wondering when he will start getting swing and misses. Never seen so little ks with a guy that throws that hard

  28. 22.0 innings of relief. Does anyone know his K/BB ratio? It's very bad. Almost to the point that this kid is a danger to the hitters well being.

  29. Keep throwing like that and your gonna blow out your elbow soon and next in like for Tommy John surgery!

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  31. Kids got heat, just needs to learn to locate it. As a Cardinals fan this excites me . Just hope to God he never hits someone up and in with that. He's already damaged Yadi.

  32. Molina watchin it, that is nuts 🤔🙄😂😂

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  34. And his arm blows out for tommy john a year later lol

  35. Tommy John will be calling soom

  36. I’m not impressed. I can do wayyy better than that

  37. Not impressive. I hit 116mph in my driveway this afternoon

  38. Hope he has about a 78 mph change up to go with it.

  39. It's all fake! These speed guns are not accurate!

  40. Tomorrow he’ll be taking a “random” drug test😂

  41. Jordan Hicks is throwing gas? You mean he's farting? Didn't he get to go to the bathroom? 😜😆🤣

  42. David Richardson Ryan Fleming
    Lmk when y'all boiz want me to show u this heater 💪🏾😁

  43. Hicks, Flaherty, Reyes, Three young studs the Cardinals have! Future looks bright

  44. So if that pitch hits you... Is it attempt murder or nah?

  45. Brian Wood 😳😳😳 Tommy John surgeons are lining up at the door to get to this kid in August.

  46. The Yankees will get him in a year or two

  47. His control is awful. I can't imagine being a right handed hitter with this kid on the mound 😵

  48. Cardinals are a bad team Phillies should’ve won

  49. And there goes his arm..just wait

  50. Al Contrucci this is the guy I was talking about. Cards gotta make him the closer so I can pick up the saves in fantasy

  51. I’m pressing charges if he throws the ball at me that hard.

  52. yeah, it’s not translating to any K’s or high swing and miss....so, who cares?

  53. Little guy's elbow is gonna snap like a twig

  54. The batters reaction when he saw how fast he threw was priceless!!!🤣😂

  55. Throwing 105 through the batters box. Maybe dial it back and gain some control...

  56. His arm will blow out and have a short mlb career

  57. Rebecca this was what I told u about

  58. Control and location is more important over the long term. He should talk to Gibson.

  59. Doesn't matter how hard you can throw the ball if you can't throw strikes

  60. Aroldis threw 106 once.... Juuuuust sayin. Still impressive though.

  61. Nice velocity. Sounded like it. You better teach this kid some control before he kills someone.

  62. Anthony Tiani would you wanna catch that?!?

  63. Good message pitching losing control of the 105 pitch lol

  64. That cut on the 105 is ungodly.

  65. Ummm Chapman does this on a regular basis.