White House fires top Tillerson aide after he contradicts official account of secretary of State's dismissal

White House fires top Tillerson aide after he contradicts official account of secretary of State's dismissal
Image from: Los Angeles Times

The aide told reporters that Tillerson learned of his firing Tuesday morning from Trump's tweet.

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  1. Yesterday. Tillerson responds forcefully to Russian nerve agent attack in UK. Today. Tillerson fired. Does anyone think something is wrong in the Cadet Bone Spurs White House ? You're damn right there is something wrong.

  2. Fired from a tweet... does that qualify him for unemployment?

  3. I can hear the White House imploding all the way down here in Tennessee!

  4. Oh what a craven coward 45 is!

  5. Where's our real President Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton?! Who's this Orange Clown masquerading as our President?

  6. Read the headline carefully. Tillerson is old news, they fired his AIDE who contradicted the WH this morning.

  7. At least the LA Times could provide the correct link to the article if they want someone to click on it so at least I can read it if I want to.

  8. 45 is such a damn woos. No face to face meeting. He tweets to announce.

  9. A lot of foring today. But he always hires only the best...

  10. No surprise, just another lie, he cannot tell the truth about anything, ever. He is a coward, he is not a tough guy as he pretends to be, folded his tent when the NRA tightened the screws on him.

  11. Jeez, talk about an unstable Administration!

  12. Well how about that. Good news day for the Latimes.

  13. Someone please tell our POTUS this is not reality tv!!!

  14. Trump has more Russian connections than Aeroflot.

  15. In that picture, seems like someone wants a Deadcat (aka pop filter mic), as their new toupee. 6 to choose from. JK.

  16. DT is a coward, was never able to fire anyone Face to Face..trump can only do it on reality TV...

  17. What a bunch pf clowns. Scary Clowns. With Fangs.

  18. http://www.mypokecard.com/my/galery/DJ3FKsViEWp0.jpg

  19. #firedviatweet #onlyinamerica 😑

  20. Trump is so unprofessional, he did Tillerson dirty like he did Comey, and Priebus, etc