Wendy Williams Thinks Kylie Jenner's Baby Daddy Travis Scott Will 'Flee the Scene by Summer'

Wendy Williams Thinks Kylie Jenner's Baby Daddy Travis Scott Will 'Flee the Scene by Summer'
Image from: TMZ

The shade for Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner is real from Wendy Williams (via TooFab )

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  1. Like her husband does every night. She is a piece of work shading everyone else when her man got his girl an apartment and everything.

  2. Isn't Wendy a changed man herself?

  3. He always got something to say about somebody...

  4. Wendell your husband fled the scene. So what's that say about you??

  5. Mr Williams is just mad because his husband is doing him wrong 😂 happy Valentine's day

  6. Thats just rude! She really needs to stop bashing people before she picks on the wrong person and end up in a really bad situation.

  7. I don't care how I feel about these celebrities because none of them are contributing to my bank account or taking from it, it's just entertainment...... BUT personally Wendy Williams is just a bitter unhappy woman whose husband has been stepping out on her of course she expects men to " flee" ,,,,, her man keeps " fleeing ".

  8. Well its obviously going to happen sooner or later...but it's not like she's going to have any trouble supporting her child financially...or finding a man...so really he's not needed anyway lbs

  9. Just like you said Kim & Kanye wouldn't last 73 days.. smh.. looks like you might be eating crow again..

  10. I kinda agree with her Kylie gonna be a single mother by the end of the year

  11. Trying to stay in the news by shading the Kardashian’s again and again... who cares about her opinion. Hopefully her show will be canceled by summer...

  12. You can see how devoted he was in the video for Stormi. No way he's leaving her or that baby. STOP making up lies lol 😐

  13. You would think she wouldn't make comments such as these when her husband has a side woman in a side house

  14. Just because her husband is a shady dog, doesn't mean they all are. You all sound so miserable hating on these ppl for no reason. Find some substance in your own life. Sad.

  15. What an absolute bully. Let them enjoy this time. It's a beautiful time and shouldn't be tainted with her old lady jealous villainous ways.

  16. Remember when she said Kanye was not gonna marry Kim if he did she would eat crow , which she had to now why don’t she bet on this one to eat $h!t because I would love to see her eat some

  17. Am sorry. she really really shouldn't talk at all .thats a topic she should stay away from. When her HUSBAND is parading around with his s side chick and doesn't even care. An just saying how you doing

  18. This bitter...smh. Why wish that on this young mother? The only reason your husband hasn't fled the scene is he can't spend your money if he leaves you.

  19. Why is she so awful to people? Is she just that unhappy? She needs to stop attacking people and start the long road to bettering herself

  20. What is her F'n deal?!?! She needs some meds and to chill the f out. Shes throwing shade at all these people for no reason. Misery loves company. She is just tryin to make herself feel better about herself by slammin anyone she can. Go on vaca lady!

  21. I know one thing, that this little girl will not lack for anything including love. They are happy, move on. Wendy needs to worry about her husband and that side chick.

  22. For the life of me, I don't understand why anybody from the Kardashian/Jenner family would even consider going on his show, ever again!!!🤣😂

  23. Wendy is nothing more than Pathetic trash, who is not happy at home and needs to shade others to feel better about her loneliness and empty life.
    Bye Felicia.

  24. Look please kyile about to be a billionaire they gonna have twins soon so wedny 👋 kylie got more money than the entire family ok travis aint going no Where he need a check

  25. It's Wendy! She's entitled to her opinion. I'm sure a few of u have the same thought! If they stay together, good for them, if they don't oh well. None of my business!

  26. Even if she is a single mother at the end so what? Glad she has money and a family to be by her side. Im not going to lie i do think she wont be with Travis long, i feel Kylie is still young and stupid for getting pregnant, but what does my opinion matter. Kylie can take care of herself and be independent more than I can at my age of 27. 😩😄

  27. “Wendy Williams' husband is STILL seeing his young mistress - spotted in Manhattan picking her up in his red Bentley days after the rattled TV host passed out on her show”.

  28. Wendy is a straight up hater! Cant even face up/deal with the drama in her own life, yet all she spews is vile high school filth about everybody but her damn self! You're Sad AF, Wendy Williams! #GetAGrip

  29. I used to record her show every day and really got a kick out of her but in the last year she has gotten nastier and nastier so it is now off my dvr

  30. She's being shooting at the kardashians since the show started in January on purpose to get a reaction from them without success. I hope they don't clap back, and The Wendy Williams Show about what's happening in her home

  31. Wendy is usually right though. But it will be Kylie kicking him to the curb. The men never leave on their own when it comes to that family.

  32. I used to watch Wendy everyday and really enjoyed the show but now I never watch because she is just hateful these day. I ain't got time for that.

  33. Wouldn't it be delicious if Tyga was the dad? He'll only relinquish his parental rights if Kylie agrees to give him $10M/yr and let Chy change her name to Angela Kardashian

  34. See this she-man.Wendy is a bully.and I love the fact that Kylie is not responding to all her bully antics.yes let Travis go,life would continue for Kylie.am too sure of it.

  35. oh she should know right didnt her husband do the same exact thing smh wendy we all had enough of u go crawl under a rock make room for someone else worth watching on t.v.

  36. Wendy predicted Harry and Meghan wouldn't last. Now she seems to be praying for a family to break-up. So? What if he leaves?There's got to be more to life Wend.

  37. I am not sure about a deadline but yea pretty much he be out. Unless he about that paper and he sticking around for the buffoonery!

  38. Her husband fled the scene a long time ago, and flaunts it around in her face. Fix your own family before talking about someone else's smh...

  39. Wendy has such a hard on for the Kardashians.
    I'm pretty sure it's a jealousy thing in this case. Wendy is kind of a mess, and not a pretty one!

  40. Looks like the side chick is getting to spend Valentine's Day with its husband so now it feels the need to attack a new mommy ..

  41. Who the f*** Wendy Williams think she is is she a psychiatrist now f****** man she should worry about when that's coming out wow

  42. She also predicted Kim kardashian was gonna be a single mom! said she did trust Kanye wud stick around 😩

  43. Wendy is just jealous of Kylie. She mad because if Kylie and her family really wanted to, they can shut down Wendy's show.

  44. Why is this camel so salty she needs to stop binging salt and mind her own because last I hard mis camel lost her husband to another

  45. The grooming guy goes I don't know if I can say that and laughed he was referring to grooming the pubic area. He has great hair!

  46. She also said Kanye would never marry Kim 🤷🏻‍♀️