Watch this family's enthusiastic reaction to a college acceptance

Watch this family's enthusiastic reaction to a college acceptance

Watch this family's enthusiastic reaction to a college acceptance

Posted by CNN April 14, 2018, 9:01 a.m.

They bowed their heads and said a prayer. Watch the explosive and emotional reaction as this teen finds out she got into her top-choice college.

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  1. Give yourself some credit for your hard work, girl. Don’t attribute it all to prayer

  2. For the believer, our faith is the foundation of our actions. Congrats young lady. Now Cultivate that God given gift and be the blessing to your sphere of influence.

  3. Oh god. More over reacting. What about the thousands of people who get accepted and act normal? Only news cuz they are acting nuts. Smh

  4. OMG: I feel so sad for your youth ...But your government are using money on others and gun manufactures sad to see this..

  5. So now they going make this a trend & then make a joke out of it . People color stop setting your self up .

  6. Too bad prayers don't work for starving children.

  7. Respect. Family, hard work and prayer protects you, advances you and humbles you.

  8. What a wonderful moment for her , congrats ! Wish I had a moment like that

  9. That is amazing for her, I wish her well.

    But we all know where CNN is going with this one. Wtf CNN.

  10. Just waiting for Fox "news" to find a way to spin this in a negative light.

  11. Congrats! And What a wonderful support system you have there.

  12. We must stand out for these kids future

  13. This is beautiful! I hope these type videos take over social media!

  14. I’m in no way a Bible thumper, but I’m all for ANY kind of positive reinforcement. Good job, y’all!

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  16. Bless you girl. Nothing "obnoxious" about being black and smart. Go and conquer girl!

  17. Hooray for crippling school loan debt!!!

  18. Let me guess, is this obnoxious?

  19. Good for her, I'm sure she worked really hard and earned it!

  20. Yea because the prayers got her into college not her hard work.. Congrats

  21. Just remember. All this is a joint effort. NOT JUST USA.

  22. This was already done before. Be original.

  23. Because prayer would have affected the outcome of a decision made hours or days previously.

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  25. The tide pod eating libtards are gonna be on the front lines when the draft starts.

    Lets see who the draft Dodgers are now. Get them war boots ready. Time to thin out the herd. 😂😂

  26. Kiesh Knox I love these videos!

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