Watch NBC News live: British Prime Minister Theresa May to speak on joint airstrike in Syria.

Watch NBC News live: British Prime Minister Theresa May to speak on joint airstrike in Syria.

Watch NBC News live: British Prime Minister Theresa May to speak on joint airstrike in Syria.

Posted by NBC News April 14, 2018, 7:58 a.m.

LIVE: British Prime Minister Theresa May to hold a press conference on the joint airstrikes in Syria.

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  1. If George W. Bush didn’t Invade Iraq & Afghanistan, none of these terrible hatred & disasters in the Middle East would’ve happed this Chaotically.

  2. Tawanda, chemical attacks aren't false flags. They are happening. I don't agree with what's happening because it may lead to WWIII, but don't deny the chemical attacks in Syria.

  3. If you don’t want to see proof, get your ass to Syria. Children were murdered in a most horrific way and there is clear proof.

  4. May God be with all our troops from all countries. We wish for peace in all countries not only as a nation but as a member of the human race

  5. They have been fighting in the Middle East has been going on since the beginning of time and it will continue until Jesus Christ returns.

  6. You people are asking for proof of a chemical attack in Syria ?! Russia vetoed a UN Resolution to investigate the chemical attack...they have full Veto power !

  7. WARNING: If we take down Bashar Al Assad, Syria will become even a bigger disaster just like Lybia did when Gaddafi was killed. So no we aren’t doing that

  8. So you have no access to help possible victims but you have access to proof that it was a chemical weapon attack and proof it was Assad. MAYbe your priorities are wrong

  9. I won't believe that this was a false flag attack stages by the "allies". Nobody needs to make Russia or Syria look bad. They do it themselves

  10. McCourt n who tell you that chemical weapon was used in Syria silly people think twice we who lives in Damascus should be dead by now ...silly criminal

  11. Billions of Euro have been invested in guns and bombs and your are testing them on poor Syria! I thought humanity learned something from WW II!

  12. Amool Gr, you need proof of chemical weapons being used in Syria? Watch the news. Google Assad. Youtube. Don't stay ignorant.

  13. No innocents have lost their lives, the strike was only against the chemical plants and or buildings that housed them.

  14. Syria is nothing but a trap, It's Russia and Iran who are responsible. No boots will land on Syria, we know that's suicide.

  15. He is an animal and needs to. E stopped. God bless our military and the three leaders who aren’t afraid.

  16. When there is at list some of goodness in Syria fighting terror and you are bombing that power. What side are you on, Prime minister?!

  17. You need to all quit being back seat politicians. None of you really knows what you're talking about. It's easy to judge from the cheap seats!

  18. I feel bad for Syria, but she doesn't care about her own citizens, if she did she'd fix her refugee problem!!!!

  19. Change your own mind. Do the research and labor to find the truth. All the information is out there. It is not entirely up to everyone else do the investigative and intellectual labor for you.

  20. It’s almost as if this move was directed at Russia to say , hey, we won the Cold War and well frankly we don’t respect your wants or needs Putin.

  21. Anyone that would make the remark what's the difference in chemical warfare and nukes? Are you kidding me? It's like the difference between lethal injection and skinning someone alive! Wake up!!!!

  22. We have no business to bomb them, if they want to kill their own people then let the their people to take care of business. It is no damn business of yours to go in to bomb them.

  23. All the Governments of the World have created this... they never tried to change to Solar panels or stop manufacturing plastic or share food and stop corruption.

  24. Timing of all this is really weird, especially when one considers that is is not the first time Assad has used chemical weapons... the only this she wants is to go against Russia

  25. Assad & Putin need to be stopped and charged for their endless genocide against innocent civilians full stop.

  26. The world is watching....Failure of world leaders to come together to resolve issues amicably and diplomatically become worrisome..Peace is better than violence

  27. Well at least she didn't sit on her toilet and tweet about possibly, maybe, could be attacking with very smart new bombs. She just took care of it.

  28. Wasn't there a Russian double agent that was just killed while living and operating in London as an agent? They found out he was doubled then poisoned he and his daughter

  29. Since we are all just talking monkeys, living on an organic spaceship, flying through the Universe, Can’t we just all get along? 🧙🏻‍♂️🌎💫

  30. U.K. " vehicle attacks, bomb attacks, machete, knife attacks, acid attacks, rapes.....I guess it takes chemical attacks before the U.K. responds....

  31. Because it's an international issue. There are reporters and all types of people everywhere of all professions from all countries. What's it matter?

  32. those that believe in god....... would a god let us do this to his own product?? god is a load of crap. we came from primates,, fools.

  33. Some of you won't understand until one day you're helpless to defend yourself and someone comes and stands over you and says "NO!"

  34. Just wait til 45 tweets in an hour or so about all this. The day ahead is going to be a doozy, let me tell ya

  35. War will never end in the Middle East and never will there be 0 American Troops in the Middle East. Barely is there any way we can make Peace in the Middle East.

  36. Tim you are right. We cannot fix the wars in the middle East. Yet cannot stand by chemical attacks. Must tread carefully

  37. May God have mercy on my brothers and others as they fight for our freedom. My heart is broken as I might lose my brother.

  38. Well let's see them try to take out gun rights after this we need to keep em just in case they breach our borders

  39. We cant even figure who used the chemicals in Salisbury a few weeks ago but we're ready to rage war.

  40. Just stop bombing, stop the killing. We see no end for the war, only the dying man will see the end of war. Just stop the whole damn thing.

  41. I have a son on a navel ship in those waters, I'm not happy, but I understand, she however, is a total hypocrite!!!

  42. This American veteran respects both the UK and the French...

    People kid.... But they are serious forces.

  43. Send service personnel into combat and when your done with them and no longer need em leave them to sleep on uk streets homeless

  44. Someone always has to bring up the children ! Why are they more impt than the adults? Its a code word to incite

  45. For all of you that oppose this action, your saying it's ok to use chemical weapons against your our people???????

  46. So your telling me they went live so we can see there back of there heads and heart them talk among themselves

  47. Let’s NOT take in the refugees but make more of them and make it even more hellish for those people. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  48. So sorry our world has come to this, why can’t we just live in peace and harmony, we’ve become just full of greed and hatred, look at 45, he’s so wrapped up in his own mind power, he’s got troubles ahead

  49. I'd rather listen to her reasoning and decision making than my own USA embarrASSment of a "president."

  50. replays twice in a short time? is this a recording to mislead people away from whats really going on? hmmm

  51. No she doesnt. You can tell she is quoting the party line..sounds like the earlier US statement paraphrased

  52. Rothschild——-Old money , why the don’t like Micro Soft, Amazon New Money scares the hell out of them !

  53. From a sane person in the USA , our apologies for the orange buffoon that made the decision to bomb Syria. We want him gone just as bad as the rest of the world

  54. Chelle Chelle well think about what happened to Iraq after Saddam was captured & Lybia when Gaddafi was captured

  55. Reacting with an angry emoji makes no sense. Assad is a monster. He chose to Gas his own people. It’s reprehensible. I’m glad the U.S., British and French are dealing with him before he can hurt anyone else.

  56. Hello From The Great state of Insomnia

  57. Violence has never solved the problem. And indeed, the people of the countries do not want to attack by force. Only aggressive leaders, revenge on their own behalf of the nation. It is a shame to be a leader.

  58. Country that have a lot of chemical weapons is USA. And well UK stil don't have anything to prove about russian spying to England. Anyway who lie ? When all the newspaper USA and UK have more power to control.

  59. You people are sick!! I bet if some one was to shoot you, your family and your children with chemicals you would want someone to step in and defend you!!

  60. The amount of stupidity from some of you is seriously mind blowing!! I pray none of you are ever in charge of our country!!

  61. Christ is coming soon. Signs are being fulfilled

  62. Wag The Dog!! Pretends to care for the people of Syria, but won’t let them come to our Country!! Yea, makes sense!! 🙄

  63. American citizens want NO WAR with Syria

  64. Oregon-- a Blue State , rich with Democrats---- the nice guys 💜

  65. She doesn’t need to ask parliament. The main opposition leader is a communist who literally supports Assad, Putin and Iran


  67. US, UK thirsty blood nations! Can anyhow bomb to any weaker nation like that? Kindly do not create the story anymore? Will you all can confirm that will not be kill any civilians any more because of your air strikes?

  68. The majority of the USA does not agree with odd donny

  69. All you liberals stop crying and go make me a sammich!!!