Wait for it

Wait for it

Wait for it

Posted by 9GAG March 5, 2018, 7:01 p.m.

Expectation vs Reality

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  1. I wish I could tag my dogo here so he should understand what are my expectations and what the hell he is doing 🤕

  2. LOL, this reminds me of the guy talking about the benefits of petting a dog while he had that demon on his hand.

  3. Waiting for those "animal abuse" comments 😂

  4. thanks a lot!.. i spent the last 10 minutes explaining the noises she made to my roommate...

  5. My grandmother had a long haired chiahuahua that spazzed if you pointed at her

  6. My cat starts licking my hand and wants me to scratch his neck...and uses my belly as a couch and sleeps anytime of the day. The cheeky bugger wants to go out at late nights.

  7. Axel Calfan the vid of that cat who almost hang himself cuz he wanted to escape n almost killed that guy who said how cute his cat was

  8. Suzanna Lieu Scott Parker the reality is when I’m trying to play with Rupert. Either goes for my hands or ignores me 😭

  9. Awe tee tee could do it, but he's dead and instead I have his half retarded brother bear who can't even walk down the stairs without bumping into walls

  10. lo because one is puppy , another one is adult

  11. I wish my dog was alive, R.I.P "boy" ????-2002.

  12. Minnie Sham the difference between your face and your inner beauty

  13. This could be me and my dog, but I’m Asian.

  14. Janeal bahaha you training versus me attempting to train

  15. Laura Ne jamais prendre un chien car tu vois des vidéos mignonnes...lol

  16. Edgard Arem me lembrou um certo dog ae iuahauihauiahauiahuaihauiahauiahuaiahui

  17. Sinna Henni hahah tulee jotenki pose mielee ku pelleilen senkaa😂🤣

  18. Joanna I think is what Digs would do 😂

  19. Geraldine Jime lo que hablamos hace rato de los perros chiquitos y nosotros.

  20. Pedro, com o Frederico é o primeiro caso, né? 😂😂 fala aí, Rodrigo

  21. Maxim sowas will ich später von Emmy sehen bitte 👏🏻

  22. Denisse Mv JAJAJ intenté eso en el nevado con los huskies y fue el miiiismo resultado 😂

  23. Danilo faz isso no Fausto pra vc ver quantos dedos amputados vai ter

  24. Tania Robles JAJAJAJAAJAJA mira cuando me dices que pu hace algo

  25. Gali jajajajaja mejor no lo intentamos con Zelda (?

  26. Fritzca when crunchy relates more to the latter :((

  27. Sine Goddaert Hahahahahahahahahahha! Ik kom niet meer bij! Kijk heel dat filmke! Haha!


  29. I have a doggo who licks. She licks. She doesn't care if it's air, skin or hair, she licks. She's love <3

  30. Emmanuel Vazquez hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha esta sería yo con Alice 😂😂😂😂

  31. Andreea Alexandru nu stiu de ce dar tu ai fost prima la care m am gandit cand am vazut clipul....

  32. Gaby Valles jajajajajaja como deben ser los perros, salvajes y raros ps maaa !!! *-*

  33. O primeiro cachorro é o que a gente queria que a milk fizesse, o segundo é o que ela faria hahahahahaha Margarete Maia

  34. Dani duvido fazer isso com a Ruth Cadu Jean Arima Vânia

  35. Monika, mit Ben auch nicht möglich, meine Hand ist das beste Beispiel 😂😂

  36. Adam what about your doggyrinho?😂😂😂😂😂

  37. Thalita Paola vcs não tem ideia do quanto eu tô chorando de rir
    eu tenho ctz que é a Mel branca nesse vídeo

  38. Tina Tran its literally all of the hand motions

  39. Kujtim Aliu expectation vs reality me benxhin HAHAHAAHAHAH

  40. Ludmila diferença entre o seu cachorro e a minha cachorra kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  41. Ellie when I put my hand near your mouth...

  42. Letícia claramente uma cachorra que não quer citar nomes


  44. JaJajajJ Joel, Otto como siempre mordiendome xD

  45. Erik Frei der zweite könnte einer von unseren super Hunden sein :D

  46. Maye otras personas cuando aplicó las de los memes y tú :'v

  47. Ben Nyie wie ich mir Uni vorgestellt habe vs wie Uni wirklich ist 😂


  49. Roberto quando ci sono delle bestie di mezzo penso sempre a te ahha

  50. Luana Pereira treinando a margô... só não falei qual vídeo é kkk 😂

  51. Sonia me and your cat trying to play nice!!

  52. Victorine Zhang Je préfère largement les vidéos de chiens que les vidéos de chats !!!! Hahaha

  53. Kessie X dunno why just thought of you and demon dog when i saw this

  54. Straw ST moi quand j'ai fait l'expérience du concombre avec mes chats entre autres.. R

  55. vc tentando ter atenção do hiro HAHAHAHHA Nathally Chepezan é hiro ne? hehehehehehehehehehehhehehe risos de tensao

  56. Izadora Barbara expectativas com a pepita e a troia hahaha

  57. Litlit DM, Yen = expectation & twix = reality. Hehehe.

  58. Raúl Santos igualito a saimon jajaja para todo solo muerde

  59. Kévin Giacomi 😂😂😂 j’ai tp rigolé, elle force trop avec ses gestes bizarre

  60. Kassie can you do this with your dog please

  61. Que tal fazermos com o Tobby hein?? Andréia Ishimoto, tô vendo que vai ser mais ou menos a mesma coisa!!!!😅😂😂

  62. Jobyne et Camille : instant chien choupi mais stupide 😅

  63. Visual θα σε κανω ταγκ για παντα σε βιντεο με σκυλια

  64. Julia I swear this is you with the noises

  65. Ly Truc baby you and missy should try