VIDEO: Rob Parker says Lakers should trade Lonzo if they are 'serious about winning a championship'

VIDEO: Rob Parker says Lakers should trade Lonzo if they are 'serious about winning a championship'
Image from: FOX Sports

"If LaVar Ball is talking like this and Lonzo Ball is shooting 36%, which is worse than all rookies in the NBA, you won't be able to stop LaVar if Lonzo is [playing] decent."

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  1. Bro Dennis Smith JR shoots 39% people need to leave ball alone

  2. Lonzo isn’t a scorer for goodness sakes he is a true blue pg who passes and gets rebounds which are near the top for rookies.... when will they stop with the shooting % the lakers clearly said they don’t need him to score! He is there to distribute the ball and get rebounds and sometimes shoot open threes! That’s it! But they should trade him just to get rid of lavar!

  3. There is no team just going to give you a whole lot in less you ban daddy’s from Being around the team And you would have ban him from Commenting on the general manager the coach and you can’t do that also the Lakers Are stuck with him and daddy ball big ball Ballers the Better Business Bureau was all over it

  4. If they were to trade him the hype on him would get a good package. Knowing the lakers though and how they're run by a joke (buss kids) as well as magic who bought into their sell tickets bs, theyd trade him for a rental or someone who sucks.

  5. Trade Lonzo and Lavar to any team for peanuts! Enough is enough!

  6. Like the lakers care about what lavar says 😂😂

  7. Look at that. Rob Parker is correct. I guess it’s the whole broke clock thing.

  8. Why is Rob Parker still a thing in sports

  9. Fox Sports should dump Rob Parker if they are serious about beating ESPN

  10. With that baggage, you might get a bag of chips and half a can of soda.

  11. Jason Kidd shot a worse percentage his rookie year.... Kidd figured it out and is a hall of fame PG.... but if Lonzo can’t quiet his dad a little have a talk with him, that doesn’t mean trade Lonzo....

  12. Of course ROB PARKER said this. King of the controversial takes.

    The best way to deal with this is to not respond to Lavar, someone only speaks when they have an audience. You empower them with a response.

  13. He's not there to shoot the ball.. Have you seen his assists, rebounds and defensive play? It's better than most.

  14. Love How He Joined the NBA For the Check and probably never gunna play after this season

  15. They far from close not even of they had LB.😂😂

  16. The Warriors traded Chris Webber after his first year and he won Rookie of the Year with that being said get rid of Ball.

  17. Just because you're rich doesn't mean you can play basketball well. Ball is a flop. He isn't good. And his idiot dad is in denial.

  18. Rob Parker is a total MORON!