VIDEO: Colin reacts to Kirk Cousins signing a 3-year/$86M fully-guaranteed deal with Vikings

VIDEO: Colin reacts to Kirk Cousins signing a 3-year/$86M fully-guaranteed deal with Vikings
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"This division has officially changed. It will be the Minnesota Vikings division for the foreseeable future."

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  1. Slow your roll, Colin. Packers and Lions made big changes during the off-season too. Rodgers and Stafford are still just as good as ever, the NFC North will be more of a fight than that.

  2. It’s funny how they think they got so much better !! Casey is just as good as Kirk !! They won’t win a super bowl in the three years he is there .....

  3. This guy is such an idiot it’s not even funny cousins went 26-30-1 as in Washington it’s not like there getting Brett Favre they have a new OC not pat shurmur and he was so good why did the skins not resign him also he has 1 playoff appearance and he lost it too a way undermanned and slumping packers team he does have 1 career win against another slumping packers team but still at the end of the day the Vikes were better off with keenum. They overpaid for a guaranteed POS

  4. That's a joke. Sorry but Rodgers is still in that division. And now the Vikings have downgraded and. They might even miss the offs this yr

  5. He’s the third best QB in that division...calm down.

  6. Non of the nfc north going to win the superbowl next year lol the Vikings might have a shot but the eagles defense is beast and the rams and Steelers and the patriots and 49ers and ravens all have a shot at the Superbowl oh ya the raiders will have a shot also in a few years don't be surprised if u see the raiders and 49ers in the wildcard or divisional round just saying

  7. Barring a injury to Rodgers the Packers are winning the NFC North each season as long as he’s their QB

  8. 😂 Cousins is still the 3rd best QB in that division, behind Rodgers and Stafford. Slow your roll guys!

  9. Don't mean Vikings gonna win super bowl.. Still gotta get past the GOAT.

  10. Just cause they pass out money don't make it Vikings division. Lol. Go LIONS.

  11. Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha. A QB who has never won a playoff game going to a team that has won 1 playoff game this decade by pure luck. Perfect combination. Chokers over paying for a choker. Love it!

    -Lee Corso

    Pump the brakes. Everything looks good on paper, yes.

  13. 😂😂😂😂😂 so according to Cowherd, the NFC championship will be between the Vikings and 49ers....

  14. Vikings may not have the best QB in the division but they certainly have the best team.

  15. Wow, talk about a terrible investment by a team that has a history of terrible investments

  16. Kirk who?!? Never heard of her. I only pay attention to quarterbacks that win in the playoffs.

  17. I highly doubt this, Cousins is overrated and now over paid.

  18. and if it don't work lol be Brady all over

  19. 😂😂😂😂 did no one learn the lesson of the Texans? Dont buy into FA past backups 😂

  20. Whats the difference between Cousins and whats his name that was there last year????

  21. i think it was a stupid move they all ready have three good QB's they spend there money else where

  22. Haa ! Just made my NFC North always a division contender ! NFC North is a tough one !

  23. Rg3 got 300mil guaranteed...then he woke up

  24. Haters going to hate!!! SKOL VIKINGS!!!

  25. Cowherd needs to quit drinking his breakfast

  26. Paul Townsend Daniel Hampsten ready for a few years of heartbreak...

  27. Ray Robeck Steve Marget Tyler Schmitz it's official