VIDEO: Broussard explains how LaVar Ball is 'hurting' Lonzo's career and questions his trade value

VIDEO: Broussard explains how LaVar Ball is 'hurting' Lonzo's career and questions his trade value

"LaVar Ball is on the verge of getting Lonzo Ball traded… He is getting very close to ruining the career of Lonzo. Lonzo needs to step up and quiet his dad down."

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  1. Lonzo needs to be “the man” and step up! Letting his father dictate his “employment” is absurd! This reminds of Joe Jackson, controlling the Jackson 5 and living off of their expanse!

  2. So many people used to blindly defend lavar saying just cuz he's a black dad that cares is why he is being scrutinized, can people really not see all the damage this mans mouth has done and is doing to his children? He needs to just stfu and let them ball because they are all talented, especially Lonzo and lamelo, but nobody is gonna want them because nobody wants to deal with this BOZO dad..

  3. No, he doesn't.

    Remember this, people will speak, only when they have an audience.

    Keep responding to Lavar, he will keep upping the intensity of what he delivers. No response = no more comments.

  4. Traded where? What team wants a player who will only sign a contract contingent on you taking on his two brothers who are probably not NBA talent? No team is going to open two roster spots for dead weight just to accommodate one promising, but far from great point guard. Not to mention the obligatory headaches his father will continue to cause.

  5. The media keeps putting Lavar in the spotlight and then trying to make his son accountable rather than themselves.

    If you follow Lonzo on AM, you’d see him and his teammates are great together. They have no issues, clearly nobody in the organization is paying attention to Lavar. Yet you numbskulls in media keep giving him a mic and a platform and then say to Lonzo to stop your dad or be traded.

    Stop being retards and just focus on Lonzo and the other brothers should they do something great in the sport.

    It’s not rocket science...

  6. Those Ball Brothers are going to find themselves in a place that won't be fun - they will be Kaep'd. Maybe OK talent, able to play in the pros, but nobody will want to have them because of the headaches. Maybe it's time for them to grow a pair and get the hell away from that moron.....

  7. Honestly I don't hear alot about either too much anymore. I mean yeah I think LaVar needs to tone it down a bit, but he's not been nearly as bad as he used too. I hope Lonzo ends up being the player he should be, he has tons of potential!

  8. Oh now it’s a problem before it was just a dad taking care of his son! Wtf! It’s been a problem since day 1 but you clowns gave him the platform and kept him coming back! You gave him his voice and now midway through the season it’s finally a problem! You created him! Now deal with him!

  9. I immediately flip the channel whenever I see Lavar Ball on television cause I know within 60 seconds he's going to say something cringe worthy.

  10. It's fine for him to be supportive of his sons career but he has already crossed the line by criticizing the team about his playing time and other issues as well.He is lucky that they drafted him to begin with.

  11. Let’s be real about this.
    This has been happening since the very beginning. Just stop and let the kid play ball. You cannot talk him into playing better through the media.

  12. Totally dysfunctional family, if Daddy goes maybe the sons might have a small chance but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

  13. Nothings ever going to shut him up, and you guys continuing to cover him only fuels his controlling arrogant rhetoric and actions!

  14. I don’t think it’s possible to Quiet his daddy down You’re asking for the impossible one dysfunctional father and son

  15. Look at this pic folks!!! It says it all right here. The Lakers as a whole WISH Lonzo was a better player at this point. Lmao!!

  16. It also doesn't help Lavar is given all these platforms to say what he does....want him to go away? Ignore him!

  17. Thank you Chris or I should say captain obvious. Anyone who has seen and heard the clown Lavar in action could see the guy is the ultimate cancer to his sons career. Lonzo needs to stand up, be a man, and tell his idiotic father to stay the F away and shut the F up.

  18. A lot of other players in the nba have brothers too... why don’t they do the same thing. Dude is a moron and should be sent to a camp

  19. All he has to do is say “my father doesnt speak for me”. Period. Lonzo seems like he is a good kid and he is talented. Should not let that nutcase ruin his career.

  20. Already ruined. No other team will ever want this kid.

  21. I'd trade him and Isaiah for draft pick

  22. This jerk is ruining his sons careers.

  23. Be an adult, tell dad to shut up!

  24. His brain dead fans will still support him

  25. All the Ball’s are pukes. Put em on the Atlanta Hawks or Orlando Magic and see if they do anything

  26. Boston took the third pick and got the better player by far Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside !! #GoCeltics

  27. He will be playing over seas next season fo sho.

  28. he did give him the hype but ya.. its time to chill lol

  29. He is scared of Lavar and wont quite him down, the man is ruining his sins career

  30. Why does the media interview LaVar Ball??

  31. I sure hope it happens to because they couldn’t happen to a final person than daddy Ball He’s going to destroy his sons life and career because he so stupid plus his merchandise is get the Better Business Bureau all over him he is a fraud to his son need to get as far away from him as possible but for the Lakers I’am so happy they Drafted him a Daddy Loser

  32. You trade for him you get the rest of the family. Nobody would do that.

  33. I'm sorry, am I the only one that saw this train wreck coming?

  34. And the naysayers said the same thing about Richard Williams and Tiger Woods pops

  35. Shocking! Who else was blindsided by this news! LMAO

  36. Pretty much what everyone predicted.......

  37. He knows he would be talking to a wall .

  38. He already ruined the others careers, why not ruin Lonzos as well

  39. The kid is good but the dad is a drama queen.

  40. Lonzo sucks anyways no one is gonna trade for his dumpster fire self

  41. He's gonna end up in the G league, hocking those ghetto trash knockoff sneaks.

  42. Even Jesus would struggle with LaVar Ball. 🙄