Up to 10 dead in Texas school shooting

Up to 10 dead in Texas school shooting
Image from: BBC News

Up to 10 people have died after a shooting incident at Santa Fe High School in Texas.

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  1. One eyewitness has told us what he saw bbc.in/2ItNsAa

  2. Latest updates from Santa Fe bbc.in/2LbR8UI

  3. Right then Americans for the millionth time this year where was the good guy to stop him? Oh wait guns cause these issues not solve them..... ridiculous to think a country that thinks it's so progressive still bases it's laws on something written the 18th century

  4. Nothing to see here folks, just Another average American school day. Funny is it how Americans say that they wanna bring "democracy" and "freedom" to the world when they can't even stop their own children from shooting each other

  5. Dear world. I’m sorry we look so stupid. Some of us do get it.



    A Texan that doesn’t put guns over kids.

  6. Hopeless country. I was born there but I ran away to Norway. Kids here walk to school alone without any adult supervision. Women go out after midnight without any fear. All this military spending and they still can't keep their country safe from their own people, if not from shooting, then for lack of health care which kills even more people every year (42,000 who cannot afford health care). Definition of a failed country.

  7. Time again for "Thoughts and Prayers." How about better gun reform? Guns purpose is to destroy and kill. People mention you can kill with a car, but cars main purpose is for transportation. That is the difference here. A person can pick up a rock and kill with it, but a rock is a rock.

  8. Texas, one of the states with the most guns and concealed carry permits and that STILL doesn’t stop a school massacre.

    So more guns doesn’t stop mass shootings, what shall they try next? Less guns? Tighter gun laws / background checks!🤔🤔

    But were was Trump, last time he said he would run in without a gun to save people🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

    America’s idea of more guns are needed to stop people with guns I hear is being adopted by the Fire Brigade......they are going to use flame throwers to put out fires🤔😂

  9. Well done NRA, more deaths thanks to the gun laws. Maybe every parent that has a child shot should sue them and the gun makers for their part in the death of the child

  10. How many more shootings where kids are slaughtered at school before America fixes their ridiculous gun problem. Its incredibly sad that nothing changes.

  11. As an American, I’m really angered and disgusted! Over and over again, nothing is done! People are dying every day from gun violence. I wish that I could move to a more civilized nation.

  12. I moved to Texas, Austin area, nine years ago. The teens here cannot get decent health coverage, cannot get a decent public education, cannot have access to birth control, cannot afford higher education, their parents are struggling with the rising cost of housing, but they can get a gun!

  13. Just another day in a the life of a child in the US hey

  14. You guys, respect the lost lives. It's way to early to discuss gun control. Show some respect. We just need thoughts and prayers for the families at this time. (Sarcasm)

  15. I thought texas teachers were armed? Should have had more guns.

  16. I remember when Columbine happened. I was a middle school student states away.

    The anti bullying campaigns and dress codes I grew up with in middle and high school were launched within months of Columbine because it wasn't guns that were the problem, it was the kids being mentally troubled, socially ostracized, bad music influence, their clothing, so on and so forth.

    Good to see that the only thing that has changed in the last 20ish years is an increase in gun violence killing our kids. I mean. Let's just keep focusing on all these other issues that have obviously been the problem. Bullying, clothing, music, troubled socially ostracized young gentlemen.

    Not the ease of access of tools specifically designed for killing. You know...those things we can't mention during times like these because it makes such tragic events political when were focusing on thoughts and prayers.

  17. It’s a good job that there are so many ‘good guys with guns’ in Texas. They will stop bad guys with guns. Just not this time, or the 22 other mass school shootings so far this year.

  18. It become monthly event. Just yesterday there was a moron girl walked to her university with an AR10 and being applauded...

  19. Now is not the time to talk about gun laws... thoughts and prayers ....if the teachers had been armed... guns don’t shoot people, people shoot people... thoughts and... oh wait I said that already... 🙄 the mind boggles

  20. Why bother to report it at all yanks will still do nothing about their 1776 gun laws. NRA are a joke just want more guns

  21. This incident, and the empty words that so predictably follow, have become a big, fat joke. Children cry, the scumbag politicians do nothing, and the NRA remains defiant to ensure that the gun industry remains in business.

    Let's wait for the next incident. And the next. And the next....

  22. MAGA...thoughts and prayers. blame the shooter, not the guns. National Protests. NRA sales go up..there, i just posted the future

  23. We all need to homeschool our children. The lustful greedy lying liberal left are indoctrinating these children and none of them are mentally healthy in getting this extreme liberal brainwashing. Homeschool your children!!

  24. I guess the expiration was up on last shooting’s “thoughts and prayers.” 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
    So everyone come on and offer your thoughts and prayers for this one... a little harder though, to make sure that the next shooting is not for a much longer time..
    Because that’s how this works here in America right? We just offer thoughts and prayers and hope it doesn’t happen again..

    Time for real talk and real actions. How many more need to die?? I can’t even say it’s getting ridiculous because IT HAS BEEN RIDICULOUS for way too long!

  25. Texans love their guns. I am sure they don’t care and think these casualties are ok because the second amendment. Makes me sick. They didn’t care when 20 first graders were gunned down so I doubt they care about high school students.

  26. First Lady Melania Trump tweeted from her hospital bed: "My heart goes out of Santa Fe and all of Texas today."


    What an embarrassing statement.

  27. So, one person is in custody, what’s the bet it was a white shooter as if it was a POC he would be dead.

  28. This has got to stop. In Victoria yesterday, we had a man go on a rampage downtown, with a bat. Many wounded...nobody killed. We don't have guns here.

  29. Well, Melania tweeted from her hospital bed, “My heart goes out to all the victims”. That’s gotta count for something.

  30. Where does someone think it’s okay to do this . To come in to a place of learning , a place of people excited to go off into the world where they could get married, buy cars , get a job , go clubbing , go to university and maybe have children of their own . Then all taken away from a bullet . Where is that right , natural disasters , old age , diseases and accidents but not this . No one should be murder or hurt by anyone else . Teenagers like my self should be stressing about exams and friends but not someone coming in and ending their life’s . I feel like crying it’s disgusting . Guns need to be banned . People kill people ..... WITH GUNS

  31. I fear it’s now an accepted part of our culture. So what if kids are killed? It’s worth it. Kind of a sacrifice to the Second Amendments Gods. I don’t understand, much less accept, this idiocy.

  32. Oh well get the violin 🎻 out again. America is...Make Guns Great again. It what happens when you feel sorry for the guns have a funeral for it and have tears for it over than precious life than a human being. It really is unacceptable and undeserved...RIP to the victims. It doesn’t have to be like that but it is.

  33. School attack??? So we're not even calling them shootings anymore? Did a bear attack the school or did a student decide to shoot it up! 2 totally different meanings

  34. 62 Palestinian children died due to one decision of Trump. And due to support to this genocide by America. That's how the American children learn and that's why these shootings happen.

  35. Unfortunately there will be another one within a week, 2 at most 😢
    People are more concerned with the right to bear arms than the safety of their children! What a sad state of affairs. 😠

  36. Another day in the USA... the cowards will rise, with thoughts only for themselves and none for these victims...it's terrible. I hope their families can find some peace from this...

  37. Of course nothing will change. Once we, as a country, decided small children could be slaughtered at Sandy Hook without any change to how we approach guns and gun control, we were lost. My heart goes out to the families and friends of these victims. I’m sorry your lives were less important to us than the right to keep weapons. 💔

  38. More innocents slain, more overgrown babies bleating about their right to bear arms, I wonder if their children were murdered they'd feel the same?

  39. All these comments trying to get Americans to control gun ownership are pointless. Most Americans believe that their right to own guns is more important than schoolkids' right to live. That's just how it is. So there will be another school shooting in a few weeks, then another, then another. Nothing will change.

  40. Another group of innocent students needlessly taken away from us. Can't do much but offer condolences and sympathy to the afflicted families.

    Please America, just find a solution to this.

  41. "The death toll makes this the deadliest school shooting since the one in February at Parkland, Florida."

    If that's accurate, that's a very sad statement. Since FEBRUARY.

  42. To be honest, I've stopped caring. Shootings are so frequent in America and every time you try to respectfully debate this you get the gun bingo from Americans. So, please go ahead and continue with your Wild West mentality and your defence of your outdated and misrepresented Second Amendment. If you don't want to fix the problem then long may you wallow in the consequence.

    Yet, I feel supremely sorry for anyone, anywhere, who has been a victim of violence.

  43. I'm not even going to try pointing out the obvious. Yes London has has a few stabbings this year, but in two school shootings the usa has reached half the number of dead we've had. It's not hard to see a pattern, easy access to guns = more mass shootings.

  44. It baffles me the one of the greatest nations in the world still has this problem. Common sense gun regulation doesn’t infringe on the second amendment. My thoughts and prayers are with the school, and the entire state of Texas, but sometimes that’s just not enough.

  45. meanwhile the trump kool-aid drinkers are having a pro-gun rally,
    sick and very sad that people love some of their guns more than the kids. No common sense about limits

  46. This is happening so often now that it's not shocking anymore..... Prayers will be said and condolences will be sent by politician's and yet nothing will change.

  47. Well y'all...better go out and buy more guns. More guns helps. If you have at least 10 it's better that way. Just a question...if everyone is armed, I mean even the toddler asking for their bottle, is that the end? Is that then safe? Just wondering.

  48. Sadly this is gonna go exactly the same way as all the other shootings. First, people will be shocked. Second, react on the internet. Third, Pro-Gun people will then start fighting all the Anti-Gun people. Then Finally, after the dust settles, everyone just sadly moves on and no one does anything about it. This cycle really has to end. Kids really should be able to go to school safely. Both Pro Gun and Anti Gun people should meet in the middle somewhere.

  49. Why even try gun reform. If you take guns away, we will just turn into Europe and start carrying knives around. There are always people that are going to take advantage of freedom and tromple on others rights, but freedom is still worth risking safety.

  50. More security in airports than in schools.
    More security in court houses than in schools.
    More security in museums than in schools.
    I know my kids having to go through metal detectors and put their bags through X-ray machines is depressing but not as depressing as them being gunned down. 😔

  51. So much for guns “protecting kids/family”. I’ve seen arguments against gun reform so that people can protect their families, and if it wasn’t so tragic, it’d be laughable. Wide access to weapons didn’t protect these kids, it killed them.

  52. Yet another one.

    "'My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools, and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves, and to others,' he added."

    What exactly has the administration done to keep guns out of the hands of anyone?

  53. Here we go again!!!! I guess we'll send our prayers and condolences to their families and friends. Then we'll debate #GunControl laws. Then when another shootings happens and more innocent people die, we'll repeat the cycle again. #Enough #Texas 😢😢😢😢

  54. And yet gun control still is not needed?!?! Come on America, you are responsible for these innocent victims, you are the ones with blood on your hands! Thoughts and prayers for all the families and people of Texas.

  55. I thought they would have sorted these issues by now,why hasn't the NRA armed everybody? https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/660/cpsprodpb/180A7/production/_101617489_bennett2_976getty.jpg

  56. It is a sad situation when this tragedy is reported as “the worst since...February!” As if a span of 3 months with more shootings in between is some sort of score card. What have we become?

  57. And a few days ago, another H.S. had a shooter, who was Shot by security, before anyone was hurt! But that wasnt 'news', apparently. There will always be people with evil intent.

  58. Soooooo this happened in Texas.....one of the most pro gun states........where is the mythical good guy with a gun again? School or not I can't imagine one Texan wasn't packing.

  59. This just helps to eliminate future gun owners in the heart of Texas, the gun capital of the NRA and uneducated USA. Please don’t send prayers, your God already giving you what you deserve. Praying just send the message that you think is doing la are wrong! That wouldn’t be very Christian if you, now would it...judging the Almighty!??

  60. There’s something so wrong with this sentence: “The death toll makes this the deadliest school shooting since the one in February at Parkland, Florida.”

  61. Wheres the news about Gaza genocide? A lot more people dead there. The United States needs to get a handle on the killing, both within its borders and outside the borders. Condolences to everyone, everywhere.

  62. We walk amongst the crazies everyday, shootings, stabbing, bombings etc. I hope I never know the mindset that it takes to do that to another human being. Condolences to Santa Fe and all of the families in unbearable pain today 🌹

  63. If only they all branded AR10 rifles, the world would be a safer place..

    nothing will change - it’s a political impasse and career suicide for anyone who disrupts the current left-right status quo. Pity

  64. How many times do we have to read these stories. The same thing over and over..... And it won't end because rich and powerful people stand to loose too much money. Guns r worth more than children's lives. So so fecking sad and messed up!

  65. Here we go again!!!!
    Another school shooting!
    Its always the former students or students coming back to do this so instead of focusing on the guns we better get serious and really look at what’s happening to these kids to make them snap! We need more school counselors and better mental health services and start teaching our kids to respect each other instead of tearing each other down so far they think this is necessary!
    I’ve changed my mind about sending my son back to public school... because he’s not safe.


  66. When will these killings matter? When will we arrive at the tipping point so our lawmakers start limiting gun sales, and the sale of automatic weapons? When will the majority of our citizens be outraged by the bloodshed from gun deaths EACH DAY? Too many of our senators, reps and administration officials are reluctant to stop the flow of NRA money into their campaigns. Enough of this “pay to play”...enough...

  67. Miraculously it sounds like these weren't effective (yet) but why are everyone glossing over this fact?

    Santa Fe Police Chief Jeff Powell said: "There have been explosive devices found inside the high school, and in the surrounding areas adjacent to the high school."

    It's a good thing those devices "didn't have guns" is probably the standard reply right?

  68. Those who lost their lives won't come back. No one will be able to fill that void.
    Have we still learnt a lesson or we are waiting for another shooting where innocent souls are going to risk their lives? Why do we see this happening often in one place? Why don't we hear this happening every fortnight in some other place. If we still can't learn a lesson then we should be prepared for another shooting cos justice ⚖ delayed is justice ⚖ denied. ✋

  69. Look for gods sake build high steel fences with monitored electronic gates around the schools and have security checks in place. Scientists estimate that 1 in 100 people are psychopaths. So accept that fact and deal with it.

  70. "My administration is determined to do everything in our power to protect our students, secure our schools, and to keep weapons out of the hands of those who pose a threat to themselves, and to others," he added.

  71. Another mass shooting in America, YAWN.

    Well, (as long as the guns didn't get hurt) and those useless (our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims) will probably be the GOP Christian conservative response.