Underwater World

Underwater World

Underwater World

Posted by National Geographic Feb. 27, 2018, 1:46 a.m.

Torrential rains have turned hiking trails in Brazil's Recanto Ecológico Rio da Prata into an underwater fantasy.

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  1. Omg as beautiful as this seems ,I'll never go there .What about Anacondas, Crocodiles, Paraná and god knows what else lol

  2. 🎈Guys, this is not a Hollywood movie. Do not worry about anacondas and piranhas. Worry about being ruled by an animal of the species of Donald Trump. 🌷

  3. With my humble opinion Ofcourse without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view but also looking this matter in a different way and without fighting and by trying to make this clear and by considering each and every one opinion I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say.

  4. No way you would find me in that water!!! Isn't Brazil known for its Anacondas???!!!!

  5. You guys have you seen how Long spiders can survive submerged in water😱. That’s a no on swimming thru the jungle for me 🕷

  6. Matheus Ribeiro os gringo acham q a cada mergulhada um jacare ou uma sucuri vai estar la esperando para te dar um bom dia 😂😂😂 jacaré em balneario 😂😂😂😂😂

  7. It’s all fun and games until a cayman, a piranha or some highly venomous snake comes along and wrecks you.

  8. Uh what happened to land based wildlife did it get washed away?The Brazilian rainforest are home to some of the most endangered wildlife on the planet...that'd suck tbh

  9. dear National Geographic, it´s not that rare, it´s a "floodable" region in the midwes of Brasil, called Pantanal. Every year, on rain season it floods and then come back again. It´s a mid term region between Amazonas( the amazon) and the southeast of the Andes, that will eventualy go to the Atlantic Ocean on the Argentinian/Uruguai border.
    if you need help translating the name ot the rivers or anything else, just let me know. Mora than happy to help

  10. The substance called Tanin - an environmentally friendly & non-toxic substance alternative to Alum used to purify water is found a lot in Brazil. They produce it from a type of Acacia tree. I guess it could be because of that. Brazil is the world's highest producer of Tanin...

  11. *Warning: Bridge may be slippery when wet*

  12. Olha que legal Nilton Garcia e Gilmara Marques Garcia!!!
    uma inundação elevou os níveis de água do rio da prata e a trilha ficou submersa!!! 😮
    Deu saudade de Bonito!!??? hehehe

  13. Since its happened this often in 16 years, will that cause a over watering issue for some plants? Amazing.

  14. The comments about anacondas made me laugh... 😂 There are much more dangerous and actually real things in Brazil to be worried about... like the politicians for example.

  15. wild bananas and many other plants i can never see here in europe, minus 17 degrees Celsius at the moment 🌨 lol

  16. Seems great but must I remind that everything hates humans and we are seen as food even to our own species? Does crocs , piranhas. And everything else must have a banquet every now and then.

  17. "The clarity of the river comes from minerals that rapidly take out dirt and impurities as they defend to the bottom"
    Hold on. I'm going to need a list of these minerals. I work in water treatment and we use minerals and chemicals to remove dirt in a similar manner.
    I suspect perhaps maybe a combination of high ferric and aluminum levels (commonly used in flocculation)?
    Tim Durham have you heard of this?? This is so awesome!

  18. This is absolutely beautiful! This region would flood very quickly and recede just as quick. There is a chance to encounter any wildlife, but as rare and astonishing as this is; I think I may be daring enough to enjoy something this cool. Thank you NG for bringing us such a gem of an opportunity for those daring enough to enjoy. 💪🏻🙌🏻🔥

  19. Brazil is a land of natural wonders. :) I live in the Amazon region. The only thing I hate is the mosquitoes. Or the 'mosquitas' as a crazy former president used to say.

  20. Wow! Amazing! How can you walk as normal breathing without any oxygen mask? I'm wondering why they made this kind of forest under the water..but scary if theres a wild reptiles tho..🐍🐊😬

  21. Lolz, comments about anacondas and crocodile made me laugh..... How ppl are still mistaken nowadays. If ppl think Brasil is dangerous because its wildlife, pay a visit to Africa...lol....

  22. Dude. Brazil. Means your minutes from death from some freaky animal. Or fish. Or bug.
    That's what it means to me anyway. From the information I've gotten from pop culture and nature docs. And my own imagination.

    (I've never actually been.)

  23. Prabish Menon Shreyas Ramesh check this place in Brazil. Torrential rains has created this wonder. Let’s chuck plans to concrete places and plan somewhere like this!

  24. the beauty of it is that, water is soo clear, but was there any chances that you get bumped with a crocs?

  25. Peter. When I see something and immediately think of you and H and then spot who shared and realise you’ve probably already seen it or been there! Anyway, this looks cool and definitely a bit of you 😊

  26. Jon, Pàblò, Ark, imagine waking up to a flooded campsite or a floating tent. Kasi di tayo magfo-float sa yellow tent ni Miguel! 😂😂😂

  27. Gente não é porque o Brasil tem a maior floresta do mundo e também é um belo Pantanal ,que o Brasil se resume a isso. Brasil é cidade. Agora, crocodilos, isso é na África, Austrália, aqui temos jacaré e não são em todos os lugares , e as anacondas não são do tamanho que Hollywood fez.

  28. Ok, if it's a popular snorkeling spot, than maybe.

    As long as the overflowing didn't connect it to another body of water. Cause if that happened, then f no!!


  29. We had our hiking trails flooded with water three years ago. They had to put up barriers to stop anyone from getting washed away from the strong currents and under tow

  30. "Olho D'agua is a literal translation to "eye of water" though used as a place name it means "spring" as in where water comes out of the ground. #translationcop

  31. The depth of the water is one thing, but the clarity is amazing! Just think how fresh & clean it all would feel the next day!

  32. Once in a life time opportunity-- for the fish-- u don't get to see the bananas eye to eye everyday afterall ....

  33. Look bb Batoul I imagine if it happened like that at our House, I'm more afraid of my vision for the Subway Navigator at hamidieh

  34. this is exactly what we saw* at the river safari Timothy Tan Nechie TL. although im damn sure tim doesnt know what im talking about.

  35. Esses locais de trilha nao tem animais gigantescos ! O Brasil é um continente e cada regiao tem sua fauna e flora particular! O mundo nao faz ideia a respeito da nossa diversidade!

  36. Anna Valueva I dont know whats better, the beautiful place close to home, or this comments about Anacondas and crocodiles. hahaha

  37. Nicole Gava. 🤔, wonder if a weighted walk would stir the sediment too much. Would be bringing a knife for the locals though.

  38. a beautiful beauty that is so beautiful and dangerous at the same time ...That’s so incredibly beautiful, thanks for sharing!🙏🏻

  39. I wonder what kind of mineral that makes its water clear it would be a great idea to have it on manila bay and pasig river

  40. That's cool. There's a village under a reservoir nr where I grew up. Don't think it's as clear as this tho.

  41. Katherine D'Aniello this is neat! Gave me anxiety for some reason 😂 I can’t believe all that water disappeared in a day

  42. At least you could see the shark better this time shelbie before it hits your knee. Don't believe this story it's watered down

  43. Yeah, just dont pee while you're in the water, those Candiru just LOVE dumb gringos that come down to the Amazon, LOL

  44. So beautiful. That water is super clear I didn't even get it was under water you saw the water line and fishes.

  45. One day in 2090 they will find this underwater with the rest of us and talk about how we never had flying transport and created bridges with wood

  46. Abiodun Ishola it rained so fast this happened. But the amazing thing is it receded by the end of the day!! That's crazy.

  47. Alec Lurie it would have been so much easier to swim through the jungle than machete our way through it

  48. But there are no currents. Currents that would result from an overflowing river. This is an odd flood.

  49. Jason Mackie Erik B Mackie Kyle W. Mackie Tell me one of the major reasons you’d want to do this is NOT because it’d feel like you’re in the water temple from Zelda. I dare you.

  50. Duncan Davies, flashbacks to how crystal clear the water was there. Juliana Augusto Visnadi, can't believe you've never been to Bonito!

  51. Et avec des pluies torrentielles (donc qui drainent la boue, la terre, les végétaux etc), l'eau est aussi claire que ça? Mouais....

  52. Mandy Furlong Even though the boardwalk at Congaree National Park can become flooded, it's not like this!!

  53. Imagine scuba-diving through this! Jason Osborne Eva Ipeh Fidelis Permana Sari Julian Gutierrez !!!! Triggerfishes will be the least of my worries 🐍🐠

  54. Matt Kruger James Drabsch Alex Dalgliesh just wondering if the roads are still open to Brazil??

  55. Kalau begini sudah cukup indah bayangkan bagaimana keadaan nya didalam syurga nanti! Tapi malangnya orang kapir tidak akan dapat masuk syurga dan menikmati keindahan syurga! Beruntunglah sesiapa yg menjadi orang Islam!

  56. There is going to be a heck of a lot more flooding if we don't bring global warming under control that's for sure.

  57. It's very surprising that the water is so blue with such visibility.

  58. except for crocodiles, piranha, anaconda, etc etc....!!!!

  59. Valdenir Souza NatGeo!!!!! É o ápice da propaganda positiva hahahahaha

  60. Elysia Parmesan Another reason to go to Brazil 😉

  61. I’d love to experience this in person!

  62. Ansley Still - when hiking and water activities collide ;)

  63. I called that a huge jungle aquarium 😀

  64. Unreal how the torrential rain never brought in any turbidity

  65. i imagine when you pee... you get easily caught

  66. a rare event that has happened 3 times in the last 16 years. Climate change.

  67. I'm here in bonito and went there last week...wonderful!