Uefa has told referees to protect players and "football's image"

Uefa has told referees to protect players and "football's image"
Image from: BBC Sport

It looks like Pep Guardiola has made his point.

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  1. Translation: "Just let the big names walk the ball into the net, never get within ten yards of them, they have highlight packages to fill."

  2. Lol. I'm a city fan and I feel Pep's frustration. But while I think English refs have way too lenient with some of the challenges flying around, the last thing we want is European refs. The referees in Champions League are usually utterly abysmal so I find it a bit hard to hear this message from UEFA

  3. Underlined by most posters on this forum is the reason why England have won nowt for over 50 years & that there will be no referees representing
    the country at a world cup since 1938.....Wake up...Pep is talking about protecting all players from mindless thuggery not just his own...Wake up or expect another 50 years of the same....

  4. does Pep know that means ALL footballers not just his? sometimes it will be the other team being protected from his players

  5. Something the English FA needs to learn.... Players are being butchered, career ending tackles should not be tolerated. Think UEFA also needs to add retrospective actions and also some form of ban if a player shows intentions to harm a fellow sportsmen.

  6. Everyone saw the Man City player stamp on the West Brom Player except the ref so Man City manager should stop crying and get on with it

  7. Protection of players with equal measures is needed not speaking out only when big clubs are in serious situation and you BBC stop the hypocrisy

  8. The article also says "Europe's governing body has also reminded referees not to tolerate being pressured into making decisions by groups of players."
    Maybe if Man City didnt try to bully referees, and let them do their job, people might have some sympathy for Man City. as it is, they just come across as whiners and divers who are the best team in England, yet have no class whatsoever. Guess thats why they rent their home from the council....

  9. UEFA are probably using Peppy's howling to throw yet more support in the way of their favourite child, FC Barcelona.

  10. Is he running UEFA as well now. Why are UEFA so scared of him - absolute joke.

  11. About bloody time but beware the diving cheats#sinbins

  12. So teams that get stuck in will be punished in favour of prancing fairies? Games ruined

  13. They should say, EPL referees to protect players..

  14. Same players just need their friends to be given cards if you watched the match between Liverpool and Tottenham

  15. teams should be protected from man city players as well.

  16. I bet he's referring to Uefadrid/fifadrid/refadrid

  17. Protect criminals like some clubs do?

  18. Barca players will enjoy this

  19. Nonsense. Even if they are divers?

  20. Man City, The New Uefalona

  21. Remember Eduardo da Silva?