Ubisoft Makes A Lot Of Money From Microtransactions, And It Wants More

Ubisoft Makes A Lot Of Money From Microtransactions, And It Wants More

This could mean more in-game items and DLC packs.

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  1. Yes, keep em coming. Microtransactions are what this vile, greedy, lazy, taking every gift for granted community that is gamers deserve. I wanna see more pre-order bonuses, more loot boxes and more dlc packs. Not sarcasm, completely serious.

  2. Until they give me something I should play, I really don’t see why I should pay

  3. I don't care about any Ubisoft franchise except AC,as long as they're keeping it singleplayer only,I'd be happy

  4. I got no problem as long as it's not overpriced

  5. Activision made 4 billion dollars from microtransactions last year. 4 billion dollars. Let that sink in.

    The sad reality is there are many people who buy into this stuff, far more than you think, and as long as it's profitable, publishers will continue making games with microtransactions. Our words are saying one thing, but our purchase habits say otherwise. If we want microtransactions to go away, our heads and our wallets need to be aligned, at the moment they are not.

  6. Disgrace and anyone defending microtransactions are part of the problem

  7. Well after how badly AC tanked on PC at launch I wont be buying anything of their's on launch again. I'll wait for the price to drop and buy it on my PS4. Don't mind DLC but MT's need to disappear, why should we pay full price for half a badly optimised game, most MT's should be unlockables.

  8. The gaming industry will crash again and soon.

  9. Ubisofts mircos are usually 99% all cosmetics soo im fine with this

  10. no no there's no limit! 🤣 https://youtu.be/RkEXGgdqMz8

  11. Gamers -"we hate microtransactions." Goes to buy microtransactions.

  12. Considering the massive backlash by the gaming public and with governments now getting involved, this isn't the smartest idea.

  13. Nah I’ll pass, ask EA how that’s worked out for them lately !

  14. it wants MOAR N MOAR N MOAR !!

  15. Microtransaction will revolutionize the hacks-and-cheats culture.

  16. Hurry up and destroy Ubisoft Vivendi