US skater Rippon: I don't want my Olympics to be about Mike Pence

US skater Rippon: I don't want my Olympics to be about Mike Pence
Image from: CNN

Speaking at a press conference in Pyeongchang on Tuesday, Rippon said he stood by his recent criticism of Mike Pence's position on LGBT rights

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  1. "I don't want my Olympics to be about Mike Pence"
    What he's really saying: "I want the Olympics to be all about ME, pay attention to ME everyone!"

  2. Than maybe stop talking about him constantly??

  3. The White House is demanding to see Chloe Kim's birth certificate and Jeff Sessions agreed she doesn't really look like his MAGA vision. #VoteAwayRepublicans

  4. Here we go again. Bringing politics and social agendas into sports and entertainment. I didn’t tune in to the Olympics to hear about Mike Pence, Kim Jong-un, or gay rights. I wanted to watch pure athletic competition.

  5. Why is this news? Who cares. Lol. How many golds do we have? Who’s winning? What great back stories of hard work and sacrifice got these young dedicated athletes here? Tell inspiring stories! Why is it always a bash Trump campaign. It’s exhausting!

  6. This is the same skater, who while being interviewed Sunday night, said he should have walked over to the judges and asked for a XANAX and a DRINK. now what kind of role model is he?....condoning taking narcotics and chasing it with alcohol.. he should be tested.

  7. Rippon, nobody wants the Olympics, or anything else, to be about Mike Pence. But they are not "your" Olympics. They belong to everybody. Get over yourself.

  8. Well he's the one that did that, he should have just polite at the games. Then this would not have been an issue..

  9. Who can blame him!!! His skating shouldn't be about misunderstood Christian or Islamist Fundamentalism.

  10. Well most of the news that CNN is pumping out about the Olympics paint a picture of the athletes being incredibly self-centered and selfish. I hope that's not the case.

  11. Rippon obviously has serious delusions of grandeur to go along with his abject hatred of Pence...of course the NAZI NETWORK loves the story .

  12. If he doesn't, then stop talking about him. If he really wanted to get under his crawl he would visit the white house, walk right up to him, look him in the eye and dazzle him with a smile. But no, he's scared.

  13. Obviously, the judges, notoriously known for their partiality, sent you their message.

    His performance was beautiful but his scores did not reflect it.

  14. It wouldn't have been if this idiot didn't make it about Pence.

  15. Lowest watched Olympics in worries as no one is have some dog meat stew...

  16. Then stop talking about him.

  17. I didn't realize it was about Mike Pence until just now. I guess?

  18. A Government Can Not Guard its' Animals And Trees ; is A Human " Euman " ; A Male One ; A Male Man ; Prefers His Face Under An Other Human's " Euman "'s ; An Other Male's ; An Other Male Man's Shoe inFront Of The Cameras __ i Am Waiting Your Joke(s) ..

  19. And yet, that's exactly what this guy has done.

  20. I hope the worthless figure skating is over thats the stupidest thing on the olympics

  21. He should have thought of that before he ran his mouth

  22. You don't want it to be about pence but u keep talking about him

  23. I guess he shouldn't have brought it up then

  24. Adam - make them look you in the eye and shake your hand because you are amazing!

  25. Let's hear it trumptrash homophobic losers.

  26. SO HE makes sure its about Mike Pence,,,

  27. He should be focus on his performance then the news will be talking about him. But stop being so selfish. When you go you go as a team

  28. I don't want my Olympics to be about sexuality or color, how about that?

  29. I'm glad Pence has left South Korea. He's an embarrassment.

  30. Every time you say it isn’t about him you’re making it about him.

  31. Go do what you do best snd let zMike zPence do what he do best, being kept in the dark by everyone in the White House

  32. What hypocrisy, bigotry, and intolerance ftom him and tbe media

  33. If he does meet Pence, I hope he slips him a tongue!

  34. Well then quit talking about him!

  35. Then quit fixating on him, you douche.

  36. Sports is boring this year, politics is fun 😇

  37. Good for you, dude. I'm cheering for you from Springfield, Massachusetts! TEAMRIPPON

  38. Uh, then stop talking about him, maybe?

  39. Then why keep bringing it up?

  40. OBVIOUSLY N. KOREANS stealing the show....Pence WAS noble to do anything...just very comfortable SITUATION .

  41. You puss why don't you cry a river.
    No one cares that you love another Man.

  42. Who cares about this little diva moron.