US and allies launch strikes on Syria

US and allies launch strikes on Syria
Image from: BBC News

The US, UK and France have bombed multiple government targets in Syria in an operation targeting alleged chemical weapons sites.

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  1. Follow the latest developments and analysis following the overnight military action in Syria

  2. It seems most people commenting here haven't for once read about the horrors of chemical weapons.....When sick people like Assad launches Chemical Weapons and the rest of the world folds it's arms, it encourages usage by other Countries of the World. I say no to chemical weapons...

  3. Correction— the UK, US and France have carried out an illegal attack on Syria because they had no UN mandate.

  4. Why would Assad use Chemical weapons against he’s own population , specially when victory is just around the corner !
    Guess ISIS now have a airforce sponsored by US , France and UK !!

  5. uk, usa, france. No matter how powerful your weapons are, the Syrian determination is more powerful. As a Syrian I am praying that the day will come to pay the heavy price for all your involvement in the wars around the world and specifically in Syria

  6. Anyone who thinks Trump and May care about civilians is a gullible fool.

    We’re selling weapons to Israel to gun down Palestinian protestors and missiles to Saudi Arabia to bomb thousands of civilians in Yemen.

    UK and US response? Sell them more weapons.

  7. Remember that no outside group has been into syria to verify anything about the chemical attack. This attack has been rushed through for a reason. Our leaders are itching to start a war. God only knows why.

  8. In a clear violation of international law, these three bloodthirsty partners in crime bombed Syria hours before the OPCW arrived in Douma to investigate an alleged chemical attack, one which Russia claims to have "irrefutable evidence" was staged.

  9. I love how International powers have suddenly realized how cruel and horrible Syria war is, and how they decided to intervene at last... It seems that 7 years of war, millions of refugees, dozens of cities devasted and hundreds of thousands deaths weren't enough to realize the magnitude of the conflict before...
    Oh, but yes, we should still think that they do this to help "poor syrian people", and not because of their own interests 😒😠

  10. Yes Syria is complex and many don't like Trump, but chemical weapons are a red line and at least we have somebody who's willing to enforce that.

  11. So Trump will bomb Syria because he thinks he is “saving” the people, but he will not allow the refugees from this war into the US? The cognitive dissonance is amazing and I am shaking my head as an American. If we really want to help Syrians, we should start by allowing the refugees into this country.

  12. 'US, UK, France claim that have launched a combined military attack against Syria. All three countries were recently visited by the dictator of Saudi Arabia, Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, who met with their respective heads of state.' - Wikileaks

  13. BBC I look forward to your investigation into the legality of this move given that there was no approval from the UK Parliament and it was not backed by a UN resolution. It might also be worth looking into the export licenses approved by Cameron for the sale of components of chemical weapons to Syria. I live in hope - but not much!

  14. “The strikes are in response to a suspected chemical attack on the Syrian town of Douma last week.” Suspected chemical attack? Shouldn’t the US, UK & France made sure before they bring us to the brink of WW3!

  15. No money for NHS No money for the Homeless or Council Houses but Magic we have found Billions for Destroying a another Country on lies by Britains Father America and fellow cronies 😡

  16. Back in 2013 when Obama was President, Trump tweeted...

    Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump
    The President must get Congressional approval before attacking Syria-big mistake if he does not!
    4:02 PM - 30 Aug 2013

    He didn't get permission. Different rules for him?

  17. This saddens me greatly. We don't need war hungry politicians trying to score points and raise their own failing profiles, on little or weak evidence. Once again, the UK has followed like the ignorant child behind an uneducated parent. Have we not learnt some lessons from Iraq? I despair what our world is coming to. Idiots the lot of them.

  18. In his inauguration speech Trump said very clearly "American first" on earth is this move of once again allowing the US to meddle in Middle Eastern affairs got anything to do with Americans? Trump was against Iraq for good reason, but now he's getting involved in a very similar situation.

  19. Check this out, there is a company who are drilling for oil in the golan heights in Syria, there is only one company who has been given rights to drill there. Check out their advisory board

  20. I don't like this action by USA, UK and France, they should have waited for inspection by the UN before bombing Syria, the same USA that refused to accept refugees from Syria.

  21. The strike against Iraq proved as "mistake" or deliberate bluff, Libya was disarmed first and later invaded. Syria now becomes the latest casuality. Already devastated from civil war, now face an insult to injury. UN secretary general states a return of cold war. The only winner is "Chaos" and anarchy aka Neo-Realism

  22. This "Allegedly" has destroyed many countries. Iraq allegedly had weapons of mass destruction and Syria allegedly gases its own people. All the accusations coming from the same list of "ALLEGEDLY" humanitarian countries. Shame.

  23. the hypocrisy of these actions is crazy. Thousands of Syrian civilians have died under the bomb since the beginning of the civil war and no one has moved a finger, not to disturb their mere political and economic interests. Now, because of the alleged use of chemical weapons that would have caused a few dozen deaths, all stand up to moralists and claim the right to "punish", killing other innocent victims. Repulsive. And above all, absolutely useless to stop the fight between the parties.

  24. I might be naive so apologies... the independent investigators of the Syrian Goverment's chemical attack... can now check what... if the 3 countries have obliterated those same factories ? Further... are the Syrian descentors to Assad now in further danger from conventional weapons, as they could well be viewed as allies of the tri-alliance? (I say conventional weapons as if more chemical weapons are used against the Syrian innocents by Assad - assuming this is proved - then more strikes will occur...but would that happen if Assad used conventional weaponry ?)

  25. Nice diversion from Brexit... now looting Syria of its resources will begin and over million civilians will die ...

    Same old WMD Iraq 🇮🇶 crap 💩 stories to kill and loot ...

  26. Why can't the world live in peace? I can't understand how anyone would want to hurt innocent people, I just want the world to be a safe place to allow our children to grow and feel safe ... wishful thinking.

  27. Western logic. Bomb the country in which a chemical attack has happened, but make it clear that people who are suffering there are terrorists and should not be allowed into their countries. Brilliant.

  28. Shame on the UK, US, and France for getting involved in this. We all know Assad didn't use those chemical weapons as does May, Trump, and Macron, making this a war crime. Anything that happens to us now is simply karma 🇸🇾 🇷🇺

  29. I have lost all respect for Theresa May, following Trump like a little puppy. He has been dying to use his guns that what America is all about, guns and fighting, Other people liveife means nothing to him as long as it

  30. War criminal May must resign immediately! - no money for public services but a Tory magic money tree to drop bombs on innocent civilians and children in Syria. Even worse without parliaments approval - democracy, what democracy?

  31. I don't believe they actually did this. It's as if they'd been anticipating the use of chemical weapons, as a pretext for an attack.
    Like it or not, Syria is a sovereign state, and it's government is the only legitimate govt there. Assad is their leader until THEY desire otherwise.
    We're all afraid of a WW3. Seems to me that WW3 already started, with Bush invading Iraq. Fast forward almost 2 decades, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan in chaos, now we have Iran, Israel, Russia, Turkey, Palestine, US, UK, France, and rubbled Syria at arms in the same region.

  32. Where was the vote in Parliament? You have declared war on a sovereign nation. It was obvious to the world that Syria was not responsible for the chemical weapons attack.

  33. A prophecy against Damascus:

    “See, Damascus will no longer be a city
    but will become a heap of ruins.
    2 The cities of Aroer will be deserted
    and left to flocks, which will lie down,
    with no one to make them afraid.
    3 The fortified city will disappear from Ephraim,
    and royal power from Damascus;
    the remnant of Aram will be
    like the glory of the Israelites,”
    declares the Lord Almighty.

    Isiah 17 ( Bible)
    2500 years ago Prophesy for todays world.

    Jesus is comming soon.. Repent from your sins and accept him..

  34. Why didn't western government throw these missiles at Isis in syria?????

    Why now when only a dozen people died, yes now they are saying dozen!

    We heard for years western leaders equipped a group but whom? Isis? So they didn't nuke their own group?? Ohhhhh that says it all!!

  35. So the inspectors are going in tomorrow to find traces of alleged Chemical Weapons.Why couldn't the Terrorist Trio of Trump Macron and his pet May wait another few days for the results.Could it be that a few of our Missiles have just delivered these Trace Elements to ensure they are found.

  36. Great respect to US.. UK... & France.... they should bomb Assad forces until they are totally crippled .... and unable to launch these cowardly attacks against defenseless civilian population ....

  37. How is that the government can't afford to pay pensioners a decent pension, but can afford to spend millions on an attack in another country? Stating that x amount of people died in a chemical attack. What about the people who died in a tower block in our own country? We need to solve our own problems before we go sticking our noses into someone else's problems.

  38. A diversion to Stormy Daniels - to take the heat off Mr. Trump - financed by US taxpayers, whose money had better use. Shame that Britain and France could not say 'No', which is again tax payers' loss.

  39. Disgusting and arrogant behaviour by these governments. Our lap-dog PM seems to have temporarily run out of smears and has resorted to this dirty, illegal tactic like so many other amoral, incompetent leaders flagging on the domestic front. Buying in to this garbage is explicit proof of gullibility.

    No money for people who are literally starving in this country and yet a bottomless pit for bombing targets in another country - and no evidence of who is actually guilty here.

    Elections are coming up in less than a month, time to show these anti-democratic war-mongers the door.

  40. I think it's funny that almost everyone posting here is decrying the lack of evidence to support this action but rely on unsupported assumptions and opinion to make their claims. Hypocracy running rampant. And before you all turn your indignation towards me please note I have not expressed support for anyone in this post.

  41. And when they have Problem with Syria - why they dont have any problem with arabic Emirates. There living the most evil of this world and is normal in arabic emirates to be pedophile or Womankiller. Is like a normal Hobby there!

  42. This means if next month 2 Million syrian people will walk to europe for Asylum that France and the UK take them all.
    But like in Lybia this will not happen.

  43. So the BBC has decided the unconfirmed use of chemical weapons by Assad was accurately reported, with no proof of where they came from or how they were delivered. In their analysis they talk of changing Assad's behaviour. The Jihadis possess chemical weapons too. Any chance of reporting on that?

  44. U.S. ordered military strike against Syria because Syria bombed Syria and U.S. wants to bomb Syria to teach Syria a lesson not to bomb Syria.

    If you don't find this weird, you are part of the world aggressors... WTF

  45. Isn't it s but odd that when Trump said he was pulling out of Syria there was a chemical attack.
    Oddly enough when Obama wouldn't attack Syria there was also a chemical attack.
    It's all a little bit to convenient if you ask me.

  46. Finally US, the UK and France come with reason HUMANITY,,,,, but what about in Palestine?!!!

    Hi western country when will you stop to get involve in others countrries business.

    Better to focus on your own country.

  47. even it was good action.but ridiculous at the same time. Trump said addressing Russia and not Syria to be ready for his clever rockets .it is a matter of challenge between Powers and the Syrian people is who paying the bill.

  48. This is wrong, but the facts will not be acknowledged for 5-10 years when the damage is done and we “allies” have left another country in chaos and moved on to the next unjustified action.

  49. What happened in Syria a week or so ago was terrible and don’t wish that on anyone but now you have put the British life’s at risk once again. No doubt they will strike in London killing us brits.

  50. Clear violation of international law. May is lying. Syria is not this countries problem. May should be done for wars crimes. May is nothing but a terrorists. We own Sryia nothing this as got nothing to do with us the people.

  51. Are we really going to fall for this again? The government claimed Iraq had chemical weapons and that was a flat out lie... really again?

  52. You can't deny the children of Syria refuge then bomb Syria on behalf of the children. If the chemical attack coming from Assad's governemnt claim was even true...I haven't seen any proof, have you?

  53. War is itself a terrorism. US and major powers are committing crimes and devastating poor populations by bombing after Iraq and Afghanistan.
    They are a big and worst threat to human beings.

  54. Oh dear! The three muppets of the USA! Nothing like trying to start world war 3 ! Look you three, times are hard and you should be trying to increase jobs by investing in your country’s manufacturing and associated services! Not trying to start a war to keep us all employed! And no daffy trump you won’t be remembered for trying to save the world from tyranny, you will always be remembered for your fake orange glow! Now get on with building your countries and until you have hard evidence that a chemical attack has happened you should stand well back! remember Iraq and it’s weapons of mass destruction lies !

  55. Everyone should go out in the Streets of Britain protesting this stupidity of what’s happening in Syria just now!! Why should we be part of this war? Why didn’t Theresa step in when thousands of people have been killed already? Think of our families as we have no right to get involved in this war in Syria! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 She thinks it’s the right thing to do! Haven’t we heard this before 😡

  56. I'm SO conflicted....
    On one hand, you see videos of Syrian people begging and pleading for help, and they feel like no one is listening.. so, now someone has taken action and I'm relieved because chemical attacks on your own citizens is barbaric.
    On the other hand, Russia... Who also has big brother China... Need I say more?
    I don't know about you guys, but I'm planning on dying soon 🙄

  57. Some people believe chemicals were used and some don't, I believe they were used, I speculate the reason they were used was because Russia had 150 diplomats expelled for using chemical agents, they wanted to see what the response would be and if nothing done they would have used this as proof the West are against Russia, anyone who sees Russia changes their story daily about what happened both in the UK and Syria, the truth does not change daily

  58. They've sat and watched children bring blown up for years and done nothing not wanting to interfere. This doesn't add up and without evidence of chemical weapons. This will cause further harm to more people .Well dodgy. 😢

  59. So when are they Going to bomb Britain then?
    Seems only fair, considering britain supplied the precursors for sarin, to the Assad regime.

  60. Russia supplies most of the gas to Europe at the moment.

    Qatar had plans for a pipeline through Syria to bring gas into Europe.

    Assad refused permission to build the pipeline as it is a Russian ally.

    Iran also has plans to build a similar pipeline to Europe to sell its gas to the continent. This has Russian approval because Russia is allied to Iran and their gas supply is less than Qatar so they wouldn’t be as bigger competitor.

    The US is allied with Qatar where it has a military base. It wants the pipeline to come from Qatar so it’s allies can compete with Russia in the European gas market.

    All this has led to the proxy war in Syria. The west want to remove Assad and replace him with a leader who will allow the Qatar pipeline rather than Iran’s.

    The rest is propaganda.

    Britain does not need to be involved in this war. We need to focus on renewables and creating an internal sustainable energy market within the UK so we don’t have to rely on Russia or resource wars in the Middle East. This is Corbyn’s aim of Labour’s energy policy in the 2017 manifesto.

  61. An illegal vote of no confidence while Parliament is in recess, a day before UN inspectors arrive to look for evidence that this was the Syrian government and all while the public approval for military intervention is bellow 20%. Also like to point out that mad May said the joint air strikes would be targeting supposed chemical sites....... Explain the civilian fatalities?? This is all about a pipe line and president Bashir Al assad dropping the dollar and not bending over for America and IsraHELL.

  62. I personally believe it was the white helmets who provided the fake evidence about the chemical attack. But the west won t tell this side of the story as they love the white helmets. Smdh. Time will tell if i am correct. I am waiting on the outcome of the investigation unlike some. Who perfer highly likelys smh

  63. This is not a good move, more bombs, more violence, thus has worked so well in the Middle East in the past, not. I feel a full independent U.N. investigation should have taken on place. By the way all this talk of moral justification and then we in the West supply the Saudis with cluster bombs to bring destruction 13th the Yemen.

  64. The three dying empires violated international law without waiting for a thorough investigation of the alleged chemical attack,offering ISIS a cover to attack the positions of the Syrian army in one of Damascus neighborhood. The alliance of terrorists!!!

  65. Correction. The US, UK and France have attacked the elected and sole government of Syria that is acknowledged in the UN as the government of Syria. Meanwhile they support Islamic terrorism against the secular government that has protected Christians from bloodbaths and torture and slavery and forced conversion.

  66. Not a person for war ect, but something had to be done. The world has stood back and watched for long enough. Can't just kill innocent people and a blind eye turned to it. I can smell a war coming.