UMBC's Retrievers Put Virginia In A Hole, Then Buried Every Single Bracket

UMBC's Retrievers Put Virginia In A Hole, Then Buried Every Single Bracket
Image from: NPR

University of Maryland-Baltimore County advances to play ninth-seeded Kansas State on Sunday. The Virginia Cavaliers advance to wincing at trivia questions for the rest of their lives.

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  1. I fill out a bracket for my dog every year following some silly rule, and this year it was to pick the team closest to his birthplace. UMBC was closer by like 20 miles or something. I tried to use alternate routes on google maps to manipulate Virginia into being closer, but I just couldn’t and I settled for UMBC. So my dog fittingly picked right! Go Retrievers!! 😂😂😂🐾💛🐾💛🐾💛🐾

  2. You know it’s an upset when you have to Google the school to see where they’re located

  3. Truly incredible. I hope they keep the momentum! They must all be feeling one of the best natural highs this life has to offer. And they deserve it!

  4. Virginia will be forever remembered for this...not a good day for them. Props to UMBC...I didn't even know that school existed until today 😳😅

  5. I think we should all get a mulligan to fill out new brackets. Or whomever picked UMBC should automatically win the million dollar prize...

  6. NPR, this is college basketball, not North Korea. You're way out of line. Did the journalist go to UNC, or VT? Uva had a marvelous season with a sad ending.

  7. Virginia was obviously too cavalier about this game. Now they’re in the doghouse.

  8. Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus, and also a basketball team named the Golden Retrievers.

  9. Sad for UVa as I'm a Hoos fan, but they were dominated, no doubt, so kudos to UMBC. Now living in the MD area, i'm familiar with UMBC and co-workers who have attended/graduated from there, so i'm sure i'll hear it at the office on monday. Sigh. (And someone on here was saying UVa was talking trash all year -- not sure where he heard all that trash talk since we were unranked pre-season and made top 10 soon after... but oh well. Season over now!!)

  10. No need to throw shade on the players at UVA in the headline by making fun of them. Why does everything have to be an insult in this country?

  11. Interestingly, prior to this the biggest upset in college basketball was when Virginia lost to Chaminade back in the 1980s

  12. Let’s remember that UVA was also ranked #1 when they lost to Chaminade in the Maui Invitational. This is just their destiny.

  13. Alumni here also. Another fun fact about UMBC — our football team is undefeated! Has never lost a game!

  14. I think if my daughter knew they were the Retrievers, she would’ve picked them to win the championship on her bracket! 🐶😄

  15. UMBC lost to Albany 89-39 in January, so you can say they've improved.

  16. Gold… Retrievers? Guess there's no rule against a dog playing basketball.

  17. I'm still upset Air Bud wasn't there to see it. 😢

  18. I. Love. This!!! I don't care about my bracket anymore, this is just pure fun to watch!!

  19. Look at you, NPR, getting clever with that caption!

  20. Awesome work UMBC. As a UMD alum at College Park, this makes me super proud!

  21. The school that lost to Chaminade with Ralph Sampson again makes history. Wahoo.

  22. Hell my friend living in maryland didn't know that school existed lol

  23. one of Virginia's best players got hurt and could not play...

    that was a really big factor...

  24. Good thing i didnt fill out a bracket

  25. Didn't bury my bracket. I had Virginia losing next round anyway. Good job UMBC

  26. Check out US Senator Chris VanHollen's bracket. Go Retrievers.

  27. It's ok. Literally everybody's bracket was destroyed. Your office pool will survive on Monday.

  28. I love this headline!! Well played NPR

  29. Can't wait to see "Look Hoos going home" headlines.

  30. Greatest NCAA basketball upset ever.

  31. My daughter had the game predicted in several of her brackets!

  32. Danny Wilson the blurb alone...

  33. Gotta love underdogs!!! Congrats, UMBC!

  34. Heather Johnson that caption though lol

  35. At the same time Warren Buffett is laughing hysterically.

  36. I never cared about professional sports.

  37. Last time Maryland did that to Virginia was Petersburg, 1865.

  38. Love underdogs! They're another Gonzaga....they were unknown back in the late 90's

  39. Ya gotta admit-it’s a pretty funny headline.

  40. Hunter Cook, I'm still gonna rub this in your face even though VT lost too.

  41. UMBC...I had to look it up...had no idea...hilarious. Good for them.

  42. Jen Vogelzang whoops, there goes your bracket

  43. Yes, indeed😊 Incredible game, I'll need to fill out a new bracket🏀

  44. Charlie Shaw did you see this game?

  45. Spencer Van Wieren wincing at trivia questions LMAO

  46. Lee Unangst don't you have a degree from there?

  47. Have to love 😍😍😍😍😍😍😘 the underdog. It’s been awhile. Go Go Go

  48. It's still JUST. A. GAME....C'MON!!!

  49. Well, Maggie Albrow, this settles my dilemma...

  50. I didn’t have ‘em in the final four🤷🏻‍♀️

  51. Golden Retrievers....I’m a fan now...

  52. UMBC = U must be cinderella

  53. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz