Trump fires Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with a tweet

Trump fires Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with a tweet
Image from: CNET

Trump just dismissed his Secretary of State using social media.

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  1. Now tell me again please, when exactly did CNET stop writing about tech and become involved with bullshit politics instead?

  2. Would it really hurt him to actually talk to people....He had no problem saying "you're fired"on his show the Apprentice.

  3. Trump is crazy and should be removed from office.

  4. I always looked to CNET for the coolest software and gadgets...But you have lost sight of your true existence as you see yourself as the new CNN, and I no longer love you.....Bye....

  5. Didn't know that was how twitter worked....can the Americans fire Donald Trump?, then hire someone that isn't Hilary so the Trump defence force can't whine about Clinton.

  6. Good. I’d rather hear it from him directly than play a big ass game of telephone with the mainstream. #fakenews

  7. Not only that, they fired the under secretary for admitting that secretary of state was fired over social media.

  8. Folks, the guy who spread the story about Tillerson being fired through Twitter just got fired himself, for spreading a BS story

  9. Every administration has numerous changes in staffing. Tillerson was informed awhile ago prior to the president's tweet. Get it right.

  10. Shane on Tillerson for trying to do the job he was hired for. That is not allowed under Trump.

  11. Trump must still think he’s on the Apprentice.

  12. He has to skip the media otherwise they will twist everything

  13. Too much experience at The Apprentice

  14. Your site is so cluttered with advertising and auto-play videos to the point of being absurd and unusable. Used to read a lot of your articles but I can't stand it anymore.

  15. And this is how fake news is spread. Yep just woke up and decided it this am and talked to no one about it.

  16. You laugh now. Bet you won’t be laughing when he changes laws & announces it via Twitter.

  17. wouldn't run a gas station that way for crying out loud

  18. Worst boss ever. Imagine working for this idiot.

  19. Snowflake alert, read the tweet. Here it directly from him not CNET snowflake...

  20. Screw CNET and their obnoxiously loud videos every time a page is loaded.

  21. No one better talk bad about Russian or they FIRED!

  22. Of course this is real. I mean everything is done on Twitter these days, isn't it? Sure makes for a great headline.

  23. Do they have a revolving door installed yet 😂

  24. I seriously hope this is not how it went down.

  25. Im SURE he didn't tweetfire this guy. Dont Be a GULABULL.

  26. ..... every was fine when Obama was on his 4th Secretary of Defense or on his 5th chief of staff.

  27. Good. Get rid of Tillerson. Good guy but not brainy in foreign policy

  28. continuing to confirm that he has no class and is a total coward

  29. He really is a badass (cue sunglasses)

  30. Is anyone really surprised?
    On a side note, can we have this page be politics free? Unless it's something like an article about net neutrality.
    I realize with Twitter being mentioned it's a thin link to technology, but please.

  31. Why doesn't he just clone himself and solve all his loyalty problems?

  32. Thank GOD we have a professional president. .....yeah right...

  33. Well ain't that a shithole, huh?

  34. i guess the moron got the last laugh. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

  35. I thought it was bad manners and just being a dick when you break up with someone over a text! 😂😂

  36. Where you get Fired for telling the Truth...should File WhistleBlower Status

  37. Not true.
    He was told Friday. The aid lied.

  38. Shameless coward! #Prison4Trump #Cult45 #PutinsPet

  39. "I hire the best people" - Trump

  40. Rex is ex. Musical chairs. When will the music end?

  41. Urgh getting fired via tweets are the worst 😂

  42. Dictator............. Eliminate.

  43. Lol, he did not fire him by tweet’ lol

  44. He wasn't fired on Twitter, he was fired in person, and Trump announced it on Twitter. Stop twisting wording for clicks.

  45. This just proves that he is as cowardly as he is ignorant. Trump is all talk. The big tough guy when he’s alone with his phone tweeting at people but put him In an actual face to face negotiation and he blows it, firings happen via tweet. Pathetic. The word “wuss” comes to mind, among others.

  46. HTF do the aholes at CNET know Trump used social media to fire Tillerson. Did Tillerson tell them this or are they just stupid liberal trolls like you idiots commenting on this.

  47. Trump is a clown who doesn't even have the decency to meet face to face with the guy to tell him he's out of a job. Tillerson gives up one of the biggest jobs in the private sector to work for him and now 14 months later Trump fires him via Twitter. He's a coward.

  48. Trump you're a twat for tweeting.

  49. Pity the Americans don’t sack Trump by Twitter