Trump Used Twitter To Defend Abusers, But Not To Congratulate U.S. Medal Winners

Trump Used Twitter To Defend Abusers, But Not To Congratulate U.S. Medal Winners
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The president has been unusually silent.

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  1. When he does tweet about it, it will assuredly be something ignorant and offensive so we should just enjoy the silence while we can.

  2. Saw an interesting panel of psychologists and psychiatrists discussing cognitive decline coupled with narcissism. We need to understand, persist and act.

  3. Hardly surprised. He'll be ranting about Jr's cocaine dealer's joke next, will likely blame CNN or somesuch

  4. This does not reflect on him, so to him it is not useful or important.

  5. That certainly speaks volumes.

  6. He wants to know where Chloe Kim is REALLY from.

  7. Probably because 1 is gay and a couple aren't white

  8. Too many immigrants winning for his liking.

  9. Why did these women make Porter do it - sad really I hope he recovers *sarcasm*

  10. Ok, who is actually surprised? Show of hands, please.

  11. Must have been the bone spurs acting up 👍

  12. Who really cares, are they going to white house to kiss his ring?

  13. Well, he is a piece of sh*t.

  14. Of course he didn't, #45 does not know, or have manners in any way. He's disgraceful.

  15. Cause he is too busy trying to be popular addict!

  16. He will claim it was because of him they got medals and because of Obama they did not

  17. He's just waiting for the next "hot button" issue to spring up with Kim Jong Un

  18. HE'S clapping for Russia's win.

  19. Why is the Huff so pro Trump???

  20. Funny how the Olympic athletes say Trumps not my president but when they win they want recognition 🤦‍♂️

  21. i don't think he defended the abuser, he simply stated that the man said he was innocent.

  22. Republican genius. Psychopats don´t understand empathy.

  23. Is the Editorial Board at Huff Post all 12
    years old?They are all female for sure.
    What is this obsessing over Twitter?

  24. Well hes a prick soooooo...

  25. Is Faux News covering it.

  26. So back in 2014 this ass hat blamed Obama for the US not showing well in the Olympics, which makes NO sense. This year the fat bastard has nothing to say about our winners? He does however have a lot to say about that wife beater and himself, of course. Yes, he is a leader among leaders isn't he? What a disgusting POS.

  27. If it’s not Russians winning gold then he doesn’t give a fuckery about you.

  28. Worst president in the history of presidents.

  29. Because he’s phucking scum.

    If they were in the KKK he’d have something to say.

  30. Love Trump twitter, reminds me constantly there's an asshole in the White House.