Trump Jr.: I don't recall discussing Trump Tower meeting with my father

Trump Jr.: I don't recall discussing Trump Tower meeting with my father
Image from: NBC News

Donald Trump Jr. told Congress that he does not remember discussing with his father the infamous 2016 meeting with Russians at Trump Tower before news of it broke last year, according to testimony released Wednesday.

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  1. Any grand father in his nineties seem to have a better memory than the Trump team. If we had a national crisis would anyone in the administration remember what to do?

  2. Russian spy talk??! not important, he does only remember talking about more important issues like Trophy hunting in Africa with Daddy on dinner table! he does not recall Dad talking to him about stooping Stormy either!

  3. It is a very easy way to not answer a question that could incriminate you and they can’t do a thing: I don’t remember and that was not my intention. It’s a shame but it’s true.

  4. If one American Citizen believe one word that Trump Jr. has to say - the country is more doomed than it was ever thought possible.

  5. well, as we know, if it came from a Trump it must be true...they are the most honest people in the world (where's the sarcasm button?)...

  6. and how many times did jeff sessions use that line well ... no i don't recall

  7. It is quite obvious that he’s lying 🤥 just like his daddy trump who is an uneducated and unqualified to be president

  8. Do you recall your daddy motorboatinng Stormi Daniels?

  9. Suffering oltimers disease so young.

  10. Aka yes I did discuss. Duh Drumpy kept saying I’ll have stuff to say in a couple of days... he told daddy.

  11. Right, and most Americans don't realize they are U. S. citizens. Give me abreak, tell the truth. What are you afraid of?

  12. Early Alzheimer's there buddy. What a bunch of losers you all are. You are dispicable.

  13. “My father read a bout it”. Trump reads?!?!?!? That’s hysterical!!

  14. WoW...This CRAP just keeps on getting crazier and crazier!!!

  15. The Trumps normally do not recall anything.

  16. Sure!!! Why shouldn't we believe you?? You are such a fine young fellow.......

  17. Don Jr is a criminal the cover up is the crime!

  18. Thank you to Jeff Sessions for schooling trump, junior in the way to avoid perjury charges.

  19. I wouldn’t think he would mention that because nothing happened relevant to the Presidency ..

  20. As if it's father would let him forget any conversion between them.

  21. Like father, like son. Never admits to majority of his lies.


  23. he used the old "I do not recall" excuse. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  24. he lies like a rug and like his father. can't help himself it runs in the family.

  25. Cop out easily used by liars who find it easier to lie than tell the truth.

  26. Really so he just dictated your response off the cuff.

  27. Lying about everything is in the Trump genes.

  28. Lots of I don't remember and I don't recall with some I plead the 5ths thrown in!

  29. Lack of memory of an event does not excuse someone from penalty, ask Jeff Sessions. lol

  30. chip off the old block !! Another consummate liar in the family !!! :P

  31. Lying runs like a genetic gene in that family

  32. Yeah he has brain farts like his father

  33. He sounds like a Democrat with that answer

  34. No but boated everyone on screen for money stormy water's and all

  35. and just like his daddy, he lies

  36. He and his brother don't do anything without discussing it with their father. The are not bright enough

  37. I hope the whole trump family gets painful terminal cancer.

  38. Anyone remember this? How prophetic of Steve Bannon...


  40. He lies like the rug on his dad's head...

  41. And three is ice water in hell!