Trump Budget Would Slash Science across Agencies

Trump Budget Would Slash Science across Agencies
Image from: Scientific American

The Trump administration wants to eliminate a broad swath of the nation's climate change research infrastructure, including satellites, education programs and science centers.

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  1. Thank Goodness , i decided to study in Germany. Instead of US

  2. It's not his budget, He signs or vetoes. Why on Earth do people still not understand how this works?

  3. But lets boost the military which is already 4 times what the next country spends.......

    Every time I think I can not dislike him more......

  4. Well of course, because intellect is the antithesis of Twitler's ethos.

  5. Every time Trump attacks science, he proves he’s an enemy foreign agent. Being a leader in science is the ONLY reason the US is a super power.

  6. Meanwhile China and other countries are celebrating because they are finally get a break from catching up to the US

  7. How else is he going to push "clean coal"?

  8. Gee...why would he want to slash science? So people don't know the truth? Can't understand that😕

  9. The U.S.A is an eagle; with its feathers being plucked by Trump, one by one until nothing is left for flight.

  10. Talk about conspiracy to keep us all dumb.

  11. We dont need no stinkin science ! We got the bible ?

  12. Got to pay for that parade somehow

  13. And America wants to get rid of Trump.

  14. I’ve got it!! Let’s ‘budget-out’ Trump!!

  15. So much losing for the US. Losing, losing, losing

  16. If no one sees it or hears it, it's not there.

  17. Well, of course it would. Because an informed electorate won't vote or stand for the fucking idiots that he and much of the GOP want in power.