Truck driver leaves Oklahoma waitress two $1,000 tips

Truck driver leaves Oklahoma waitress two $1,000 tips
Image from: Fox News

An Oklahoma waitress received a shocking Mother’s Day surprise when a customer left her two large tips.

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  1. Gotta love those Truckers! Without them we would not have any of the things we have. Food, homes, clothes etc. The trains, planes and boats can get the items to the docks, but it takes a Trucker to get them to the stores for us to buy!

  2. Should have left her $1000 gifts. Gifts are not subject to taxation, which is theft.

    Helluva nice gesture though.

  3. Hey - that waitress really gave that truck driver great, polite and wonderful service - truck driver was more than generous and probably knows how hard it is for her to earn a buck. A great and caring man!

  4. Ordinary people DOING unordinary things. The elite of this country need to step up and take a page from this truck driver. The elite could go around every day and change thousands of people lives. Instead of hoarding and dying with it... Change Lives...

  5. The trouble with some people they don't have the respect these ladies do day in day out working in diner's serving the public I imagine they don't earn a lot of money but what they earn puts food on the table for their families. Good on the truck driver the world is short of people like him.

  6. The story has nothing to do with politics! Why does everyone have to go there?

  7. I think it's funny that people think that the credit card company will go for this. Hint. They don't. Those transactions would have set off every red flag in the computer and have been blocked. The fraud unit of the bank doesn't let this stuff happen.

  8. Most credit cards don’t allow for a tip to be larger than the bill . I learn this when I tried to tip a lady more than the dollar amount of my bill.

  9. I treat my servers well but this makes my meager minimum 20% tips seem pretty paltry. I'm glad some people are this generous. It changes lives.

  10. No one cares. Just like no one cares when Clinton was in the office, JFK. Etc. Wait only this supposed affair allegedly happened while NOT in office. You all are hypocrites.

  11. Why such ugly remarks, people? This man was a true gentleman in my opinion.I admire a good waitress and think they deserve the best tips they can get.

  12. That's great. Happy for the waitress. But the truck driver, if he could have, should have just left cash. Waitress only gets to take MAYBE $1500 of that home...

  13. Very important story Fox reports on meanwhile,
    President Trump’s financial disclosure, released on Wednesday, revealed for the first time that he paid more than $100,000 to his personal attorney, Michael D. Cohen, as reimbursement for payment to a third-party.
    Who could that be?

  14. I only tip because I don't want my food to be messed with. Other than that, if I knew my food was going to be fine I would not tip. just doing your job.

  15. So there was only ONE order run through the POS in 2 hours and 15 minutes on a Monday afternoon?? Something isn't right here. I have a feeling Inv.# 00000006 is a credit back

  16. why wouldn't you blur out the signature? privacy means nothing to you? you'll think about it if this person sues you!

  17. This is exactly how I felt on this year’s tax return , no kidding!
    MAGA 🇺🇸 ❤️

  18. Should’ve left cash. Taxation is theft.

  19. It's nice to see a good story every once in a while. Politics 24/7 gets maddening after a while

  20. Some people always turn something good, to something trashy ,, thanks truck driver for helping her..

  21. Bless them both. It never hurts to be kind.

  22. Guess the first $1000 didnt get her number!!!

  23. I don't think he was thinking of taxes. Don't be so negative people. He was trying to be nice.

  24. There is hope in mankind yet! Thank you Sir!

  25. .... and the republican owner takes 99% of it ...

  26. Unfortunately under GOP’s new proposal, she would need to share the tips with her employer.

  27. Its sad that some fucktards have to mess up a nice story with all their hate.

  28. Hopefully he doesn't start stalking her

  29. Wow how kind there's a few good people in the WORLD

  30. There are some still good people in this country not many oh just a few

  31. That’s just crumbs.....Nancy Pelosi.

  32. II would put a huge smooch on that man. There are so many good people in this world.

  33. Zach Murphy we’re moving to Oklahoma and having a baby immediately

  34. They look like they could be a couple.
    Except,and I don’t know ,if they are already married. So nice.

  35. Praise GOD!!!! Thank you young man for helping this young mother. GOD will bless you. Be safe in your travels!!!!

  36. Diana WilsonWow what a surprise to find out you're from California 😂

  37. It sounds like she was trying to make him feel sorry for her and to make tips.

  38. Who cares? It’s not like he gave billions to Iran or uranium to Russia!

  39. He is a truck driver and left $2000 ; a good heart. Godbless him

  40. Should have not left it on the receipt, should have given her cash.

  41. Breaking news:

    Trump disclosed payment to Cohen for pornstar.

    Fox news is too busy with fluff peices.

  42. Waitresses work very hard for low wages. They rely on tips to survive. They deserve 100percent of the tips.

  43. i am in the wrong business. where does anyone get $2000 to give away?

  44. Two different signatures. Is that supposed to be from the same guy?

  45. Did not say anything about a credit card. He even spoke of it's just paper. God bless him

  46. That at least deserves a handy.

  47. We don’t care about Stormy Daniels pay off! Only people who care are on the left.

  48. I didn’t know truck driving was so lucrative 🙀

  49. There Still Is Good In This World....💖


    As the Trump racist culture takes hold across the nation.. #thisiswhyweneedtotalkaboutwhiteprivelege

  51. It was probably his wife. He was just passing through.

  52. Must be an owner OP to be able to afford that 😂😂😂

  53. "And I will do anything for love, but i wont do that"

  54. Shouldn't they blur the signatures and last #s on the card?

  55. Money comes to me easily and frequently...

  56. And the government will swoop right in and takes its “fair” share..

  57. I've never signed a slip where the tip was electronically put in.. nor have ever seen one.

  58. Remember folks thousand bucks is just crumbs...

  59. Why would they leave the name on the receipt for the thots of america to stalk this guy? 😕

  60. Why cant this happen to me :( lol

  61. Heres a tip worth more. Fox News manipulates people.

  62. and now everyone has this guys signature!!