Tristan Thompson Cheating on Khloe with 2 Women in New Video

Tristan Thompson Cheating on Khloe with 2 Women in New Video
Image from: TMZ

Tristan Thompson CHEATING on Khloé Kardashian with not one but TWO WOMEN!!!

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  1. Well let’s see... she can’t see that she didn’t see that coming since he left his other chick pregnant for her. It’s a given

  2. There are 2.4 thousand people that are “laughing” at the fact that a pregnant woman is being cheated on? 🤮 Sick people! Regardless of how you feel about her, that’s pretty terrible! She’s due in a few days!

  3. Well.. he did it to baby mama 1 to get with Khloe... sorry khloe that’s karma for ya. Bad timing but now you know how his first baby mama feels.

  4. Terrible. Not just the fact that he has done this--again-- BUT that this would be posted when she is days from having a baby. Stress is not good and I hope that regardless of all the facts/rumors/reality-- I hope she has a healthy delivery for her and baby.

  5. That's all? Lamar still holds the cheating record. 🤣

  6. Those hoes was setting him up and like a dummy he fell for it. They giving each other high fives🙄. These fools never learn

  7. This girl has absolutely the worst taste in "men" lol. Like for real! Even a broken clock is right twice a day and she can't find one decent dude.

  8. Nothing worse than being cheated on while your pregnant, I've been there and it's by far one of the worst feelings in the world especially when it's suppose to be the happiest. Not a Kardashian fan by no means but my heart aches for her.

  9. She’s gonna lose him how she caught him! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  10. Remember when HE left his other child's mama for Khloe?

    Yeah, me too.

  11. Ok ok.. he’s a douche bag we know.. But the whores are to blame too.. it is NO SECRET Khloe is pregnant with Tristans Child. WELP.. now she can get a chunk of his income just like the other Baby Mamas!! 🤷🏼‍♀️

  12. Wow this makes me so sad! Out of all the sisters she is the one who has always had it the hardest. I really thought she found her happy ever after with him. Men suck 😒

  13. This is LAST OCTOBER 2017. Why would TMZ post this right now? She’s about to have a baby? #disgusting #noclass

  14. I give it about 72 days before Tristen Thompson starts ignoring his and khloes daughter like he did his son. Dude hasn’t even announced on behalf of himself, that he’s having a kid 🤣

  15. This is a complete set up. Guarantee they tried to shake him down for money. The one chick is looking at the Camera that is on night vision. I do feel bad for khloe, because no matter how much money you have that is not a good feeling.

  16. The fact that this is something you want aired .... Khloe is my favorite and she deserves to be happy not be blasted on TMZ, I know this is how you are famous but damn :/ sorry Khloe :/ heartbroken for you if it is the truth and why social media /birds need to mind their friggin business!! #babiesAreLife

  17. You don’t have to like the Kardashians but no one deserves to be cheated on. Especially when you are pregnant with the dudes child. What a dirt bag.

  18. Poor Khloe may God strengthen her. Tristan sorry but yo mom issa hoe

  19. And this comes out on the day/day after she has given birth to his child? 😩

  20. I like Khloe but honestly my grandma always told me however you get your man is the same way you will lose him. And I live by that til this day!!!

  21. I feel so bad for her, she gives her all to her friends, family, and especially her partner(s). I thought she finally found someone who was willing to treat her well and put her first.

  22. K I know this is a good source but f*** why can't she get someone faithful. To put her threw this is absolutely aweful. My heart breaks for her

  23. Klhoe don't care bout that dude he gave her what she always wanted which was a baby I'm sure she could give a damn bout what he doing she gone be all about that baby

  24. He sorry and she was stupid for ignoring he was sorry. If he wants to ho, go ahead but to endanger the baby with his cheating, public humiliation and laying up with her while she pregnant. Everybody talking about her but he is garbage for just loosely making babies...then be the same one crying later.

  25. Goes to show no matter how good you look & rich you are quality is everything. No way I’d trust a pro athlete with that lifestyle especially with his history. Choose more wisely ladies.

  26. Get em Kris Jenner. Do your thing. Now the Kardashian curse is going to get him. Like Lamar , Bruce, Kanye, Kris Humphries (whatever happen to him 😔) career over wow.

  27. Makes me sick that people are laughing at this. Y’all realize khloe is a real person, real woman, a pregnant women who just found out something devastating. Have some class, have some freaking humanity.

  28. Did Khloe Kardashian really think she was gonna change him? Goes to show you that even if you get pregnant by a man there’s no guarantee he’s going to change

  29. I’m no big Kardashian fan, but this makes me sad. She seems to be the most nice and normal one out of all of them. After what Lamar Odom put her through, she deserves a good man. I guess her first clue should’ve been when he abandoned his newborn child and ex to be with her. Just disgusting.

  30. So release the video now when she is 9 months pregnant to hurt her and her family!? The paparazzi is scum... Money hungry scum

  31. Y'all need to do some research. He didn't cheat on his first BM with Khloe. His BM even said it herself. They had split up. After they split, that's when she found out she was pregnant. They didn't get back together after they found out she was pregnant because they didn't want to be together. His BM has said that he is a good father & that she was happy for him & Khloe.

  32. I'm going to get a lot of hate but I don't care...Khole got with this man knowing he had a girl friend who was pregnant and he left her for you really think this man was going to treat you any different???sorry but you did this to yourself sweetheart.

  33. No matter how good you take care of your man, how hard your support, and cheer for your man they will always cheat. I’m living proof. And in this case all the money in the world still won’t stop a man.

  34. Sad to say.. wasn’t he cheating on his other baby momma with khloe? The saying goes... a relationship cant be a blessing, if it began with a sin..
    Once a cheat..always a cheat

  35. Its sad because she seems to be such a good person and she deserves to be happy. But she should have seen the red flag because he hooked up with her while his ex was still pregnant.

  36. What a scumbag. Like great role model for the kids he created. Its a damn shame. I swear i cant stand how everyone cheats. Like if your dumbass cant stay committed to anyone.. DONT COMMIT! That damn simple.

  37. Khloé Kardashian your baby needs you healthy and strong to bring her into this world. Don't let a man stress you out and cause damages to the little soul you have wanted your entire life. I love you mama ❤

  38. It doesn't matter how good and beautiful and how great a woman is and treats her man...a dog will ALWAYS be a dog!!!!!

  39. Aww, this is so sad, right before she gives birth to a baby that she has been praying for. Very nasty to put this out before she gives birth. I pray for a a healthy delivery.

  40. Damn poor Khloe. She needs to just stay single enjoy being a mother! An wait for her Mr. Right to finally appear! Stop messing with these basketball players or other celebs! Get a real man that is successful but not famous.

  41. I don’t like this family at all but we’ve all seen how much Khloe wanted to start a family of her own and that she really loved this guy despite his disgusting previous relationship behaviors. It’s easy to say she should have known better but shouldn’t all of us at one time or another? Haven’t we all dated someone who’s done someone else dirty? Or we’ve done dirty ourselves?? I’m certainly not gonna judge her taste in men cause I’m damn sure not perfect. I just feel very sorry that she’s been through what she has and finally was able to have a baby and now this. It’s pretty sad.

  42. Noooo! Y'all making fun of her, no girl deserves this let alone a PREGNANT one. I don't wish this on my worst enemy. I can only imagine how she feels

  43. He cheated on his BM at the time with her. What made her think she was any different?! Nothing I’m sure it wasn’t shocking. 😞 baby isn’t even born yet!

  44. And clearly she forgave him cuz she post abt them alllll the time. So if she doesn’t care, why should anyone else ?! 🙄

  45. It’s sad really. Khloe has tried to have a baby for years. And when she finally gets knocked up, she’s cheated on. Even if you don’t like her, it’s a terrible situation and I empathize with her.

  46. Well she really did just want a baby and it really didn't matter which NBA player impregnated her. Babies are like fashion accessories to those Kardashians. This guy is not done sowing his wild oats. His zipper is down!

  47. Smh...didn’t he dump the other girl (while she was pregnant) because he was cheating on her with khloe? Dang, khloe deserves the best, but what do you expect when you hook up with a man as the side chick and he make you his main my momma always, he will do you just like the last lady if you get him in the wrong circumstances.

  48. Poor Khloe Kardashian hope she leaves him she doesn't deserve to be cheated on and then 3 months pregnant because if we did it 3 months ago for sure he's still doing it

  49. No one is surprised 😂 he left his pregnant girlfriend for Khloe. We all knew this was coming! This guy allergic to fatherhood and new born babies 🤦🏻‍♀️

  50. I feel bad for Khloe. She can never win with these guys. Idk she should probably stop dating basketball players. At least she will have a child she always wanted just sucks that she can never have a great relationship.

  51. Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without condemning of one's view's and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say. 😂😂😌🤗

  52. So these are my thoughts, and I know everyone will not agree with it. If a man or woman cheats while already in a relationship, really what makes you think that you are so special that in time they will not cheat on you, if they can walk away from one relationship to be with you, they most likely will walk away from you when the right one comes along.

  53. Since y'all had this footage back in October, why wait til right before due date to break the news? That's low...she doesn't need the added stress although I'm sure she been knew about it. Y'all are tackier than MTO 😂😂

  54. Daaaamn hahaha he cheated on his baby momma with khloe and now he cheats on her. A taste of her own medicine 😂😂😂 Jonathan Zavala

  55. Absolutely disappointing! How you do this to your very pregnant girlfriend?!?! However (comma)......doesn’t he have another child that’s like the age of 2? That should say something right there. Very sad to watch this. I need to pick my mouth off the floor.

  56. Come on ladies, we're fighting for the rights for women to be seen and heard. Yet these ladies saw it fit to degrade themselves by kissing on him like that knowing he's with Khloe. How are we gonna get ahead when some women are willing to sell themselves short. Drunk or no drunk..smh.

  57. A cheater is always a cheater that’s what she gets for dating nba ballers she didn’t learn from Lamar Odom’ what made her think Tristan was any better smh lol

  58. How embarrassing!! All the money in the world will never buy you a faithful man! I’m so lucky to be poor.

  59. Just more drama for KUWTK show. That's all they've been about since they first came out on 📺. They've screwed their way through half the NBA and NFL and ruined more careers than drugs could've . Yet people keep watching and giving them money like they're relevant.

  60. That's horrible. Out of the sisters, she's had the roughest path and the most difficult time with men. Despite his track record, it seemed like she had finally found "the one" and was getting her miracle baby, then *boom* this video surfaces. What a disgrace. She can't catch a break.

  61. Wow..... I guess karma ain't just a club on the jersey shore. She started dating him while he had some other woman pregnant..... I feel so bad for her though. To be betrayed while pregnant is the true meaning of sadness.😦

  62. Why must men always embarrass us? He knows he's going to be watched. Yet he is still cheating and careless about it as well......🤨🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  63. Well Tristan left his pregnant girlfriend Jordyn for Khloe. Looks like he’s leaving pregnant Khloe for new girlfriends. Not shocked. Once a cheater always a cheater.

  64. What a pig. Poor Khloe. She doesn’t deserve that. But she needs to stop picking the same kind of men. I hope she leaves him and doesn’t look back. 💪🏼

  65. Poor Khloe. So many haters in here! This could be your mom,sister etc...shame on all of you making fun, especially you females!

  66. That is NOT cheating. That's allowing something to go to far in public. Did he sleep with her/them? Is he having a secret relationship with her/them? Because THAT would be cheating.

  67. He Cheated on his other baby momma and got with Khloe Kardashian, what did she think he was going to do to her. KARMA KARMA KARMA.... GET THOSE CHECKS KHLOE LEAVE HIS BUTT ALONE....

  68. No one know 100% If this is him so don't believe everything y'all see. Let ppl be happy. Paps are paid to get vidoes and take pics even if it ruins families or maybe it's a look a like . Which is a sad life and job they have

  69. Karma Khloe. If he did it to his last mother of child to be with you obviously he'll do it to you. Ah well . I'm sure this Kardashian will just sell her and her child's soul for just about any money making deal going just like the rest of the fake family

  70. What a shame!! The baby is coming any min and should be the happiest time of her life. What a shame that he is doing this. But she had to know that he left baby momma #1 while she was pregnant for her. What comes around goes around.