Train with GOP lawmakers collides with truck

Train with GOP lawmakers collides with truck

Train with GOP lawmakers collides with truck

Posted by NBC News Jan. 31, 2018, 5:37 p.m.

BREAKING: White House: 1 death and 1 serious injury after crash involving a train with GOP lawmakers and a truck, but "there are no serious injuries among members of Congress or their staff."

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  1. Such a sad day for the families of the men in that truck...jokes are not appropriate.

  2. it is always the best ones who go first. Sorry.

  3. Already seeing posts from the IDIOT Trumpanzees saying it was a terrorist attack....>GOOD GRIEF

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  5. Very sad!

  6. paul ryan?

  7. Prayers for all involved

  8. Feel bad for the truck driver!.

  9. RIP

  10. Oh goodness!

  11. Was it an accident, or a failed deep-state operation, trying to eliminate Republican lawmakers in order to hinder President Trump’s agenda? 🤔

  12. Oh the METAPHORS. Trash Train plows into Trash Truck.

  13. Okay so let’s worry about the people actually hurt.

  14. #KARMA

  15. The democrats want a hot war . Cho Cho .

  16. Do we know who died? Was it the conductor or a passenger? 😔

  17. Poor guy..why couldn’t Ryan be the one

  18. didn't Putin use a city garbage truck to kill some of his critics?

  19. Feel so so for the garage truck and the driver ....

  20. A train hit a truck carrying liberals?

  21. My will take them a month to separate the mess

  22. 1st the BS speach of the orange clown and now the Republicans are in a train wreck...Ohh the irony. LMAO. (hope everyone is ok...then again they got good health care coverage).

  23. Sorry even trains get old !