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Posted by FOX Sports Feb. 20, 2018, 4:49 a.m.

A night to forget for Trae Young

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  1. This kid peaked at 20 games this season. Advise LeBron that he needs to remain in college one more year. If college kid can stop him, this mean early ''bust"..

  2. I know the guy is good but it really feels like EVERY sports channel is on this guy's n#ts. He's good don't get me wrong.

  3. But you media keep telling us that he is the greatest player ever! You make up excuses for his bad games, and fail to mention that his team lost 9 of their last 11 games! You pick one player and shove him down our throats until we can’t stand him!

  4. This kid is over rated and has already hit his peek, won’t get much better. Will be just another Buddy Hield sitting at the end of the bench ✌🏼

  5. I think the kid is burnt out, he talented but extremely weak has to get stronger he should be OK in the league maybe, once he is just concentrating on basketball.

  6. Overrated...when u put up alot of points in the beginning like he did it just proves that he is a hog cheese ball hog

  7. Honestly we don't really care about this kid and I am so close to in following Fox Sports because of you guys always posting his numbers.

  8. Can’t wait for the Magic or kings to draft the bust an set them back a few more years. Kids way over rated and needs to pass more. Kid can’t shoot

  9. You are always better off having a team than a superstar or 2. You see it at every level. They don't get everybody involved in the game.

  10. Another one to forget. Is this dude even shooting 35% from the field during the season. Every game I look he is shooting around 30 %

  11. He’s gonna be a liability in the NBA. If I was him I’d work on defense. He’s really talented though, so he can improve

  12. This happens when Sport Shows label a young player as the next Curry/Jordan. Teams will shut you down.

  13. now I get it...ESPN is trolling this kid (see I don't even know this kids name)
    Why would I? Only 11 points?

  14. I think he'll do fine at next level. He's shown that he got potential to be a good scorer and facilitator. This OU team is terrible. But so was Ben Simmons when he was on LSU.

  15. The hype machine finally dying?...basically double team Trae, if he catchs it play hard nosed defense and O U is done

  16. yall still pimpin this dude when his TEAM has lost, what, like 6 or 7 straight?

  17. Overrated. Anyone can score 40 in a game if u shoot 30-40 times a game

  18. He's so overrated lol and yet they keep pushing him on us

  19. More like the 2nd half of season to forget

  20. Id let him sit more and catch his legs. Lon Krueger doing a great job managing his top scorer.....

  21. The more assist he has the less points and bad shooting he has.

  22. Not even that good. Nobody will remember him in 5 years

  23. Trae Young leads the nation in turnovers by a large margin...2nd worst in turnovers isnt even close to him(and all those terrible shots from near half court are really just uncategorized turnovers). Sure he scores 29 points per game...he takes the most 2 point shots in the country, so of course he's gonna score a lot even if he missed 2/3 of those shots. He also takes the 2nd most 3-point shots in the country, plus he gets favorable treatment by the refs so we gotta also consider how he gets the 2nd most free throw attempts in the nation. He is way overrated! After Oklahoma started 12-1, coaches figured out that all you have to do is throw a double-team on him and he plays terribly. Heck, most of his assists are because he is being double teamed and has no choice but to pass. He doesnt really look to make plays with his teammates, he IS the team in his own opinion.

  24. How about you and ESPN report on other college players besides this goof.

  25. Rock Chalk Jayhawk!! BOOM! Sorry Trae!

  26. he had a great 16 game season!!