Trade Packages and Landing Spots for Kevin Love If LeBron James Leaves Cavs

Trade Packages and Landing Spots for Kevin Love If LeBron James Leaves Cavs
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  1. Wiggins for Love would be a great trade.

  2. FOH with this BS. What lazy eyed slow mofo wrote this click bate trash. Love's value is severely damaged from the past few years. No way he pulls anything close to what your trash writer is proposing.

  3. Other than Love being from California, there’s really no need to add a 25 million a year guy when you have a perfectly serviceable Kuzma and Randle

  4. Gay-Love tandem in Spurs would be great

  5. Lakers trade Kuzma?? Whomever wrote this was high af. Ball would go before Kuzma lol. Also, the Lakers wouldn't trade Hart, Kuzma, AND their first round for Love....Deng yes lol

  6. I hope he does get traded and become a superstar again. He was loyal!!!! He played well in the finals too.

  7. Hornets should trade Batum for him. Howard, Love and Kemba may not be a championship team but at least they could make some noise.

  8. I find it funny that so many of you people think you know what you are talking about!!! Good thing that none of you running NBA team cuz you probably would run it straight into the ground. I know I would run the team into the ground

  9. Best bet with san antonio...i remember kevin love singing praises to coach pop during his all star stint...

  10. Raptors - Delon Wright, Jonas Valanciunas and OG Anunoby straight up to Cleveland for Love.
    Cavs fill 3 starting spots with quality youth to pair with Cedi Osman and pick 8 (Porter Jnr/Carter/Sexton/Mikal Bridges).

  11. If LeBron leaves Cleveland, keep Love. You’re gonna need his offensive presence. Plus he did well when he was the #1 option in Minnesota. He was a top 3 PF at the time. If LeBron leaves, the offense would revolve around Love. Could be beneficial to him.

  12. Chase Gannon Jarrell not sure why Lebron leaving has anything to do with trading Love. They need to overhaul that team regardless of whether Bron stays or not

  13. Wizards should dump mahimmi and porters massive contracts for loves and swap 1st rounds. Then wizards could draft a 5 ealry, let gortat sail off into the sunset and let oubre take over porters spot. Then at least the next season they could make a bid for a star free agent.

  14. What else has love done the last few years besides camp at the three point line and wait for Lebron to pass it to him?

  15. Comical article. He's on downside of career and making 50 million for next 2 years. Who would want that contract.

  16. No way trading Hart Kuzma and the 25th pick for this guy.. Straight only deng and where good!

  17. Steve Castilleja I’ll take Kevin Love to Spurs!

  18. Utah would be a great fit for Love..

  19. it's a no trade for the lakers hart and kuzma for kevin love? nope

  20. I think love is getting traded even if LeBron stays with Cleveland

  21. Source says: "LeBron James will go to Milwaukee Bucks and Kevin Love will join too. Milwaukee Bucks will form a superteam LeBron,Antetokoumpo,Love,Bledsoe and Parker". - Sportscenter

  22. Steven Patsey whoever wrote this article should be fired love aint worth half these dudes socks

  23. Who is the terrible/horrible mufcker who was making these trades?Laughable when I read the lakers/cavs deal

  24. These are ridiculous trades! Do you watch basketball!?

  25. Trade TT,Klove and George hill for draft picks

  26. That’s a lot of $$ for a guy that gets hurt every year.

  27. He should be happy. All they do is blame him for everything. He shoulda been left

  28. He needs to go to a team that appreciates his hard work. He needs to get out of Cleveland

  29. Utah is the perfect fit for him. But two 1st rounders for him seems a little steep...

  30. LMAO I've never seen trade scenarios where they GIVE the player away but with these "offers" .. 😂🤣😂🤣

  31. Kevin Love is only worth his expiring contract

  32. Kyle Jones what you think of the 76ers one?

  33. Aaron Badilla wiggins for love daw hahaha

  34. Love for Draymond Green.
    I don't want Green getting free rings anymore

  35. Yea no one wants him now. 4 years ago maybe. Now you couldn't get squat for him

  36. Love will play better when lebron is gone. He was a star on the timber wolves

  37. No one wants him...they already tried....too soft now.

  38. um... Keep him. Love, Hood, TT, Nance & Hill are a decent team to start a rebuild with.

  39. A team would be idiots to trade for Kevin love . K love is a bum

  40. James is leaving his son is gong to school in la

  41. It's going to be one big reboot in Cleveland everyone will be out and traded

  42. better change that if to when...

  43. All I know is that his trade package should involve a new barber.

  44. You mean WHEN LeBron James leaves.

  45. He alright... he would be a good fit for the windy city bulls 😂🤣😂.

  46. Who wants Cleveland’s garbage?????

  47. Okc please. Cavs gonna tank so take melo. Win win.

  48. Love was a better player when he was Fat

  49. Celtics for draft picks and smart

  50. Love is a good player, unfortunately he was asked to be just a pure stretch 4/5 for the Cavs. That's not his game, he needs the ball in his hand, and score from down low. I think a team like the Spurs can really utilize him, as he has good IQ, and can do a bit of everything on offense. His defensive liability can be covered under the Spurs system.