Tim Hortons Poop Footage

Tim Hortons Poop Footage

Tim Hortons Poop Footage

Posted by Comedy Central May 17, 2018, 10:07 p.m.

Newly found audio from Tim Hortons reveals: It was all a big misunderstanding.

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  1. That guy should have kicked her feet out so she fell in the s*** and then rub her nose and it like a puppy

  2. I'm jealous. It takes me a few minutes to get comfortable in my own bathroom.
    To have a bowel movement so quickly...
    I wonder what she ate .
    It was probably kale.

  3. Amazing, comedy Central finally shows us a behind-the-scenes look on the making of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.
    A fresh pile of Doo doo butter

  4. Traci Urban shots fired. Shes fighting the good fight. The most unbelievable thing about this is that she pooped without peeing... its almost impossible

  5. Why did Donald Trumps mom throw him like that?

  6. Well to be perfectly honest, in my humble opinion, of course without offending anyone who thinks differently from my point of view, but also by looking into this matter in a different perspective and without condemning of one's view's and by trying to make it objectified, and by considering each and every one's valid opinion, I honestly believe that I completely forgot what I was going to say...lol

  7. I hope they burned that sh*t covered place to the ground! There's sh*t on the walls, the floor, the counters. Not to mention the sh*t particles flying through the air as she threw that turd rocket towards employees!!! I'll pass on the salmonella and E. Coli with my food, thanks!

  8. I don't understand why anyone would want to see this.

  9. She was trying to use the bathroom so she could shoot up, they have had problems with her before so they told her no. She obviously did not like that answer.

  10. Gross. I don't understand this kind of humor. Nor would I ever want to. Humor is suppose to be witty and creative. Why do people find it funny of Somebody taking a dump in a coffee shop? Like it makes me feel kind of quesy watching this.🤢

  11. Until 0:10 I actually thought it was real

  12. She must've had that turd locked and loaded. I've heard of ppl that can cry on demand but this is impressive 😂

  13. Some places don’t let you use the bathroom unless you buy something and there are even signs that say “for customers only”. I used to get so much crap because we had a bathroom only for employees and people kept asking to use it and getting shitty that we didn’t have a public bathroom (I worked in an indoor mall, none of the stores had bathrooms)

  14. she's lucky that was a guy bc any female would've knocked her ass out the minute she attempted to even pop a squat....

  15. that's literally what monkeys do.....somebody call the zoo think there's a monkey impersonating a woman and hurling fieces

  16. best part about this whole thing; she has the "can i speak to your manager" haircut 🔥

  17. Not sure which is worse. The reaction she had, by just taking a dump anywhere.

    Or the fact that places don’t have public restrooms. I personally find it despicable that people think this is ok. If I see a sign that say “bathrooms for customers only!” I refuse to enter and purchase anything from such a heartless institution.

  18. Some comedy just ain't funny at all...and I can't get that time I just wasted watching this back...they need to pay everybody that watched this🤦😏☹️

  19. Wesley Adrian Sthefanie Hassuike olhem isso HAHAHAHAHAHHAJAHA
    PS: Seu nome é muito difícil de escrever, Sthefanie. Vai no cartório e troca por Kleber, mais fácil pra todo mundo

  20. Was she born in a barn! She didn’t even wash her hands!

  21. Marshall Nez could you imagine if someone did this at work? Haha oh my goodness what is wrong with the world.

  22. OMG they have to sanitize that restaurant thoroughly.

  23. The end results of a Starbucks incident, when you deny the use of your restrooms to a patron.😃 Wow, now that's just wrong!

  24. This world is just getting worse and worse . We treat each other like crap because we all judge in our minds with out having an understanding towards trust

  25. It usually takes me a few minutes of sitting on the throne to poop....how the hell did she fire one out so fast?

  26. What are you insane? That is sickening not even close to funny. You gotta really doing some serious drugs if you thought that was funny.

  27. Is this the new gta VI gameplay?

  28. Brittany Schappach Julian Pearsall the coffee shops peter goes to in Canada are strange places indeed

  29. Comedy central actually made comedy.

  30. Its the mad pooper aka zeke from bobs burgers lol

  31. this is the first thing served fresh in tim hortons for years.

  32. Like my granny used to say, if ya hold your poop back it'll come out your ears.

  33. I would have lost my job. Beating her ass..

  34. At Tim Hortons we keep you regular just like Raisin Bran.

  35. So disgusting and fummy at d same time

  36. Uhm where is this Tim Hortons?

  37. At that moment, everyone there was suddenly put off by the Boston Cream doughnuts.

  38. She has obviously some sort of mental illness. This isn’t funny it’s sad.

  39. Nadeem ever eating at tim hortons again?

  40. Steven - No wonder everyone loves going to that shitty place Tim Horton's.

  41. Mason Gore yo you guys got this policy at your tim hortons?

  42. Facebook needs a facelift as to what gets on the feed, disgusting

  43. Robb Young does this change your mind about Tim Horton's? 😂

  44. The coffee hit her a little too quick!

  45. So wait is this Real or Fake? I can't tell, someone wanna explain this to me???

  46. Kaylin Jesse Kyle so much better when you can hear her speak!

  47. Steffi R Stefan M wenn man es bis 15Uhr nicht nachhause schafft, aber nicht auf ein Fremdes Klo will :D

  48. Miro Marija Karolina a vis drugacije je sa zvukom 😆 hahaha

  49. That is not human, that's a poo flinging Monkey that needs to return to the zoo.

  50. Justin Allmark is this what goes on in a Tim Hortons?

  51. Terrible voice over... not funny at all. Literally anyone could have made this .

  52. Tim Duffy is the voice of the employee Ables Will 😂😂😂

  53. Owen here’s the audio from the incident....

  54. Pryce hahaha finally the truth

  55. Imagine if she woulda been told no at Starbucks

  56. Allison with this commentary it’s funny 😆

  57. Omg Cori!!! Bahahahaha!!! I’m literally dying!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  58. Keanna! Not sure if you saw the original but this is fucking amazing.

  59. Ashlie Waiwaiole don’t mind the commentary over the surveillance video! But how wild is this? Like WTF?

  60. Kris.....here is some narration for you

  61. Peyton Cockrell

    I havw no idea what this is, I assume this happened and it was terrible but this is just hilarious

  62. Wasn't she supposed to eat it!!

  63. Jared yep just tagging you, special mofo😍

  64. Guys....it was all a misunderstanding!! Amber Jenny Kiran Marta

  65. I know it didn't go down like that haha

  66. Still less annoying than "can i speak to your manager"

  67. Cydel Villa Nathalie Piscopo why the media gotta make her look bad like that