Tillerson warns of "crisis of integrity and ethics" in 1st public speech since leaving Trump admin.

Tillerson warns of "crisis of integrity and ethics" in 1st public speech since leaving Trump admin.
Image from: CBS News

"When we as people, a free people, go wobbly on the truth even on what may seem the most trivial of matters, we go wobbly on America."

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  1. Wow really clown? You worked there to begin with! Not to mention the Russian ties and money he received lol, ethics! You were humiliated but don’t talk about ethics! 😂

  2. He may have been the only cabinet member with a moral compass. But was in way over his head. A good man.

  3. The notion that Trump is a “master negotiator” should have been put to rest ages ago. He’s just winging everything...badly.

    The people who think he is smart are simple-minded and easily-manipulated mouth breathing morons who consider 6th grade to be their senior year.

  4. I love how Trump has ZERO tollorance for incompetent pepole. he wasn't doing a good job and he was fired it is that simple

  5. He was in the belly of the beast so we should pay some attention and not be blind to a Semi-dictator

  6. I like Tillerson, he is referring to all politicians, he hated Washington politics and said so publicly long before his dismissal

  7. Yet he worked for him long enough, while wrecking the State department. He's crying into his pile of money, it's all good.

  8. He is referring to the fake news that constantly blasts Trump no matter what he does.

    Sadly liberals wont see that

  9. Now the 45 is going to unleash his usual and always predictable Twitter tanTrumps cause Tillerson is referring to him

  10. I don’t care what he says now. He lost all integrity being complicit.

  11. When we start calling a lie a lie and a liar a liar that would be awesome.

  12. Wow!! He didn’t even try to menace words. He’s speaking to you Donny boy!

  13. Sorry it’s a bit late to warn about a crisis of integrity or ethics. That should have been discussed in 2016

  14. Now, that’s funny coming from him — you do say!

  15. He's a fired employee, sour grapes from him! Notice he didn't quit!!?

  16. An oil exec sure would know about being wobbly on the truth.

  17. You think, and he was feeding the pig......

  18. Wow. A Trump appointee. Maybe there is hope for America.

  19. If the best we can do is the ec-ceo of ExxonMobil we are doomed.

  20. looks like it's payback time! so fun to watch :)

  21. Get real... Trump stays in the WH... where is your Hillary??

  22. 66 million of us got that memo by 2016. Thanks for catching up, Bro.

  23. Remember when the liberals were having a hussy fit when he was hired?

  24. Point on Mr. Tillerson, point on.

  25. “BREAKING: The GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee has released a statement confirming the conclusion of the intelligence community that Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election in order to help President Trump win.”


  26. JESUS GOD IS COMING SOON HE COMES WITH HIS MERCY AND JUSTICE. AMEN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wu5V28XGxr0

  27. Warning after warning after warning. We need to hold these folks accountable for their lies and reclaim America from the racist, immoral, uneducated sheep that blindly follow Trump and his corrupt administration.

  28. The smart repugs are bailing out of trumpville. They don't want to be known as trump supporters, it will ruin their chances of ever being trusted or believed again ever.

  29. In other words, "Trump is a f**king moron" and those who support him are too.

  30. Truth to power
    Trump is a corrupt, incompetent, treasonous pig!

  31. Tillerson is a swamp creature / establishment DC Fk em.. Ya gotta love Trump! Or hate America its obvious to all but the oblivious. O Wingate up your now with a rubber hose.

  32. ... . : NEW: The Senate Intelligence Committee finds: "The Russian effort was extensive, sophisticated, and ordered by President Putin himself for the purpose of helping Donald Trump and hurting Hillary Clinton." ~~~ ~. ~~~ ~. Tillerson on Wednesday appeared to offer an implicit rebuke of his old boss, as he warned of a "growing crisis in ethics and integrity" during a commencement address at the Virginia Military Institute. ~~~ ~. ~~~ ~. ~~~ ~. ... . : Trump's Tax disclosure reveals Trump "fully reimbursed" his personal lawyer Michael Cohen. ~~~ ~. Though Trump said that his disclosure of his reimbursement to Cohen was voluntary, government ethics officials said the reimbursement was required to be disclosed in the financial disclosure forms. ~~~ ~. ~~~ ~. ... . : The Senate intelligence committee says it agrees with a 2017 assessment by intelligence agencies that Russia intervened in the presidential election earlier to hurt the candidacy of Democrat Hillary Clinton and to help Donald Trump. ~~~ ~. ~~~ ~. ... . : Trump is American history. Without the Evangelicals there would be no Trump Republican Party and the Federal agencies have been taken over to the corporations that the federal agencies were meant to regulate. Trump has turned the federal government into a type of Putin Oligarchs government system. To say nothing of the Mueller investigation of the Trump & Putin collusion in the 2016 election. We are living American history. (May you live in interesting times or exciting times.) ~~~ ~

  33. Hmmmm wonder who he is talking about? “That traitor hates Merica”