Tiffany Haddish Claims She Witnessed Beyonce Shut Down an Actress Who Tried to Touch JAY-Z

Tiffany Haddish Claims She Witnessed Beyonce Shut Down an Actress Who Tried to Touch JAY-Z

Tiffany Haddish says she saw another side to Beyoncé.

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  1. My question is; why are you touching a married man?? Is there a need to be touching someone?? Easy keep your hands to yourself and no it’s not insecurely it’s called respect.

  2. My question is, Why did she have to shut it down?? Why didn’t her faithful loving husband shut it down before it even start?? 🤔🙄 Oh yeah, what was I thinking, wrong faithful loving husband.

  3. Why are people coming at Beyonce when she acts like every other woman that has been cheated on? No matter what people think, she is not perfect. She is woman.

  4. Ima say Jay-Z is really unattractive but money hoes will still go for the old and the ugly. Why Beyonce went for him I'm sure was for a complete and totally different reason than his looks or money.

  5. Everyone can look at Beyoncé and tell she has a lil fire in her...”her sister ain’t the only one.” 💯

  6. Damn she's Insecure.. I bet a lot of women are going to try to get jay z to sleep with them since they share way too much about him cheating.. never should have done that.. good luck with stopping them Beyonc

  7. But the husband is the problem not those loose women...if they cheated once they'll do it again soon or later...don't matter how much she guarded him now...

  8. So she is getting smart. She needs some lessons from Fayanne Alverez. Everybody know to leave Bunji alone!

  9. For me, what beyonce had done to that girl was just normal to being a wife..

  10. Simple keep your hands off of what's not yours 😂✋

  11. Beyonce said no more lemonade for her, damn that! Lol

  12. she reacted that way because her husband is a cheater.

  13. This isn't even a story. It's not even half a story.

  14. He's not even cute,,,,,but money talks

  15. You do not touch a man who is married. Not like that. Find someone who is single.

  16. Felmale just need to respect each other

  17. That B-girl is just showing out!!!

  18. Tiffany prolly put extra on it for a story like her book.. Seriously

  19. She signed the contract she might as well

  20. Beyonce Has That Right To Do That

  21. My god, can you blame her??

  22. Goes to show she doesnt trust him

  23. That’s her man, she has the right especially when his ass already a cheater