Three Applebee’s employees fired for profiling two black women

Three Applebee’s employees fired for profiling two black women
Image from: New York Daily News

"This is what black people have to deal with," one of the profiled customers say in a video.

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  1. The police officer should be reprimanded in this case as well. All that condescension? Unprofessional.

  2. Missouri IS one of the worst states for racism in this entire country....I’ve been there. It’s terrible! Race relations there are “strained”.

    I ASK - WHY????

  3. I wonder why people always associate back people with danger or dishonest or criminals.The other day I saw a shop accusing a black man of not paying for a jacket that he was wearing!His own jacket that he had on when he came to the shop!And now this ladies just wanted to have dinner and they are being accused of having eaten the previous day and not paid.All because they are black.That people still act like this in 2018 is beyond me!!!

  4. Good. To try and get someone arrested without any PROOF of a crime, other than they are both women and black, is wrong and deserves the punishment of termination. I hope those employees think again before they assume someone is a criminal.

  5. I guess the Applebees, the police and security personnel is sticking to the proverbial script, "I feared for my life. Black women eating dinner, that makes them suspicious." Ah, racism in America. The struggle continues...

  6. That law suit is going to be fat. They humiliated those women in front of everyone in that restaurant all based on one server's unfounded accusation...

  7. Wow!!! They have no idea what the women looked like, other than the fact that they were black!
    Racism is alive and well and it gets worse when you get to some States. Good for Applebee’s that they reacted so quickly.
    Companies need to start the training BEFORE the fact rather than after though. This is 2018 and should not be happening.

  8. Why is it almost always that BLACk people, and not other races, who are so vociferously aggrieved, demand special treatment and act as if the whole world owes them so much? They want to break universal social rules (like with the recent spate of kneeling) with impunity but they get hysterical and irrational when they feel that one of them is victimized (however insignificantly), in stark contrast with the other races?
    Shouldn't we restrategise everything and shouldn't black people (as a race, because many black people have already proved that they can more than just compete universally), like so many other races before them did, try harder to conform and improve themselves?
    Racism is not fueled by skin colour but by real differences.

  9. I absolutely felt the HATE!!!! I’m so sorry they had to endure this, boycott every business who does a person of color like this. Pick better employees or ruin their business their choice.

  10. And to add insult to injury they were told to pay for their food and to leave and never come back. Disgusting. Not only would I have refused to pay for being treated in such a way, I would become part owner of that applebees

  11. What happened to the officer? I hope they reported him as well there was no reason for him to keep laughing and telling her she's too emotional and its not a big deal. That being said if Asia was my friend I probably would have slapped her LOL.

  12. Did the cop bother to ask if the restaurant called the cops the previous night after the dine and dash or did he just take the word of the Applebee’s employees? Was a police report made the previous evening? If not, then the Applebee’s employees should be arrested for false reporting of a crime.

  13. The cop wasn't profiling he got called however the manager should have thought about it. Most likely a 40 dollar meal wasn't worth getting it wrong, yes the manager and waitress profiled them and was wrong. They never asked the question, would if we mistake their identity.

  14. Something similar too this happened to me at the the Glendale Arizona location on ,83rd and Bell a few years back. Called management the next day and still waiting to hear from them. Yes the police was called but they let me go because I didn't do anything.

  15. It's not racial profiling. The manager and server mistakenly blamed them for stealing because the thieves looked similar. The cop is just responding to the 911 call.

  16. This type of racism and discrimination has gone far enough. Those employees deserve to be fired. #StopRacialProfiling

  17. She has to grow some thicker skin, because this is nothing compared to what they would really like to do. Smiling ear to ear, no shame. At least Applebees showed some integrity.

  18. Everybody's also forgetting, how stupid would you have to be to go BACK to a restaurant you just dined and dashed from the day before?

  19. That's nothing i get followed in every major store i frequent isle for isle and met at the front door with security.

  20. Remember that situation at the Gap Warren Buffett's stepped in 48 hours. And close down the franchise .Its called damage control is very hard to recuperate.
    When these kind of situation occur in Chain mainly when there's are franchisee .

  21. I would think the police would pursue this with false allegation charges.

  22. This cop should be fired too.

  23. Time to boycott applebees

  24. The way the white girl had her little raggedy arms crossed, watching this girl cry (while pleading her innocence) pissed me off. I’ve seen white people do that to me and others while “telling” or exaggerating a story

    Common sense would’ve told me that people that dine and dash don’t come back the very next day and pay. How did she get that job anyway?

  25. This Edomites right here...Smh

  26. This isn't racism. It may be a case of mistaken identity.


  28. So I'm guessing they were wrong.

  29. Poor baby, she experienced racism, I hope they didn’t give that clear b***h a tip.

  30. “ ‘After an internal investigation and in line with our values, the franchisee terminated the manager, server and another employee involved in the incident,’ the restaurant chain said in a statement Monday night. ‘We do not tolerate racism, bigotry or harassment of any nature.’ “

    Just how did Applebee’s determine that the three employees had engaged in racism, bigotry, or harassment?!

    What exactly did the company’s “investigation” find? Surely there would have been a shortage in the receipts by the server who had suffered the dine-and-dash the night before, if there had been one. And if it had been on an order of the same food as these women had this night? That would prove the allegation, as far as I’m concerned.

    So the question is, WAS there such an incident? DID two women dine and dash? Is there any surveillance video showing them? If so, does it establish that it was someone other than these women?

  31. Good for Applebees for exiting those employees they are bad for business

  32. The republicans will say this was a random incident as always

  33. This is so 19th Century in America..

  34. Several people were fired over this incident. Good response.

  35. The real question is why would anyone take a friend to Applebee’s?

  36. Really...what the hell does dining and dashing even mean

  37. They did have cameras armed and ready. They were planning to start something.

  38. Lock them up and throw away the key

  39. Get a Lawyer and sue them