This new lynching memorial rewrites American history

This new lynching memorial rewrites American history

This new lynching memorial rewrites American history

Posted by CNN April 9, 2018, 2:28 p.m.

More than 4,000 black men, women, and children died at the hands of white mobs between 1877 and 1950. Can you name any of them? This memorial in Montgomery, Alabama, is trying to change that.

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  1. Many of the people I keep seeing absolutely against this memorial are the same people absolutely in favor of keeping Confederate Monuments. Funny how that is acceptable; keeping pretty statues that make traitors look like heroes, but memorials to their victims is insulting and problematic.🤔😒
    If you are triggered by this, you need to really do some soul searching.

  2. Keeping those old wounds open. Funny how the side that says we need to eliminate racism is the side that continues to bring up the worst of our history instead of focusing on the positive and the accomplishments that we've actually made.. Let's be honest. Racism is too highly profitable for those who race bait and constantly need your "money" to combat racism.. Why eliminate the problem when you can treat it for life.. Why come hand in hand when the media wants us fist to fist.. Manipulation and Exploitation. That's the Liberal way.

  3. Here come the angry supporters of the Giant Cheeto to claim nobody should be talking about this.

  4. I have a question for the Trump supporters. When you guys say let's make America great again, is this the time period that you are referring to?

  5. This is the kind of memorials that we need, not some statue of a glorified confederate traitor on a horse. This is the truth and people need to see it.

  6. Tens of thousands of white people have died at the hands of black people , each day the number grows , it typically warrants no more attention than a local news snippet between the weather and what's happening this weekend near you , can you name any of them ?

  7. How about erecting a memorial on the door steps of Planned Parenthood in honor of the millions of black babies that have been systematically butchered at the hands of the Planned Parenthood mob?!

  8. I thought that was what the Confederate statues did, yet they tore them down. Trying to eradicate history. But here, they are doing the very same thing in reminding people of our past. Why is this right, yet our Confederate statues are wrong? Don't they both say "Never Again?" I think if we allow one story to be told, we need to allow the other story to be told. It's either yes to this and our monuments, or no to both.

  9. There were many more that there are no records of... We are always told to never forget the Holocaust but that we should move past slavery and lynchings

  10. During the 1650s, over 100,000 Irish children between the ages of 10 and 14 were taken from their parents and sold as slaves in the West Indies, Virginia and New England. In this decade, 52,000 Irish (mostly women and children) were sold to Barbados and Virginia. Another 30,000 Irish men and women were also transported and sold to the highest bidder.

  11. Far more relevant than those Confederate monuments.
    I watched the report on this last night on 60 minutes. If this doesn't strike at a person's soul, then they have none.

  12. Powerful memorials for all these victims. Would love to see this done for Native Americans too. So many senseless murders in history and all their stories should be told before history revises them.

  13. As a black man I feel posts like this fuel hatred. They are really unnecessary at this time.

    A lot of white people have also been good to blacks. William Wilberforce, Abraham Lincoln.... The Union soldiers during the American civil war who fought to end slavery. Let's celebrate people's goodness and not try to light the flame of hatred at any given opportunity.

  14. Wow. Reading these comments tells me just how crucially necessary this museum and memorial really is. We have so much work to do on reconciliation it’s overwhelming, but I, for one, wish to be on the right side of history, not stubbornly clinging to the past and perpetuating more hatred. Very proud of Bryan Stevenson and EJI for this much needed project.

  15. Funny that some people (mostly white people, especially in the south) have issues with discussing this and making a monument to it and says it does us no good to dwell on the past. However the same people see no problem with confederate monuments and can't get over the fact that Confederates lost the war, confederates fought their own country, and their goal was to preserve slavery.

    History is not pretty but we must not sanitize History and make it all feel good. We have to tell the whole story. We must take the good with the bad.

  16. Meanwhile there's slavery in Africa and the leftist media doesn't talk about it because it's not part of their agenda!

  17. We still have a lot of changing to do. And growing. I think the Native Americans need something like this all across America. What the white people did to them was equally horrifying and unbelievable. The history books are not telling the real truth and the real truth needs to be told..

  18. It’s never a good idea to hide history. I believe that we need to discuss and have memorials that will teach us what happened. As a European I know that very well. We have had a bloody history. I believe that with knowledge comes the desire to do better and move on as a human race.

  19. There have been far more whites murdered in South Africa and Zimbabwe in the last twenty years but the western press and media conveniently manage to keep that of the front page don't they

  20. A very bad chapter in our history. I don't want it repeated. Our so called president thinks the type of people that did this are "very fine people". Vote out trump and everyone that thinks like him.

  21. Yet, no one complains about 911 Memorials. Never forget until it someone or something that makes you feel guilty. If there’s no guilt, why complain about the discussion?

  22. Just 4,000? 5 million white Jews were transported by train car, in standing room only with nothing to go to the bathroom or even room to go to the bathroom and even with the rotting dead, to camps ware they were gassed and then burned or buried in mass graves. At least the slaves had a chants at some sort of life. Get over it already

  23. When the matter comes to be about America's past, slavery and the American Indians, we'll be sure to see the racists with their deflections, denials, and what about's. They like their hero Trump, who exhibits the exact same belief system. The best that can be done is to keep pushing back and throw it in their faces each and every time. When I was a youth in school, they refused to teach anything that dared to besmirch the WASP view of America's history. Slowly, sometimes painfully, the true American history was dragged out of the back of the closet, and seen for the first time. There is a lot of good, but without acknowledging the bad, and the boring(there was also a lot of that too) :-) , America's history will not be complete nor honest.

  24. For all those who say "Lets be positive" "Lets stop talking about the past" Lets move foward"! America can't! If it still exists then its relevant! If no one said anything it would still exist. Black people more than anyone, would like to see it just go away but it hasn't. It seemed like there was a chance but now your seeing a new generation, who in fact may know less of history than earlier generations, being just as racist as generations before. It is being taught by parents & grandparents! No my people you cant close an old wound like this with a "bandaid"! It requires major surgery, recovery and rehab!

  25. Emmet Till, the crime that practically changed how the Americans saw racism in the US, and changed policies and political behavior, culminating with the passing of the civil rights laws in '64 and '65 under Lyndon Johnson.

  26. We need physical markers to jar us from our complacency; to make us pause and consider how the torture and murder of human beings could have been carried forth in a carnival atmosphere in front of crowds of hundreds. I hope these markers will cause people to pause and ask themselves the really hard questions, including "what makes me different than the people that stood in those crowds and watched?" and "what am I doing to make an impact on continuing racial inequality in this country?”

  27. I wonder why CNN has no prominent feature on the slave trade on the East African coast by the Arabs or the white slave trade in the Med by the Barbary pirates. Even that recent article about slave trading in Libya is scant on details on the ethnic origin of the slave traders and slaves.

  28. Wow....why are so many people opposed to this memorial? It is such a shame that you would support keeping the confederate memorials and yet suggest that this memorial not exist. In my opinion they should all exist to exemplify what should never happen again and to demonstrate where we were and where we need to go. We have come a long way but still have road to travel when it comes to race relations in this nation. With that being said however, you cannot remove the parts of history that you want to ignore because they aren't appealing or beneficial. Slavery happened. The Civil War happened. The KKK happened and still happens (unbelievably). My GGG Grandparents helped with the Underground Railroad and I believe we need more memorials for that. As awful as the history is, it is our past and we cannot change it. We have to do better. I just wish everyone could stop being so divisive and understand that all the memorials are important to teach about the failures we made in the past, so that we don't make them in the future. I very much want to visit this memorial to pay tribute to those who lost their lives in this horrific manner.

  29. But the GOP says there is no racism in America. Also that we need a wall to protect us from Mexicans.

  30. I fully support this! I also feel like the monuments should not have been torn down. I think this is to remind us not to let history repeat itself. To take care of each other, regardless of race or gender, or whatever differences we have. It will not change the past, just like tearing down monuments won't change it.

  31. This is stunning, shocking, and needed. We white people of this era need to see this and understand what happened to black people after slavery was over. It was done by our ancestors. It was so much worse than we ever heard. We all need to know this to understand more about an entire race in this country. I think this will help us be more positive, not negative. This must be one of the kindest men on earth.

  32. Thank you to Christopher Columbus for starting Slave trade. Plantation life and lynching by White owners has been a grave issue in the history of Natives and Afro-Americans. Is it over? With police killing the black unarmed individuals, poverty, unemployment and illiteracy at double as compared to that of situation of whites. Never again but is it over?

  33. Words cannot express how much I admire this man. I am appalled at the photos of hundreds, thousands of people attending these lynchings and having a great time. Children having a good time. My God. These children are still alive today, most probably taught their children the same and today we are looking at the consequences.

    I still have hope. I hope we all take 1 second to realize we all bleed the same, we all hang the same and burn alive the same.

    While not a fan of organized religion, I have to stop and pray we acknowledge the past and realize it is so close to our present. May God have some mercy on our souls.

  34. You can put sugar on sh*t all you want, it still smells like sh*t! Stop trying to cover the truth and except it for what it is! Sadly, we have people who feel like that was okay!

  35. You can see that too this day most white people find it offensive to talk about their dark history. Forget those affected by it. They want to be coddled for what their ancestors done and vilify those that went through it. By these comments the mindset of that time is still active in their minds today. Anything about black suffering is secondary because they don't have feelings or experience pain. Remember we are 3/5 human to them. Smh

  36. Why show this kind of history? Because our white and black children need to know how inhumane and immoral certain people were to put other people through this . White AND black slave owners sat back and watched men, women and children get lynched and beaten to death. The human race didn’t change y’all, we have evolved into older humans and that’s it. It was the influence of the very first slave owner that said “you know what, I think I’ll beat a human until he does what I say.” And then once other people saw that it was being done , they thought it was ok too.
    We need to teach our children to have empathy to other people that had to go through this and ANY other person that deals with racism this day and age because it’s still very much alive. Show them this stuff until their heart aches so that they will stand up to ANYONE being mistreated and that we will never again go back to humans treating other humans with such hatred .

  37. They had this on 60 minutes last night! A very shameful part of our history or past!
    We have area in Massachusetts where they are mostly black and Hispanic and then there places where only whites can live and yacht clubs which are only white! We still have a long way to go!

  38. A white mob of men murdered an entire town of black men, women, and children in North Florida in 1923. #RosevilleFlorida. The male white race is a plague.

  39. Many of those who call such monuments “playing the race card” and “keeping old wounds open” are probably among those who oppose the dismantling of Confederate monuments. They have no issue with memorializing, even glorifying, architects of racism, but by no means should the victims of racism ever be memorialized.

  40. My question is, what are you trying to tell the black child? Will this make him strong, or will it instill inferiority complex in him? Will this create Love in his heart for the white race, or will it create hatred for the white race? Will this even make him Love his color more, or will this make him wish, he had another color. Oprah is the one always and everywhere, everyday, talking about how great, it’s to FORGIVE. (Forgiveness)!? Is this the way to forgive? Is this forgiveness???

  41. When we hear about the Holocaust, we don't degrade their stories or ask why we don't honor the Nazis, we don't tell them to forget about it, we don't speak out against honoring the victims and survivors, but yet, for some reason, when we try to honor the victims of slavery and racism in America, so many people complain about it! That's how we know we still have a problem...

  42. Those who are against this are basically saying you rather praise and remember a killer, than praise and remember the victim all because of a skin color...let that sink in!!!

  43. And just like the slaves, no one is alive today who is responsible for either.
    Time to move on and start becoming one instead of constantly blaming someone for something we had no control over it.

  44. How many white people have been murdered by the black man? No one can talk about that cuz that would be racism. Time to let the past go people.

  45. It's not about right or left. The purpose of this is to create conscious, so we never again accept and continue to tolerate bigotry and racial bias. Not talking about hurtful events or acknowledging them is a disservice to those who lost their lives unjustifiably, simply because of the color of their skin, religion, etc. This paves a path for healing and a reminder that this type behavior is unacceptable! We need to expect more and do more as humans! To honor those and not forget them and remind us of the behaviors that took us there!
    Good vibes & have a great day! 😊

  46. Attitudes of racial prejudice are handed down from generation to generation. I think this monument is a great teaching tool for all. I find it hard to believe the excuses they used to lynch someone. The party atmosphere when the lynchings occurred were jaw dropping. All those white people gathered around the gallows in their Sunday clothes. This part of our history is shameful. If you think racism doesn't exist today, you are mistaken. There are laws to protect people now but no law will change that mentality. Maybe reminders like this monument will strike a chord in the hearts of those who have inherited this thinking.

  47. Yes so true and it was the Democratic Party that caused it, Martin Luther King and civil rights had almost eradicated racism in this country and along came obama who saw it as wonderful way to divide this country and he started with Travon Martin even going so far as to say on National tv that he might reopen the case and try it himself. This was after the case was tried and closed mind you, never mind he was completely overruling double indemnity!

  48. For those who say leave it in the past, for some of us, this was prevalent during our lifetime. It happened to our parents, grand parents, and great grand parents. It affected our communities and ability to thrive. It kept our families in poverty. Much of it was government sanctioned. Nothing has been done to make it right for those families. Communities were destroyed. Homes were burned down, business were burned down. Nothing has been done to make it right for those families and communities. All we hear is that happened in the past. Let it go. It happened to us. Our families, our communities.

  49. We have many many monuments to the people slaughtered by the bigots and racists of our societies. They are to be a reminder of the lives lost and to our collective humanity to never let it happen again.

  50. As a Southern white woman born to a racist mom, but a tolerant dad, I’m disgusted each time I encounter the dark side of my forebears. Groupthink can be vile, whether it is racism or anti Semitism, or now, the demonizing of illegal immigrants. Justice always requires mercy. When we lose our mercy, our empathy, we debase ourselves.

  51. We just completed a tour of several Caribbean islands. Listening, visiting museums, and learning about cultural influences taught more about the history of slavery and it’s deep impact on the issues facing us than the 60+ years we’ve tried to understand the South we live in. Seeing slave ship holds, slave huts, chains and worse, city parks that were once auction lots, teaches deep, as do lay guides who simply ask people to look and consider. Lessons learned through veils of tears (and I cannot imagine a more human response) reach the heart and mind and we are changed people. I wish this for all of us, because I think Desmond Tutu is right. We can only make peace with our history through light and reconciliation.

  52. This is on my bucket list to visit this Memorial. Thank you to all who made contributions of their time and funds. These men, women and children should not be forgotten. Hearing these stories is heartbreaking. Forever remembered.

  53. This is a great start! Publish some names so we can pray for their descendants today to break any lingering bondages on their lives. Also for the descendants of the perpetrators to be free of all bondages as well. The blood of Jesus is sufficient!

  54. This is a great idea, I think history like this should be told, So this type of thing won’t happen ever again.some people would like us to forget this stuff happened and that’s the problem. The reason we still have issues today.

  55. I saw on 60 minutes...made me sick and it like the holocaust....

    I've read of this see women being hung, when their husband couldn't be

  56. An inconvenient truth, yet we have to accept it happened . We are God's creation, equally in his eyes.This museum is the American version of the holocaust in WWII.

  57. So sad that I have to live in a country that all certain people are worried about is Racism. If that is what you think is the only thing wrong with this world I feel sorry for you. You need to project your energies into our youths who are eating detergent pods and sniffing condoms. If you don't think that is more important than shame on you.

  58. More African Slaves died in Latin America but that's not PC to talk about apparently!!

    Always selling the White Guilt or Europe Guilt!!!

    Sure! My European ancestors traded in Slavery!!, is not my fault!! But guess what? So do African Nations TODAY!!!

    SO, MOVE ON!!!

  59. I'll make this short and sweet, but here come these idiotic liberal this and liberal that haters saying why reopen Old Wounds and race bait and my favorite it was a long time ago get over it. Well correct me if I'm wrong we remember 9/11 like it was yesterday have you gotten over that IDIOTS!!!

  60. The fact remains that man's inhumanity to man stills occurs in this world.The color or race doesn't make it any more horrendous. Better to commemorate lives lost than the perpetrators of such a crime against GOD.Someone always thinks they are superior to someone else.

  61. Saw this person on 60 Minutes last was mesmerizing, educational, and made you realize that we may be slow at it, but we are taking stabs and becoming civilized......not in our lifetime I fear....first you have to end 'hate'........................................

  62. I think this is something everyone should go and see. It is a sad part of this country. If you need more information read Ida B. Wells. She was a great african american woman who fought against lynching.

  63. this museum should be manditory, paid for by the governmental . it would show in great detail how horrible life was for black people.and show black people how hard their ancestors fought to better themselves and how they suffered to give the next generation a better life it also show us white people did to those poor black people..WE WOULD ALL LEARN.