This is the new 577bhp Mercedes-AMG G63

This is the new 577bhp Mercedes-AMG G63
Image from: Top Gear

It’s the new G63, people. And it’s very, very brawny.

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  1. Gonna need some getting_used_to 🚙🌟

  2. Magnus Soprano Hadde vært noe

  3. Previous one is much more gorgeous and muscular

  4. Juan MontoyaNicolas Zuluaga Molina horrible

  5. Sweet parking lot princess...

  6. Mehdi pas mal non plus...

  7. Preffer the look of the older models... if I were to see this tailgating me, I'd laugh, if an older one tailgated me, I may be more worried

  8. I'm not sold by the front - the new grille looks funny Mthobisi Mathonsi but the side profile, back and interior is magnificent!

  9. Headlights look like an afterthought

  10. 👀 Katlego Christopher Mnisi III

  11. The newer one is ugly...the older one was THE BEST..

  12. Born as Puch G in Graz!!
    And still build in Graz!!
    G stands for GRAZ!!!!

  13. Andrew reckon I trade the X5 on this “shipping container with headlights”? Lol

  14. They need to separate from the G wagon of 90s look i'd better hook up a range sport or escalade rather than a GL

  15. Looks like it has a set of Bentley headlights...

  16. Lucas Alecco Roy Alexander Rostovtsev

  17. Zahed Mamoojee Lelen Govender Barish Chuntharpursat

  18. Robertos Alexandros Volas Damm

  19. Alex Forbes look another merc offroader ;-)

  20. Må jeg få den? Rasmus Staugaard Hansen