This home run celebration 💯

This home run celebration 💯

This home run celebration 💯

Posted by ESPN May 17, 2018, 10:38 p.m.

Those dance moves after the homer 🔥

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  1. The poor batter after him is going to get hit in retaliation.

  2. Breaking: MLB suspends kid 80 games for making a short video that's more interesting than watching an entire MLB game.

  3. I heard Laurel while watching this.

  4. If have caught the ball and had him thrown out at 2nd. They need to stop coddling these special needs kids. Play against the rest of us, that's how the real world is. 😂

  5. Would have been better if he would have been tagged out while he was showboating before crossing the plate.

  6. This is what sports are all about

  7. He's a way better dancer than me. That's for sure!

  8. My grandfather told me that he saw The Titanic, and that from the beginning he warned all the people that, that the boat would sink, but they ignored him, however they were warned again on several occassions, until they kicked him out of the movie theatre.

  9. Because everyone gets a trophy these days...smh my neighbor growing up was " special" autistic what ever you want to CALL it he crushed real home runs with a pitcher and could drain 3's better than most NBA this is garbage

  10. Still better at baseball than 50 cent

  11. *Personal foul, too many men on the field, 2 free throws awarded, first and 10 for the Chicago Dolphins. Also home plate umpire Greg Gibson motions to both Point Gaurds

  12. I volunteered for one of these a long time ago as an announcer. I was maybe a freshman? I dont remember what these events are called. I'd love to do it again.

  13. One of the best videos I have ever viewed! Thank you for making me smile ... even after watching it for the 5th time!

  14. This just in, kid has been suspended for 80 games for suspected PED use, jk great dance move kid. Awesome video

  15. This is what's wrong with sports today. Throw high and tight on him, if he homers then, dance all you want.

  16. Spot on with the showboating before you even cross the finish line. See what people are emulating these days?

  17. Act like you been there before. Give this hot dog some chin music next time up.

  18. Adam Hillis Blake Steckel I would of threw him out at home. Definitely getting some chin music his next at bat too

  19. Trevor Johnson the dance reminds of when Nate Sinnott finished the shock collar challenge running the bases

  20. Teresa Kleckley Barker Punkin F Washington at 32 seconds , that’s the dance move Mary showed us that Maddie did 😂😂😂😂

  21. Made me cry. God bless this sweet young man.

  22. That was the best video of the day. Thanks for sharing ☺☺

  23. So cool to see this kind of emotional support and love.

  24. This made my heart so happy! Thanks for posting!

  25. The bomb drop at the end is awesome

  26. Why would any person laugh at this tho.

  27. Did they call him laurel or yanny?

  28. Esto se llama Hermandad, unidad, compañerismo. Así se hace. Saludos desde Guatemala

  29. If that didn’t make your day,you’re comatose!😁

  30. Kyle Knox reminds me of my last OSU Beavers game I went to.

  31. By far the best content ESPN has ever shared.

  32. I love this....good for him and the team was so sweet 💙

  33. I'm just waiting to see how they make this video about LeBron..

  34. The most lit homerun trot in baseball history ⚾️

  35. This might be the best thing on the internet!!!!

  36. Well... Jordan would have done it better

  37. He must hear "yanny" to have killer moves like that.

  38. I hate how they don't let him play a full game

  39. He had those dance moves down like he's been to a few frat parties! Lol!

  40. Darryl Vieira this is how I imagine your Sunday league .... bahahaha

  41. This was awesome. I shed a tear on the inside

  42. Mad love n respect. Love the moves to bro.

  43. Is that Bartolo "Big Sexy" Colon ?

  44. Good for this kid , great moment in his life 😃

  45. Makin someone’s day just had new meaning!! Blessed

  46. Where's the stats showing LeBron is better? ESPN has been hacked.

  47. John Thomas man he is really getting "down" lol

  48. Did he miss 1st and 2nd base...ha. Nice dance tho.

  49. Alex Bill Schuette knocked this one out of the park.

  50. Jipi Maltais il l'a deja pomal mieux que bien du monde au garage hahahah

  51. That puts a smile on my face every time I watch it.

  52. Landon Sigler this is straight you son! Wait till the end it is extremely funny!

  53. It’s great to see all those kids supporting him!!

  54. u get a trophy u get a trophy u get a trophy everyboby get one🏆