These Are The Factors That Can Help Predict if Your Spouse Might Cheat on You

These Are The Factors That Can Help Predict if Your Spouse Might Cheat on You
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Certain behaviours to watch out for.

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man breath, man look,


  1. Does your man breath?...if YES you’ve been warned

  2. A man will always check out other women. Doesn’t mean he’s going to cheat. It’s part of our genetics to procreate. (Women do it too, just more subtle). But ultimately, We like routine, comfort and food. Give us all those 3 and you’re golden. Your man will never stray ladies. Trust me

  3. Never date or be in a relationship in the first place.

  4. But what if you're a pornstar? My job requires me to bang other women. I promise I take no pleasure in my job, just whatever I have to do to put bread on the table!

  5. Another mess given to us by psychology. Still waiting to hear how they defined attractiveness. "'s not clear by which metric attractiveness was gauged." Oh never mind, I forgot for a second that this was psychology and we can define big words like "evaluative devaluation" that help us pretend we know what we are talking about.

  6. Can't tell if this page is slowly turning into Viral Feeds, or writers are getting lazy...

  7. A load of hogwash in the name of science.
    When a spouse cheats on you, you can ask them to screw off. Till then, keep your opinions to yourself.

  8. We are all human, admiring others is just nature, what's not right is being disrespectful and ogling while your partner is standing right there. As for cheating it's not always the obvious droolers, the less obvious ones can be just as capable.

  9. Humans and Bonobos are very simler we just have more control but we still have the same instinct.

  10. Did they take into account how healthy the relationship was? You're bound to entertain 'what if' thoughts if home life kinda sucks.

  11. Interesting that 'less attractive' women were more likely to cheat. That is counter-intuitive.

  12. Is one of the factors "has a penis" ??

  13. When are people going to stop getting into monogamous relationships then wondering why they’re cheated on 🙄😂

  14. Have better communication, allow freedom, closed relationships can have ability to play outside them if you communicate with the partner first and have an understanding with them that their needs might not be what you can fully give them and be accepting of such.

  15. # 1. Are you ignorant? Do you see thing as they are or do we see what we want?

  16. They will try to find the cheating gene very soon. You heard it here first.
    What a travesty. Absolute bollocks.

  17. What he can't c.k it out all man look at ass.that how he got you.

  18. If they get a lot of emails from Craigslist n keep sending fotos of their willy to random women on Facebook, it's likely th we y will cheat

  19. Most guys don’t know how to treat a lady! Or don’t have the ability if you know what I mean lol so happy I’m a great guy!! Lol

  20. While I was at work and with my daughter. She's dumb enough to post it .

  21. If it’s in their DNA ..then it’s pretty much over ...

  22. I hate that picture so much.

  23. Que estupideces de estudio. Sean más serios.

  24. Sarah, worth a read :D (not directed at you obviously :)) )

  25. If they breath and have a vagina odds are they cheat