Theresa May Statement following the airstrikes in Syria

Theresa May Statement following the airstrikes in Syria

Theresa May Statement following the airstrikes in Syria

Posted by Fox News April 14, 2018, 8:07 a.m.

British Prime Minister Theresa May makes a statement following the airstrikes in Syria.

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  1. Everyone should want the chemical weapons to be destroyed at all costs. You don't want that stuff to hit our lands, because when it does it's too late to change your mind.

  2. Chemical weapons people. They used it. We didn't. Not that we aren't equipped, we are one Nation under God. But flex our 💪🏼 we will. And our allies should do the same. It's time for some peace.

  3. I bet it's good guys with guns that are going to fix this mess and not like a bunch of liberals that's going to run their mouth and throw rocks at them

  4. No one needs Syria's oil. People are so behind. America is sitting on the biggest reserves in the world, and they know it now. We also produce huge amounts of natural gas and such.

  5. Just take care of it this time and don't stop until the job is done! Don't leave Iran out we wouldn't want them to feel left out..and if Russia wants a piece of it OBLIGE them!

  6. Theresa May does not have the consent of the British people nor Parliament. There is no evidence of chemical weapons. False flag operation. She must resign.

  7. Pay attention people. Half of you here commenting can’t even spell let alone know why or what was done and accomplished. Embarrassed for the world we live in. Lots of ignorance floating around. Smh

  8. Bush was right!!! I remember that and was expecting us to go after Syria! But the corrupt democrats were trying to twist the truth!! 😡

  9. If Assad isn’t stopped... he’ll be dropping chemical weapons all over the world!! Go get’em France, Britton & God Bless America!!

  10. This ISNT War. It’s a retaliatory strike against a country that enjoys using chemical weapons on its citizens. #GetAclue.

  11. Thank you for standing with the USA in helping to stop this monster and his terrible reign against his own people and the world.

  12. Dems are complaining about strikes bc they are so afraid of retaliation. Y'all are scared of death but keep on killing y'alls babies.

  13. World's going mad over 60 killed in a chemical weapons attack? yet over 400000 killed in the war in Syria. We're being played for fools, goggle the USS Liberty

  14. Notice how respectful the press is there and not yelling questions like our(US) reporters do.. They could learn to act with this kind of respect to leaders!!!!

  15. You criminal globalist government shall all be judged! USA and criminal England shall pay for all these lies u are telling just to have access to 🇸🇾Syrian oil!

  16. wasn't there recently an attack on the UK homeland which involved a chemical attack with resulting casualties directly linked to Russia...why didn't she launch an airstrike on Moscow..?

  17. Smart move. Asaad is an ally of Iran, because they are Soenies. God shall keep the wests armys America Britain and France

  18. No civilians were attacked and none have died according to reports from the new in Syria. Buildings that produced chemicals were targeted

  19. It was necessary. Chemical war is atrocious. All wars are terrible but chemicals and gases the worst.

  20. It's not bombing people but the chemical weapons stored.This helps prevent using these chemicals on innocent people.

  21. barbarians think they are right following their ideology.. if assad stops the chemicals we can pull out and let them kill each other on the battlefield. but we assist innocents !

  22. Deep state is trying to start ww3.. We must do this to stop it. God Bless Our President & Our Military. 🇺🇸❤️

  23. If Putin won't be stopped under the perssure the will of all civilized countries Ukraine and Syria is just a beginning!

  24. Those are smart bombs and so far no casualties. You're all ignorant. And there is a cure for that.

  25. Russia is all talk no action they don't have the guts to strike United states because they know the consequences are to high

  26. Those Americans against what the US has done need to desperately take a civics class. Learn how America is obligated to protect.

  27. It’s sad that this has came to this. But how else can we stop them from killing Poor people and Baby’s

    British missiles that targeted an ammo depot east of #Homs were jammed by Russian Electronic WS and shot down

  29. Wars have been going on since before Jesus. Read your Bible. If we have world peace for 500 years, Armageddon befalls the world.

  30. Can you make your way over to South Africa next . They are over there comiting Genocide on White Farmers! Thanks in Advance!

  31. Oooh Im so happy that the surrounding Countries are taking the Victims in from Syria! Prayers and Love coming that all the Innocent are kept safe <3

  32. 75 killed in Syria, how many in UK? Vehicle attacks, package bombs? Machete, knife attacks, rapes..yet won't help her own citizens....

  33. I agree! To see those babies suffering to breathe after a monster dropped barrels of chemical weapons is horrifying, thank you!

  34. Miss Prime Minister you are elected to make a Brexit deal that is for Britain's benefits and not starting more trouble in Syria

  35. 😰😨Telling us lies just to get to Syrian oil, U told these very same lies against Saddam Hussein and Ghaddafi! LIARS! ☹☹

  36. "A man you can bait with a tweet is not a man who you can trust with nuclear weapons." says @HillaryClinton. Same would apply to missiles.

  37. Theresa May will hopefully lose her job because of this! Theresa May is the equal to war criminal Tony Blair.

  38. Send those people who don't support and respect the military and send them to the front line to fight first.

  39. Hate to admit it but you might have a point there; especially as this century moves forward to future stupidity.
    لي مصطفى The Syrian regime is more honorable than your regime and your bloody history

  40. politicians an liberal dreamers created this. when your done pussy footing around. reality will take over and good men will die! May God bless them all!

  41. Did the air strikes include the place the alleged chemical weapons attack took place, just before The UN inspectors arrive?

  42. 9 people honestly don't believe everything that's going on in the media honestly they just over here trying to create f****** war war war 3

  43. What action? If not satisfying your greed to control the resources of the Syrian people, you did the same with Saddam Hussein, and Gaddafi, what CHEMICAL OF MASS DESTRUCTION did you ever find in Iraq?

  44. More bombs work the same way more guns in the hands of the citizens does positraction in a 1963 rambler wagon work? It just does

  45. America dont care about Oil they are bombing it~ We already made cars that can fly on solar panels. Keep up with technology if you are going to make comments on it.

  46. care to elaborate on the facts and proof of chemical weapons??????? PROOF!!! EVIDENCE!!!! BEFORE ATTACKING!!!!

  47. Based on complete hearsay with no evidence!! They haven’t even verified that chemical weapons were used or by whom!

  48. It wouldn't have been long before the monster would've used against us! God bless you for standing up for what is RIGHT!

  49. We're leaving Lodge the government everything all the United States and everything like that I don't believe it but just be careful

  50. If democrats are upset because their corrupt H Clinton isn't bombing Syria instead, remember that they wear hats that are shaped like women's genitalia.

  51. So they are taking knives away from people in England right? Are they all toddlers or something? Lol, glad I can have knives and guns, because we are not helpless.

  52. All the trouble in the world are cause by UK, British government survives by the blood of the poor nations, is time to stop them at all cause,

  53. I believe all they all want is a one world government. This has been years and years of pushing the movement in that direction.

  54. Syria will is biblical!
    Assad is a monster...just like Hitler!

  55. Who gives a f*** the fighting will never stop it's been going on before me and you on anybody else's born they're going to keep killing each other that's all they know what to do

  56. People who think this is new are funny this have happened for hundreds of years at different times. Government has to do what they have to do, we owe them some reapect

  57. The best solution to stop this Bashar surrounding himself and save a lot of souls and buildings with a smart move he'll be a hero

  58. Because of the treatment we endored, we broke away from them a long time ago. They always thought they were better than us... but they're not!!!!

  59. I wish they would stop showing that same clip over and over. How about some live pics? We all know there are a ton of reporters over there

  60. Praying for all the baby's that got sick or even killed my hearts hurts for the little one's. God's children they didn't ask for this so sorry for them