The era of trillion-dollar Trump deficits has begun

The era of trillion-dollar Trump deficits has begun
Image from: NBC News

Analysis: Trump's budget is an indelible snapshot, a frozen image of the moment when the federal government abandoned all pretense of balancing its books.

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  1. So now since they have spent all the money, now they are going after Medicare you pay into, Social Security you pay into!!!! Because they gave it all to the Freaking RICH!!! Now we suppose to let this happen, hell to the NO!!!!People it is over due time to put your boots on. Damn the opie looking pos!!!!

  2. so when repubs talk about better education, they are actually saying better education for rich people... nice

  3. Republicans claiming to be family values and fiscal conservatives is all propaganda for the gullible.

  4. I thought everyone Knew, Republicans only cared about Deficits and National Debt when a Democrat is in the White House.

  5. We can’t not defund our Medicaid and food stamp benefits while increasing military funding! We have been spending billions a year for our military and in my lifetime we have not even had a war on our soil look at all the money waisted that could have been used for technology and medical advances food for the hungry homes for the poor trump this is a huge mistake not everyone has a millionaire for a Dad some people can’t eat some can’t get medicine come on trump more than half of your people even your voter base lives week to week

  6. Why is anyone surprised. He made his fortune bankrupting businesses. This is his biggest deal.

  7. No headline when this trillion-debt era was inaugurated under "O".... Anyways, DJT rule has just started and at the end of his dacade we will judge results, likely ahead of schedule and under budget

  8. The books haven't been balanced since 1835. What do y'all expect, a miracle? Debt builds under every president.

  9. Isn't this the guy that criticized defecit and claimed he'd balance everything

  10. how many ignorant Chumpsters are crying now

  11. Trump has always called himself the king of debt what do you expect

  12. Where in the $&@?m@ were these stories the past 8 years?!?!?!?

  13. must be preparing for a big war . next he'll want to restart the draft

  14. I want to think this was a move to make peace and pacify Dems. I was ok with a shutdown.

  15. The era of 0bummer's trillion dollars deficits have passed. This site is trash.

  16. Trump doesn’t have a clue about or care about balancing the budget. Remember all his bankruptcies?

  17. Pus#y-A#s kids that think they can charge Education and not pay. FU Who gives-a-sh#t if they don't like Republicans...they didn't vote for them anyway and they still won. FU Because Loans are so easily obtained is the reason why Universities keep RAISING their prices. Try taking an Economics 101 course at a Republican taught University so you can actually LEARN how money works. By the way, FU.

  18. The federal government abandoned all pretense of balancing its books along time ago what’s happened recently is the Republicans I have jumped into the mess and go along with it

  19. Republicans; spend spend spend 🇺🇸

  20. Republicans; spend spend spend 🇺🇸

  21. So Trump is just like Obama.

  22. #SmartRepublicansRevolt2018

  23. USA is run by a fucking nazi idiot and a bunch of republican wankers!

  24. 💰 Trump is a racist conman who wants to take as much money as possible before leaving the government.

  25. Just following in Obama’s footsteps but we will see once the money starts rolling in from MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN. And don’t forget to get over that nasty crooked Hilary lost already