The ceremonial departure of the hearse from the Billy Graham Training Center takes place in

The ceremonial departure of the hearse from the Billy Graham Training Center takes place in

The ceremonial departure of the hearse from the Billy Graham Training Center takes place in

Posted by Fox News Feb. 24, 2018, 4:07 p.m.

The ceremonial departure of the hearse from the Billy Graham Training Center takes place in Asheville, NC.

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  1. We should have a Billy Graham day of observance in this country! We have a MLK...Why can't we have something as historically seeped in Righteous Roots as Mr Grahams?

  2. Billy Graham did NOT live lavishly by bilking millions from his "sheep". He was humble and lived modestly, driving the same 1960's pickup truck for years. He was no Joel Olsteen.

  3. Seeing those on the side of the roads saying good bye one last time, can you imagine on the other side of those saying hello?!?!? Wow!!!

  4. How many up here can raise your hands🤚🏽 and say I have given my life to the Savior that Billy Graham preached about for years?

  5. In the 50s/60s when I was a child, the whole family would gather around the TV and watch and be very still like we were in church. America could use a lot more of those days! 🙏🏻😭❤️

  6. To honor Billy Graham donate to Samaritan's Purse in which his son runs now and flies around the world helping others in hurricanes and other natural disasters as well as those starving

  7. Why do we morn the living among the dead? Billy Graham is more alive today because he faithfully ran the race and is with the Lord of lords!

  8. Joh 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

  9. I Can Only Imagine.... My dad translated Billy Graham's sermons at the Crusades as I was growing up and I had the privilege of singing in the choir at Franklin Graham's Crusade here in Spokane.

  10. The Lord is pleased with his dedicated servant Billy Graham. We are pleased that he was here with us for so many years. I feel blessed that I saw hin and heard him preach.

  11. I wish your homecoming in Heaven could have been videotaped. What a wonderful, God fearing man you have been! You have pointed the way for people if they will just listen. Thank you for your example!

  12. He wasn't only America's preacher, he was the preacher for the entire world 🌎 leading millions to their salvation.

  13. One day you will hear or read that Billy Graham is dead don't believe a word of it I have simply changed my address and now I am in the presence of the Lord

  14. Thank you Billy Graham! I know you are in Heaven now and are rejoicing! I will miss you! May God have Mercy on us and our country!

  15. O death where is thy sting? O grave where is thy victory? But thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 15)

  16. This makes my heart rejoice to see honor and respect shown this humble servant of God! May all engaged in this undertaking be abundantly blessed for your caring service.

  17. I’m sry, but Billy Graham is not resting ... he’s seen his life’s work come to fruition. He’s got a heavenly body and he’s singing ang praising with so much energy

  18. My Dad just passed away last Sunday now my Dad and Rev Billy Graham will finally get to meet each other with the Lord saying welcome home my Good and faithfully Servants!

  19. Yes they r on their way to Charlotte which is a couple of hours from Asheville but will take longer today due to not going the normal speed.

  20. He is more alive now than ever before. With his Savior.

  21. Rest In Peace Billy Billy Graham, thank you spreading the word, for living what you preach and for being a good, decent human being. We'll miss you

  22. One can only imagine the huge abundant entrance he received and the many people who welcomed him home as he entered Heaven

  23. Billy Graham would not have wanted no National Holiday just like Dr. Martin Luther King would not have wanted on either. They instead wanted People to know the Love Of The Lord Jesus Chris instead!

  24. Wonderful made of God.Praying someone else will step up to the plate and try and at least fill some mighty big shoes.Who is worthy?

  25. What a simple man of God- chose to keep it simple because he didn't want all that glitters in this world to distract from the true gospel of Christ.

  26. There was no greater evangelist than Billy Graham. I saw him once in a crusade in Birmingham Alabama. Thank you Billy Graham crusades for delivering the Word of God to the world. God bless you always.

  27. May we take the mantle and continue to share this same Jesus. So grateful for the faithfulness of Billy Graham. Maranatha.

  28. I am 64 years old and I remember as a child watching Billy Graham with my mother on a black-and-white TV very very sad to me

  29. We need to carry the torch......keep lifting up the name and gospel of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ

  30. Billy Graham definitely lived up to the scriptures when Jesus said "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel."

  31. FLAGS should be at half mast for this true national treasure ! his body will be on display at the capitol rotunda DC next week............only civilian ever to receive that honor !!! Praise God !

  32. He will always be one the greatest American, or human for that matter, to have ever lived. I grieve for his loss, but he is home now. No sadness here.

  33. Thank you Billy Graham for bringing me to Christ, in the middle of the field at mile high Stadium. 1979. Forever love, prayers for the family. I’ve never regretted my decision I want to thank you for that.

  34. We didn't lose Billy Graham, we know exactly where he is. Safe in the arms of Jesus. See you soon my friend.

  35. I am crying as I watch the procession and think of all of the souls brought to Jesus because of Billy Graham's ministry. He is a REAL MAN OF GOD. He lived for Jesus.

  36. Byron Voils I understand your frustration with this, but there are so many people that were blessed by Billy Graham. His entire life was in service to others.

  37. I’m so sad I loved billy Graham. There will never be another like him , but Jesus wanted him to come home, till we meet in Heaven my friend

  38. Worship leader George Beverly Shea kidded Billy Graham that the latter would be unemployed in Heaven -- while Shea would still have a job leading worship

  39. America/the world needs a man like Billy Graham more than ever! Praise God for him! No doubt he heard these words: Well done, good and faithful servant! 🙏🏻

  40. Thank you Fox News. Always can depend on you to be bold enough to run these stories. Not afraid of Christianity. Wonderful. God bless you.

  41. I can only imagine how it was when he saw Jesus in heaven!!!Then being reunited with his precious wife Ruth!!What a reunion!!

  42. Don't be sad. Rev. Graham is where he has ALWAYS wanted to be. He preached his whole life about eternity with Christ. HE IS THERE NOW!!!!!

  43. Can you even imagine all the people in heaven who are there because of him? What a reunion! Well done thy good and faithful servant!

  44. Notice the respect in-the South when cars pull over in the opposite lane - God bless you Billy Graham !

  45. Thank you Father God for Rev.Billy Graham ,may his life reflect and encourage others to rise up for you Lord. America needs revival

  46. Worked hard for the Lord and the People all his life. Finally gets his rest and his reward. You will be missed Reverend Graham.

  47. Rev Graham said ....”someday when you hear that I have died......please say......that I just left me body here to go HOME.”

  48. I remember when we only had 3 channels on tv. When Billy Graham had a revival meeting. He over took one of the stations. Grew up watching him. Loved him as a child loved him as an adult.

  49. Thank you Lord for allowing us to have had this great man Billy Graham for sharing so powerfully Your Word. I know he is in Your Arms. Rest In Peace 🌹

  50. It was a blessing to hear Billy Graham preach the Gospel in Helsinki, Finland, in August 1987. Kalevi Lehtinen was his translator and he did a great job in communicating the message in Finnish.

  51. TJ Miller your evil words don’t hurt Rev Billy Graham or the president, but someday you too will die and you’ll have a judgement to face yourself... and it will be from God

  52. “One day you’ll read Billy Graham is dead. Don’t believe a word of it! I will have just changed my address!” Billy Graham

  53. I am glad to have been in the generation to have witnessed his steadfast mission and faith of Salvation.

  54. We should have a National Holiday to celebrate this Great Man. Not the day his body left us, but the day his Soul was Born! Amen

  55. “What a day that will be, when my Jesus I shall see, when I look upon His face, the one who saved me by His grace.”

  56. sir when you have a chance please remind Jesus that we are still down here waiting on Him to return and take us to Himself that where He is we may be also!

  57. Michael Washington, your an evil despicable individual.. I hope, if anyone close to you dies; people say the same thing about them.. You low life..

  58. Sure hope Rev Billy Graham gets a birthday holiday put on the calendar. Such a man of God who never strayed from the scriptures.

  59. now would be good time to Implement Reverand Billy Graham Day every Year Feb. 21. now in God Presence.

  60. Thank you Rev Graham for reminding us God is real and needs to be in our lives everyday. Bless your soul.

  61. So much respect for this man. Heaven is welcoming him with joy and celebration! I never heard him say a bad thing about anyone - he just preached his message, Such an example to the world.

  62. If anyone on here has not excepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, don’t delay. Now is the time, today is the day. He loves you so much, call upon His name.

  63. One of the greatest men to ever walk this earth but he never bragged on himself just our lord Jesus Christ!