The Obamas will not attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding

The Obamas will not attend Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding
Image from: CNN

Neither the Obamas nor the Trumps will attend the royal wedding

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  2. A sacrifice made by Prince Harry and his future wife to stop racist President Bone Spurs attending.

  3. The Obamas are classy, discrete, and considerate of others; however, someone else might feel slighted!

  4. Fed up read about Megan and Harry....i just their marriage work because their divorce will be just as public.

  5. The royal family would not tell cnn or anyone else who is invited .
    So I can’t see how your made up story ,came to be.

  6. At least King and Queen Obama were invited

  7. We just bombed Damascus and this seems important?

  8. l've been reading the news about this two couple almost every day on different news network,what is so special about their weedding?

  9. Not attending or was not invited I'm sure the Obamas doesn't want to be a distraction .

  10. That's because NO politicians are invited to the wedding I heard.

  11. This divorce will be more epic than the moon landing.

  12. Theme is make the wedding white again. That’s why

  13. Makes sense because it would take focus off Megan and Harry. I understand we want to see our hero’s but this is a wedding not a time to do political pontificating.

  14. Yeah I don't think I'm gonna make it either

  15. Obama probably did so as to avoid making trump look bad or so as not to hurt his petty feelings.

  16. On the next episode of Days of Our Royal Lives, will Ms. Markle leave Harry crying at the altar?

  17. Who cares? I’m not even interested in MM! The Prince one day MAY step out on her a bit! The Windsor men!

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  19. Who cares,
    we’re inches from World War 3.

  20. alot of people cryıng that Trump wıll not be attendıng

  21. Cared enough to comment and say I really don't care.

  22. Who cares what the inbred so called royal fam does

  23. By the way do they get invited?

  24. I wouldn't invite the prick either

  25. Royal family will not invite no n*** on royal wedding

  26. Ba mało tego królestwo Anglii jest zagrożone klaps w mordę dostaną

  27. People may think in answer the world problems. Life in the earth. People die every day.

  28. Solo elitismo y comunidades de Africa y del mundo muriendo de hambre y sin un techo digno 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  29. Since when Did Carson Wentz become a Prince?

  30. I wouldn't invite Obama to an embalming, unless it was his own!

  31. That’s only because they weren’t invited. But let’s not forget CNN’s desperation spin

  32. They thought they were royalty, but no...just incompetent corrupt and uppity!

  33. Because they weren’t invited 🤣

  34. CNN would have supported the Crown in 1776


  36. Królestwo w praktyce nie istnieje.

  37. It's their wedding. Enough said

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  39. Good morning Jesus,bless the lord

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  42. Obama and Soros put hit out on art bell .this terrorist Muslim sob !

  43. Thank god that pussy Obama is not the President at this time and thank god we have a man who does take Action in President Trump😁😁😁😁