The Honda Accord is Excellent, but it Isn't Selling

The Honda Accord is Excellent, but it Isn't Selling
Image from: Motor Trend

According to Honda dealers, it's not the new Accord's looks that are holding it back.

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  1. It’s definitely the looks.... It drives fantastic, interior is top notch. It’s the outside... I love Accords, I drive a 2017. But until they change it from looking like a Chevy Malibu meets Hyundai Sonata, I’ll keep my 2017.

  2. Can't speak for others but I crossed it off my list based on looks alone. The front end is hideous in my opinion.

  3. Honda has followed Toyota and is beating their entire lineup with the ugly stick. Starting with the Civic, and now the Accord. Which is a shame. Two of the more reliable automakers are making cars I won't buy because they are hideous. Mazda, Kia, Hyundai, Buick, Chevy, all make more attractive vehicles.

  4. What a great Honda sedan looks like, even though she's now 11 years old. You have the right strategy, Honda, but match your interior and your power train with the exterior. I don't mind the front, but the rear needs a complete overhaul.

  5. The dealer who says “people will pay more for a better product” is WRONG. You could have the best product in the world, but if someone is offering a better deal at the Toyota dealer down the street, unless that buyer is strictly stuck on Honda he/she will go down the street and buy a Camry. I drive an Altima but I’m very surprised it’s second. It’s a platform from 2013. Wonder who will be first when the new 2019 Altima debuts in dealerships.

  6. I love the new accord! Wife and I just purchased our first Honda back in November (2017 Honda Pilot) kinda wish we’d bought the new accord instead. But what can you do 🤷🏼‍♂️

  7. It totally is because of how ugly it looks. They screwed it up badly. It'll get an emergency face-lift.

  8. What the dealership dude doesnt undertand is that most people in the segment dont know how good this car is, and they dont care when camrys can be had for so much cheaper. Im shocked that more altimas than accords though. Its the most dated car in the segment.

  9. The fugly looks are from caving to the Euro Pedestrian Safety regs. They expect all cars' front ends to look like bulbous sneakers.

  10. I hate Honda’s, but I like the styling on this more than any of the last models. Not sure how people don’t like this facelift.

  11. It's overpriced. Easy fix to that. And the Altima only sells that well because they dump them on car rental lots and sell them to people who have to pay 20% interest rates.

  12. Its the depriciation on mid sized cars especially Accord. The market is flooded with them. They want 24K for a new Accord and the next day it values at 13,750 NADA

  13. No. It really is the looks. I live in metro Atlanta where people love to buy new cars. I see new Camrys and Optimas on literally every corner all day long. I honestly hadn’t seen a new Accord on the road until two days ago and they’ve been on sale for months. And yes, I’ve been looking hard for them. It doesn’t get more obvious than that.

  14. I’ve been a Hondaphile for most of my life, but I disagree with the direction Honda has been going the past few years in regards to vehicle design and powertrains.

  15. 😂😂😂 YES. IT. IS. look at the damn thing. 🤢 Honda pull your stubborn, arrogant heads out of your asses and fix this disaster. Kill the fast back crap, the unibrow, the charger front end and those hideous claw shaped taillights. This entire car is one sloppy mess. Looks like something GM would put out.

  16. FRONT GRILL says it all..change that and it will sell much better... next article will be how the 29 Avalon is such a great car but nobody will buy it either due to the Hideous Grill, I wonder if automakers forget that people who buy these cars for six or seven years still have to look at them and need to be happy in the process of doing that

  17. It’s ugly, that’s why it’s not selling! I have a 2017 Accord Touring Sedan, thank God I bought that and not the new one!

  18. I worked at a Honda dealer about 21 yrs ago. I was a Lot Tech but I would over hear things. I was in the sales office one day and a guy was cross shopping an Odyssey and a Pontiac Montana. The Montana was a little cheaper. Customer asked it they would come down 2K on the Odyssey he would buy one right now. Sales manager was "Nope." Customer left. Like REALLY? You could have had a customer for life who could have bought who knows how many cars and word of mouth from that guy. 🙄

  19. That GIANT chrome strip on the front murders the look of the car, especially in red. Gloss black plastic everywhere instead would have looked WAY better.

  20. Looks aren't all that, and it's a car that goes from a to b. A Honda is no one's dream car so y shell out more than it's competition? People at that price range are looking for deals

  21. At the accord v6 new price you can get into a new incentived Q50 for a CPO 3 series.. etc.... people do shop across "segment" lines.

  22. It's not a very pretty car, in my opinion. I also think a lot of older drivers and early adopters would rather have a V6 option vs. only 4cyls.

  23. It's not hard to see, that Toyota have the best dealerships service, they show the most respect to us customers, they give us the most deals as possible, and on top of that 2 years free service maintenance...and also service people are very professional . I have been to Honda dealerships...not even nearly as good as Toyota, been to Ford...very unprofessional, almost stereotyped, that's why you don't see many Asian drive a Ford...if you didn't believe me.

  24. When a Malibu 1.5t is $14K and a Accord 1.5t is $20K, or $6,000 Americans are wiseing up that Japanese are way too expensive for an economy car.

  25. If only someone from Hyundai could show Honda how to make their cars look better and someone from Honda to show Hyundai to make their cars drive better.

  26. Get rid of the dealerships. Sell the cars directly to the consumer Tesla & Apple style. Problem solved.

  27. Here a accord owners. Not mine. But it look in a way but needs sport + like a EuroR Accord without chrome.

  28. It has a cvt? Definately a nope from me no matter the price.

  29. I think Honda went to Acura with this one and it messed with customers who upgrade a lot to the new Accords and just normal car buyers the front is not very Honda like nor ugly just to out in left field idk

  30. Styles and sporty looks sell when it comes to cars. The new Accord's styling is not really good.

  31. why would someone get this over a CR-V ?

  32. Honda have lost the plot with it designs 😜

  33. Pretty sure it's because of the way it looks...

  34. Leasing is stupid. You're basically renting a car that you also have to pay the maintenance bill on.

  35. The car is fugly....I seen more civics though

  36. Honda thinks their sh** doesn't stink.

  37. All new Honda's are ugly as hell. They all look like crossovers.

  38. I see more 2018 Accords on the road than Camrys in my area.

  39. Just got my mom a camry, 4k off from msrp while accord no deal.

  40. When you put it's price range right up against better performing luxury cars that are faster, RWD or AWD with better features, it's going to be hard to sell them.

    Then again, the new Camry is selling well because Toyota realized this and adjusted their car to reflect that segment in many ways.

    Plus, there are less expensive mid sized cars that deliver 90% of what the accord does for thousands less.

    It's a car that hasn't adjusted to the times.

  41. Its a honda... If its priced higher than $500 your paying too much

  42. Mazda 6 looks a lot better and that new 2.5L turbo gonna be nice!

  43. No one wants to be a ricer... unless it's a ricer.

  44. Honda has become really boring, that would be my guess.

  45. Love the Accord Sport 2.0t but just dont have money for one

  46. Since its roughly the same price as a Kia Stinger, my money would be on the Kia.

  47. The front end looks like a Lego car lmfao no thanks

  48. Cause everyone seems to want a small SUV right now.

  49. People are too cheap - always wanting something for nothing

  50. It’s not an SUV pick em up truck...Americans don’t do cars..we do pick em up SUV trucks....

  51. No, I'm pretty sure it's the looks. Lol

  52. I guess no one wants it as Toyota was bringing Camry's from Japan in the summer, the lot stuffing continues.

  53. Because it's a HONDA ACCORD! ;)

  54. I have a 17 and it does look a lot better than this

  55. New Accords remind me of new Chargers.

  56. Plain and simple...competition.

  57. No rebates, and it's not an SUV.