The Giants HAVE TO draft a QB No. 2 Overall

The Giants HAVE TO draft a QB No. 2 Overall

The Giants HAVE TO draft a QB No. 2 Overall

Posted by FOX Sports Feb. 22, 2018, 3:10 a.m.

"I'm going to save an NFL franchise."

Colin Cowherd has 5 reasons the New York Giants HAVE TO take a QB with the No. 2 pick (via The Herd)

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  1. Why can’t that be done in a couple years when Eli is done? We would also know what we’ve got in Webb at that point..? Why draft a guy who A: Throws nothing but quick slants and screens, B: Has had multiple significant injuries, and C: Has been criticized for personality issues??? Rather take Barkley and have a franchise back for the future that’s better then Elliott and have that three headed monster in OBJ/Engram/Barkley to go with a rejuvenated OL and let Eli rip it for the rest of his career-THEN address QB in whatever way.

  2. First of all Wentz plays offense, we need better defense for that not a QB. Second the only QB that's a clear fact is the heisman trophy winner and if the brown don't take him then maybe we draft a QB but other than Baker every other QB got issues. Third Giants have not had a 1,000 yrd rusher since 2012.. Do the math

  3. I’m an Eagles fan. But if I’m the Browns I’d take Barkley #1.
    Why, well if you take Barkley #1 you know the Colts don’t draft a QB at #3 because they have Andrew Luck. So even if the Giants take a QB at #2 that still leaves one for the Browns. Whether it’s Darnold or Rosen.
    If they take Darnold or Rosen #1. Barkley will be gone for sure. Giants and Colts can possibly pick him.
    Take Barkley #1 Browns! Rosen or Darnold will still fall in your lap at #4!

  4. I mean he contradicts himself when he talks about how shurmur can make average qbs above average, so why not take another position and either draft a qb later or have shurmur work with webb...just saying Colin, that's your argument

  5. What the hell does this guy know? Take S. Barkley and draft a QB, Mason Rudolph, in the 2nd round. All of the 1st round QB’s are not that good!

  6. They have to do something after this season when they had Ely n the game i changed the channel. They should've sat him down when they lost 3 in the roll. Eli manning got to sit down & pass the ball on r retire.

  7. He can save the Giants by the Giants doing the opposite of what this clown advises

  8. At least he saved that bogie from entering his mouth. Phew

  9. This guy dont know shyt let alone sports epecially football stick to tennis or something

  10. Saquon is the answer. With some linemen.

  11. Still waiting on Cowherd to admit he was wrong with his Superbowl prediction without making excuses.

  12. Go jump in a river Rosen and Darnold must have his agent Barkley and we”lil go with Webb

  13. Saquon Barkley no matter what this guy says.

  14. Kirk Stokes high praise for your new coach

  15. Just throw the whole team away. 🤷🏻‍♂️

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